Chapter 5

Matt woke up to Bec asleep in his arms. "Bec wake up," he said shaking her. "I'm…up," she said yawning. "Is it all over?" she asked. He chuckled and said "unfortunately it isn't over. But I reckon it will be soon. Any story that went public on us will be replaced on the scandalous lies of Solar Blue." She smiled and cuddled tighter into Matt. "Thanks Mattie," she said tiredly. "How about I go get us some breakfast. What do you reckon?" he asked. She nodded and he gently laid her down on the bed and snuck out the door. Jilly had to plates of cereal, bacon, toast, and chocolate chip muffins with apple juice, laid on a tray. "You kids are so predictable. Here take this up and eat with her. I reckon she doesn't want to be around anybody but you right now," said Jilly.

"What do you reckon will happen when Simmo finds out who it was that lied about my sister," Joe asked Anna as they sat on the beach. "Well he's very attached to all of us. I think he'll be very disappointed but I also think that he will try everything in his power to keep everyone at the academy," she answered. "I reckon it was Edge. He's just jealous that my sister's crushing on Matt," Joe said bluntly. "She is?" Anna asked confused. "Yeah she told me so the other day. She said he was really there for her in ways she never realized before," Joe explained. Anna smiled to herself before she said "like you are for me." He smiled and kissed her. "Exactly," he said.

The kids got ready for school ready to face the day. As they walked through the hallways, Bec got the stares she feared so she stuck close to Fly and Anna. She noticed one boy who was staring at her differently; Jarvey. As she walked off from the others during lunch, Jarvey sat next to her. "How are you doing Bec?" he asked. "Fine I guess." He looked into her eyes and Bec felt strange about it. "I know it was a lie. Perri told me. So I was so I was wondering if you wanted to go out on a date this Friday?" he asked. "Um…yeah sure," she answered.

Matt watched as Bec and his enemy sat at the table. He sat up on the hill where Laurel came and sat next to him. "I heard the rumors," she said. "Yeah seems everybody has," he said boldly. "It must be horrible. But that's not why I'm here. I was wondering if you wanted to go out Friday night. Like on a date," she suggested. He took one look at Bec before agreeing. "Sure, I'll pick you up at eight," he said and left the hill.

"What's up Matt?" Heath asked as they sat in English class together. "I have a date," he said proudly. "A date? Way to go buddy. So you and Bec huh?" he asked curiously. "No Laurel," Matt corrected. "What? Wait I thought you liked Bec?" Heath asked confused. "Yeah but she's going on a date with Jarvey so when Laurel asked me out, I had to say yes," he explained. "Bummer." Matt focused on his test trying not to think of anything else including Bec who was sitting two seats down and one row over.

Bec write down the answers that she studied with Matt. After listening in to Matt and Heath's conversation, she knew she hurt him. But how was she going to fix it? She felt the stars from Heath which were that of disappointment. And the flirting gazes of Edge and Jarvey. The bell rang and they passed in their tests. "Want to go shopping?" Fly asked. "Well…I guess so," said Bec. "Great, I finally got some money so it'll be perfect. Perri you in?" she asked. "Fine I guess so," said Perri. They walked out of the building to meet up with the boys.

"So you finally got Laurel!" Edge teased. Matt ignored him and continued walking. "Aw come on Mattie. You can't stay mad at me forever," Edge implied. "Yeah I think I can. You could have ruined my entire career!" Matt yelled and walked ahead of the others. Bec walked ahead to make sure he was alright. "You okay?" she asked worried. "I'm fine Bec," he said and continued to walk ahead. "What's his problem?" Fly asked. "I'm his problem," she mumbled. Perri exchanged looks with Edge that was beginning to worry Anna.

Matt sat on the bottom of his bed sifting through surf weekly Aussie edition. "Are you mad at me for something?" asked Bec. "Nope," he said bluntly. "Okay," she said and left for Fly's room. "He said 'nope', just like that," Bec informed. "He's definitely mad. Do you know why?" Fly asked. "Well I heard him tell Heath that he liked me, so maybe it's because I'm going out with Jarvey," Bec suggested. "Yeah…that's definitely it," Fly said looking at a picture of everyone. "You okay?" Bec asked. "Yup."