Since I haven't made other stories to other films besides Kung Fu Panda and Rio, something finally hit me. This fanfic is finally gonna be about The Great Mouse Detective and would only focus on the main villian Professor Ratigan. Mouse Avenger, if you're here, this would be my first attempt at a Great Mouse Detective fanfic and I would see what you think about my first story. As for fans, enjoy reading and reviewing. Especially you, Mouse Avenger.

Ratigan's Bar Dance

We see Ratigan, how survived his fall from Big Ben, drinking some beer in the "Rat Trap" where he sees the curtains roll by and Miss Kitty, the sexy female blue stripper mouse while the other men cheered and try to grab her, but being held back by the other men. Ratigan becomes very attracted to this and sneaks up on stage in order to dance with her. He gives her a massage before he spoke.

"Can I dance with you, you sexy girl?", asked Ratigan charismatically.

"You bet, cutie", said Miss Kitty.

Then, they decide to dance together with Miss Kitty, performing her sexual skills to seduce Ratigan and with Ratigan showing off his amazing talents by spinning around and skip three times. Then, they twirl backwards.

Later, they started to sing a melody.

Miss Kitty: Oh, baby
You are so hot
And sexy
I think I'll dive right in

Ratigan: Do you not love being
The most sexiest mouse that's even been
Well, I do
Since you are so irresistible
Your blue dress makes you look pretty

Miss Kitty: And makes me look good to all

The two mice continue to dance with each other until two minutes later, they've stopped and the men cheered with applause.

"Thank you, honey", said Miss Kitty and kisses Ratigan in the right cheek, causing him to blush.

"You are welcome, sexy", grinned Ratigan and walks out of the stage and out of the bar to go back to his lair.

Sorry for making this short, by the way.