I haven't posted anything here for, like, ever. This is the last one-shot that completes "Oil and Water". I'll write others separately. This one is a missing scene of 'Enemies' (3.17).

In the original script (for those who didn't know, you can check on the web), Faith was supposed to kiss Buffy on the mouth, not on her forehead.

She needed some time alone. The events of the previous night were still replaying in her head and it was hurting her more than she thought was possible. Faith had betrayed her. The one person that really understood her calling and the loneliness that came along with it was gone. And boy, did it hurt her.

Only now did she realize how she had taken Faith for granted. She had never thought that they could fall apart and become enemies. But that's what they were now. And all that Buffy could taste now was bitterness. That, and Faith's cherry chapstick. Right after the betrayal, the kiss Faith had roughly planted on her lips was the most shocking event of the night. And the blonde slayer could not forget about it. It had sent all kinds of disturbing fuzzies right to her stomach and shivers down her spine. And it hadn't even lasted for a second.

But she hadn't been expecting it. She had been caught off guard. And it was worse now that she was alone to think about it. Because she could analyze it, and she was coming to conclusions that bothered her.

Firstly, it was obvious that Faith had done this to upset her and Angel. Secondly, when Buffy had met the brunette's look right after that, she had seen how unusually dark they were, and that only meant one thing : lust. Thirdly and unfortunately the most awkward statement for Buffy : she had liked it.

It was really brief, but her body had reacted immediately and that was enough to tell her that she had liked it. How was she supposed to react to this ? She was in love with Angel ! She had almost immediately wiped the cherry lipstick from her mouth, so how could she still taste it a day later ? Buffy knew it was just in her mind, because she had taken at least three showers to get rid of her current feelings and try to drown her thoughts. But nothing had worked. And now she was lying on her bed, all dressed up to meet her friends at the Bronze, and yet she couldn't get up.

Where was Faith now ? What was she doing ? Was she also thinking about the kiss ?

Suddenly, Buffy got up. She took her leather jacket and promptly left her room, slamming the door behind her.

"Nice apartment."

Faith stopped throwing blows at her punching ball and answered without looking toward the door.

"Glad you like it. Although I guess I'll have to replace the door. You could've have just knocked."

"I wanted it to be a surprise."

Faith sneered and finally faced her visitor.

"I felt you coming, girlfriend. Well, you could've called, I woulda showered. Anyway, ready for round 2 ?"

"Why, Faith ?"

"What happened to my guards, by the way ? I'm sure you had to force your way up here."

"They're dust."

"Figured that much."

"I'm sure your boss won't have any trouble replacing them."

"I told him I didn't need them, but he wants to protect me, you know, like a father would."

Buffy finally took a step forward and shut what was left of the door.

"Is that the reason for your betrayal, Faith ? Because he's some kind of fatherly figure to you ?"

"I guess I just realized that I deserved better than to be treated like a sidekick to the greatest Slayer. I'll always be shit compared to you, B. But he doesn't treat me like that. And yes, he's evil, and he plans on killing innocent people, blah, blah, but at least he pays attention to me. He tells me that I'm worthy. Hell, he even told me I was pretty !"

"He's a psycho demon, Faith. You shouldn't believe a single word of what he says."

"So… I'm not pretty ?"

The brunette was suddenly standing in front of Buffy, invading her personal space.

"You're right, I'm not pretty. I'm hot. And that's why you came, Buffy. You wanna have another taste of it ? Just let me apply some more, okay ?"

Before any of them could realize what was happening, Buffy's fist collided with Faith's jaw and sent her stumbling a few feet backwards. The brunette quickly got over the shock and threw herself at Buffy to retaliate. They fought for a minute before Buffy finally managed to get the upper hand and straddled Faith's hips, holding her wrists down.

"Okay, round 2's for you girlfriend. Gotta admit, you're a good fighter." Faith breathed, trying to free herself unsuccessfully.

"Why did you have to turn on me, huh ?"

"Well, since I couldn't turn you on, I took the only other option."

Buffy resisted the instinct to slap Faith and instead she leaned in, her face only a few inches from the other Slayer's and she said :

"You're such a disappointment, Faith. I really wish I could say otherwise, but I can't. You chose your own path. You left me."

"I didn't leave you B. I'm right here."

She emphasized her words with a roll of her hips and a devilish grin. Buffy's eyes closed for a second and when her look met chocolate orbs beneath her, she knew that coming here had been a mistake.

"Cat got your tongue, B ?"

"Shut up."

The golden-haired Slayer tried to get up but suddenly she was the one pinned against the floor, with Faith above her.

"Big mistake releasing your hold on me, slayer."

"You finally get to be on top of me, congrats. How does it feel ?"

"It almost makes me regret turning on you."

"What could make you regret it completely then ?"

Buffy knew she was playing with fire, but she couldn't stop herself. The look in Faith's eyes made her shiver for all sorts of reasons. The younger Slayer was so close to her that she could actually see her own reflection in her eyes. When Faith spoke again, her voice was different. Tensed, lower, huskier… excited.

"Take a wild guess, Buffy."

They stared at each other for a whole minute, silently daring each other to speak or move. Buffy could feel the heat radiating from Faith's body and it triggered a reaction in her own body she couldn't quite understand. And then she lost control.

Her hands freed themselves and brought Faith's head down, crashing their lips together. After the initial shock, Faith responded immediately, welcoming Buffy's tongue into her mouth. She placed her hands on Buffy's shoulders and kept her firmly against the floor. Her surprise increased when she felt the other Slayer arching her back to press more into her. When she tried to pull back, both of Buffy's hands grasped her neck and held her down; their lips always sealed.

"B…" Faith managed to mumble while trying to catch her breath.

"Hmm ?"

The blonde Slayer finally agreed to let go, but not too far. Faith was still unable to raise her head.

"Why did you do that ?"

"You know why. You said it yourself."

"For the lipstick ? I didn't think you'd actually kiss me, that was wicked hot. Too bad you couldn't do that sooner."

Not knowing if this conversation had yet to be pursued, Buffy brought Faith's lips back on hers and they began to kiss again. When she felt the brunette's hands starting to move down her sides, Buffy let out a sigh of pleasure.


Faith started to place light kisses on her jaw, cheeks and finally reached her neck. She licked all the way up to her earlobe and she gently bit it.

"How much do you like this, Buffy ?"

"Very much."

"Yeah ? Remember this when you'll be with your boy toy later."

And the dark Slayer got up promptly, leaving a very confused Buffy lying on the floor.

"Faith ?"

"Do you mind ? I have to shower. Boss wants to see me in less than an hour. Thanks for stopping by."

"What ?"

Her mind was still processing the latest events.

"It was fun and all, but you're way too late, B. I tried, you know ? To show you what I wanted from you. But you never paid attention. Today I just wanted to give you a taste of what you're missing. Of what you'll never have with anyone else. And now I'd like you to go."

It was not the same Faith that had been lying on top of her a minute ago. The blonde Slayer finally stood up and frowned as she understood she'd been played.

"You bitch."

"Nothing new here. See you around. Don't forget to close what's left of the door on your way out."

And Faith disappeared into another room, locking it behind her. Buffy stayed still for a while, until she heard the water run, and she silently exited the apartment, unable to explain why her heart was hurting so bad in her chest.

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