Chapter 8


3rd Person's POV

Renesmee got up off the floor and looked around. She knew they were being watched. As killing and weaponry was second nature to her, she picked up Riley's gun and aimed it at one of the cameras.

"Renesmee, what are you doing?" Emmett mumbled, looking the screen with Renesmee on. Emmett knew it was only a matter of time before either Renesmee finds him or he finds Renesmee.

"Bring it on bitches" Renesmee hissed through clenched teeth, firing the gun at the camera. The screen went blank

"That little bitch!" Emmett shouted, punching the television screen "I will find you, Renesmee. You better be ready" He hissed

Renesmee's POV

"Guys, we can't stay here" I announced, putting the gun down

"Why?" Alec asked

"Because Emmett's coming this way" I replied, moving to the table and putting all the weapons we had on it

"What are we going to do about it?" Bella asked, walking towards me

"Fight back" I replied, getting out a map

"How did you get that?" Edward asked

"Secret" I replied, smiling "Everyone gather round. This map shows every exit, every control room and most importantly every place where we can take Emmett out" I told them

"What do we do?" Paul asked

"Right, we split up, one group goes in the front. Another goes through the back and another takes the roof" I replied, pointing at various parts of the map

"Who does what?" Nahuel asked, folding his arms over his chest

"I take the hardest. Since one, it's my idea two, I'm the best fighter and three, I want to be the one to kill Emmett. Roof" I replied

"One little problem Renesmee" Bella said "Either we quit one way in or one person goes in alone"

"Well done Einstein" I said

"You knew this all along didn't you?" Paul asked, walking towards me

"Of course I did" I replied, smiling confidently

"Why didn't you tell us?" Paul asked

"Because if I did, I'd blow my cover and it would bust up my plan" I replied "Who's with me?" I asked

"I am" Bella and Alec replied at the same time

"Edward?" I asked

"I'm not sure about this. We could get ourselves killed for doing this" Edward replied

"We won't. I won't allow it" I told him

"Alright, I'll do it" Edward said

"Same here" Nahuel said

"Paul, are you going to do it?" I asked him

"Fine, but if it gets too close for comfort. I call it off. We stop, ok?" Paul replied

I nodded my head in agreement "This is going to work" I told them

We all split up into our groups Bella, Riley and Paul took the front. While Nahuel, Edward and Alec took the back. I stood on the glass roof, looking down at both groups enter. Time to kill this bitch. I shot the roof and fell through. I landed perfectly on the glass covered floor and looked around. Where the hell is this mother fucker?

I got up and walked down an empty corridor. There was no one there. I got out the map from my backpack and looked at it. I must be in Sector C. Emmett is in Sector F. All I need to do is keep going down there and turn left and viola I'm there. I rolled the map back up and put it back in my backpack. I continued to walk down the corridor until I found a room covered in blood. I opened the door and peered inside. The stench of days old blood stained the air.

"Hello?" I said my heart was beating like a hammer; my breath was in short pants. The room seemed to be an operating theatre. There were the needles, with fresh blood still inside, there were also something that made my blood run cold, there were test results. I picked up the pieces of paper. I looked at two of them, Hanna Briggs age 19 ABNORMAL, Jenny Briggs age 9 ABNORMAL. I flicked through the remainder until I found my name. Renesmee Cullen age 16 ABNORMAL. Tears started to fall down my cheeks "What's happening to me?" I sobbed. Where there more like me?

"Nessie? Where are you?" Bella screamed. I walked out of the room and looked around at the empty corridor

"I'm in here!" I shouted, walking down the corridor towards the voices I heard

"She's going to die anyway. Kill her now" One voice said, I couldn't make it out who was saying it

"You can't say that! You know what happened earlier, she didn't kill us" Another voice said

"But next time it will be your fucking neck she'll be after!" The first voice shouted

I turned the corner and there was Paul and Alec "Why aren't you at your posts?" I asked, folding my arms over my chest

"None of your business, Renesmee" Paul replied

"It's all my business, Paul" I spat "You were trying to kill me"

"I was not" Paul said

"I'm not blind, deaf or dumb. I know you hate me and want me dead" I told him

"Oh alright, it's true I do want you dead. I will kill you" Paul said, getting out his gun

"Not if I kill you first" I hissed, aiming my gun at the side of his head

"Guys! Cool it!" Alec said, standing between us "We have a job to do and trying to kill each other isn't helping!"

"Sorry" I mumbled "Where are the others?" I asked, putting my gun back into my belt

"I don't know. But there is something I do know, Renesmee Emmett's created a whole army of infected to come after you" Alec told me

"We have to find the others, get out of here and abort the mission" I told them

"Nessie, where are you?" Bella screamed again

"I'm with Alec and Paul!" I shouted back "Where are you?"

"I'm with everyone else" Bella replied

"Well that helps" Paul muttered

"Paul, shut it!" I spat

"Nessie, we have to go. Forget about the others. We have to get you out of here" Alec said. His words ripped a whole in my heart

"I won't. My brother is in here and I will not leave here without him. I'll find him even if it kills me" I told him firmly. The door behind us was forcefully opened and unleashed pure hell "Fuck me" I muttered, grabbing both boys' hands and legging it down the hall

"Where are we going?" Paul asked

"Anywhere away from them" I replied, turning a corner and running upstairs

We stopped on the top floor. The infected were trapped on the bottom floor. We were trapped on the top. I kneeled down on the floor, looking at the map

"Where are we?" Alec asked

I looked at the map "Sector G" I replied

"Now what do we do?" Paul asked

"We wait until the others find us" I replied

"Or the infected" Paul butted in

"Paul, you're really not helping" I muttered

A door at the end of the hall opened and shut, to me all by its self "Nessie?" A voice asked

I got up off the floor and turned around. The person who called my name was the one person who I had been determined to find. Edward.

"Edward" I half shrieked, running towards him and hugging him tightly

"I was so worried about you" Edward whispered into my hair

"Me too. Where are the others?" I asked

"Here" Bella replied, breathlessly

"What happened?" I asked, letting go of Edward and walking slowly towards them

"The infected. That's what happened" Nahuel replied

"Where's Riley?" I asked, my voice started shaking

"I'm here" Riley replied, walking slowly through the door

I ran towards him and hugged him "Don't ever do that again" I whispered

"I promise" Riley replied, kissing my forehead. I let go of him and we all stood in a circle

"Now what, boss?" Alec asked. I half smiled back. Someone's gonna get their butt kicked good and proper.

A sneak preview at the final book, The Survivors Saga: Rise Of The Breaking Dawn:

I watched as my friends ran out of the room to safety. I turned around to face Emmett.

"Do you have any last words?" He asked me

"You'll never have me" I replied

"Have you lost your fight?"

I shook my head "No, I just found it" I replied, preparing myself for my death. Emmett stepped away from me, aimed his gun at my heart and fired. I felt the bullet tore through me. I fell to the floor and felt my body relax. I closed my eyes and embraced home.