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This story takes place just after Matt drives away in the boat. I'm a Matt/Bec fan so that's what this story is. Hope you enjoy it oh and it's definitely a Fly/Heath and Edge/Perri cause there my fave parings.

Chapter 1

Matt sprawled out on the couch flipping through old surfing movies. "Alright mate, why'd you leave them stranded?" Simmo asked. "It's complicated," he huffed. "No argument that can't be solved bud. Listen you cool off here and I'll go pick them up," he suggested, leaving out the door. Matt knew Perri was a little self-centered but he didn't know to what extent. He promised himself that he wasn't going to forgive her right away if he was going to at all. He couldn't help but wonder what Edge had that he didn't, and the thought of how the others felt and how Bec felt. Was Perri going to get with Edge.

It was twenty minutes and Bec hadn't spoken to anyone but Heath. She was angry at Edge, betrayed by Perri, and nobody took her side. Nobody except Matt. They drove home listening to Simmo rant on about how friendship was important and they were stuck with each other. All Bec wanted to do was sink into some big waves. The boat docked and she walked ahead of the others and straight up the stairs. She saw Matt in his room working on school work as always. "You alright Matt?" she asked sitting at the rounded table. "I guess so. Why didn't anyone tell me?" he asked. "Well I was the only one who knew besides Perri and Edge. I thought it'd be best if you heard it from her," she explained. He smiled and continued to work. "The swell is pumping now, care to join me?" she asked. He nodded and followed her out to the ocean.

Perri watched as Matt pulled his 360s. She wanted to join him and apologize a hundred times but she knew he would never forgive her. Edge sat in the chair next to her, his hair shining. "What are they doing?" asked Edge. "They're having fun," she replied. Edge looked over the railing and couldn't believe what he saw; Bec and Matt splashing each other and sitting on their boards. Of course he wasn't going to let Matt steal his girl without a fight. He ran down to the beach which only further raised the suspicions of others.

"Get in here!" he shouted waving his hand. The two of them looked up at him and their first thought was that somebody had gotten hurt. They paddled in to Edge in worry. "What happened?" Matt asked. "Stay away from my girl," he cautioned. Bec rolled her eyes in disgust with the Neanderthal. "First of all she isn't your girl. She's a person not a possession. Second I'm not after her so give it a rest," Matt warned. Edge swung his fist hitting Matt right in the face. Bec pushed Edge back as Simmo ran out. Matt was ready to swing back but Heath and Fly pulled him back. "What's wrong with you? You're such a caveman!" yelled Bec.

Perri watched the entire thing and as soon as Edge swung, she was down on the beach. "Edge, stop it!" she yelled. "Alright calm down," Simmo said pulling Edge back. Matt put his hand under his eye where the blood seeped. Bec took him by the shoulder and guided him to the house as the blood ran down his face and began to stain his shirt. "Come on let's get you cleaned up," she said.

"Ow, ow, Ow," he complained as she wiped the blood out of his eye. "You're going to need stitches," she said. "It can't be that bad," he said. "It's pretty deep." She through the bloody tissue into the garbage can beside them. "Thank you Bec," he said with gratitude. "No problem. Now let's get Simmo to get you to the hospital," she said. They walked out to Deb and Simmo who were sitting in their office. "How is he?" asked Deb. "Um he needs stitches," she answered. "Alright I'll take him to the hospital," said Simmo. "I'm coming to," said Bec as they walked out to the van and headed for the hospital.

"Heath I'm board," Fly complained, hanging from Heath's bed. "Well then let's go do something," he said smartly. "Want to surf?" she asked. "How about we take the boat out to Marian's Cove and have a picnic," suggested Heath. "Sounds perfect. I'll go cook some food for it. Should we invite anybody else?" she asked. "A date is for two," he said slyly. "Shut up Heath," she said hitting him playfully. He kissed her lips gently and smiled. "Quiet as a church moose," he said. "You mean church mouse," she corrected. "Well if a moose was in a church, it would have to be quiet hence," he joked.

The doctor finished putting the stitches on Matt. "Now the stitches are water proof so he can surf, but not for a few days," said Dr. Samuels. "What, why not? You just said the stitches were water proof," Simmo reminded. "Yes but the impact gave him a concussion. So I recommend resting, healthy eating, no surfing, and I'd stay in bed for a day or two," said the doctor. Simmo nodded and singed the bills so they could leave. "How do you feel?" Deb asked Matt. "A bit of a headache, a little dizzy, and my face feels swollen. Other than that I'm perfectly fine and ready to get back in the water," he said standing up and holding his head from the throbbing pain. "No you can't surf. The doctors say you have a concussion so you've been put on bed rest," Deb ordered. "Don't worry I'll take care of you," said Bec smiling.

Edge sat in the sand alone on the towel. He didn't know what he should be feeling inside. "Mind if I join you?" asked Perri as she sat next to him. "I never meant to hurt him that bad," he said with the eyes of sorrow. "I know you didn't. But you did because you can't control your temper," she pointed out. "Yeah I guess you're right. It's always getting me into trouble," he said, chuckling. "That's why I'm going to help you," she said. "How?" he asked confused. "Well we will have sessions and see why you get so angry. Once we figure that out, we can teach you to control it," she said smiling.

Heath and Fly laid on the blanket as the sun began to set. "Beautiful isn't it?" Fly observed. "Not as beautiful as you are," Heath said and kissed her. She deepend the kiss and thought about how brilliant everything was for her, which made her think of how horrible it was for the others. "To you reckon the others will get along again?" she asked pulling away. "Well I don't know. Perri hurt them both emotionally. Then Edge hurt him physically. Only time can tell little Fly," he said. She smiled and let out a sigh.