This is a story that was made not just by me but also by rjt040190, she provide the plot and i added the details. Hope you like


Out of high school and into college, a huge step. I got into a the New York University of Medicine and the San Francisco State University. I couldn't pick which one, I had told Jasmine I was going to New York since it was the first acceptance letter I got but a few weeks later I got the one from San Francisco, I hold only told Amy and my mom. Amy got accepted as well, but Paul was going to some graphic novel school in New York and left 2 weeks after school finished. Amy and him broke up but stayed friends.

"So are you excited to go to College?" Amy asked me as I was picking out my first day of College outfit I still had 3 days before I started but I wanted to have it out already

"Yeah, its going to be the best" I told her, trying to sound happy. Don't get me wrong I am but I still cant stop thinking about Alek.

Its been 3 years and I haven't heard anything about him. I know Jasmine talks to him and Valentina but they don't tell me anything. After the attack from Zane and the order , he left told Jasmine that he couldn't stand to be around me and not with me, I hurt him to bad. I understood but am so mad he didn't let me explain.

Jasmine told me that if it wasn't for Alek showing up when he did, her and Valentina would be dead right now, he killed Zane and then called the healers. But for some reason I felt like she never told me the whole story. They healed quickly. That whole night was one big mistake and nightmare, if it wasn't for the Mai that were watching my mom, god knows what would have happened to her. I had to tell her everything after that, she was attacked in Brian's dad car and then she woke up tied to chair. The two Mai called for back up and got her out with out even needed me or any of the rest us, I didn't know until Jasmine told me the next morning.

A week after everything died down I went to their house to talk to him, that's when I found out he was gone. They didn't tell where he went, am guessing back to London. He left me a note saying that he loved me and that this is the hardest thing he did but that his heart was hurting to much and he need space to think and collect him self. I went home that day and cried my self to sleep every night for 6 weeks, my mom tried to talk to me but I didn't talk to any one not even Amy.

When I explained what happened all my mom could say was

"Kiddo, you don't love Brian or you were never in love with him. You love Alek, you just could admit to your self" she told me.

I sat in my room that day thinking about what she said. Thinking about what Brian and Alek represented.

Brian was human, that's all I came up with. He was the normal part of my life that I wish I could get back. Alek was safety, security, kindness, love, warmth. Alek meant a lot more but I was to late to notice.

"Chloe!" Amy snapped me out of my thoughts

"Yeah sorry I was just day draming" I said, about Alek his smike, his accent, the way he would protect me, our kiss. I hope out paths cross one day, so I can see he's ok. I do love him, but can I forget how harsh he was just running out and not letting me explain anything?

"Don't worry I understand" she said

"Ok so I got my outfit and am not showing you until our first day of college" I told her.

"Fine, I have to leave any ways. Dad's want me home" she said

I walked her to the door and then went up to my room. San Francisco university here I come.


I hated the fact that I left not even showing Chloe my face. Talking to her and telling her how I felt but she made her choice, I knew it would always be him. I went to Las Angeles, finish up the rest of school there, I would check up on Chloe every so often. Jasmine told me she got accepted to some University in New York and she was going.

"That's good, I hope she's happy" I said

"Where did you get accepted?' she asked me

"San Francisco State University. You?" I asked

"Same" she told me

"Great, ill see you in 3 days. I got an apartment there already its right under you 1703" I told her

We hung up and I got the rest of my things ready to make my trip back to San Francisco.

Saturday night I was in my new apartment I wanted to go see how Valentian and Jasmine were but she told me that Chloe was coming over before leaving.

I just stayed home and un packed, fixed the rest of my things. My apartment was smaller then theirs it only had 2 rooms, they had 4 but it was nice. I could head Chloe's heartbeat and I knew she was there, I had to hold my self back from running up there and seeing her, hug her and kiss her. But the hurt was still fresh even after 3 years , I wonder if she changed at all. No Alek, be strong man hold your self I told my self. I had to text Jasmine

To: Jasmine

She's there isn't she?

From: Jasmine

Yes, but how do you know

To: Jasmine

I can heard her heart beat

I couldn't stop my self I was still madly in love with Chloe King, I got Mai girlfriends at my other school but no one could heal the damage she did and no one was her.


Jasmine was texting and I knew it had to be Alek but I didn't ask her

"So when's you flight?" she asked me, I still hadn't told her that I wasn't going I wanted it to be a surprise

"Around 7 I just wanted to say bye and see how you guys were" I said not looking at her

"Fine, Chloe don't worry just keep in touch. The New York pride is nice" she said, I got up and walked to the door.

"Miss you" I said, she gave me a hug and said the same thing, but I couldn't leave with out telling her something

"Jasmine, can you do something for me?" I asked her still standing at the door way

"Yeah, what?" she asked

"If you talk to Alek, please tell him am sorry for everything and I wish he could have given me the chance to explain" I said

"I'll tell him" she said, I waved bye and left home. Sunday I spend it at home make sure I had everything I needed for college tomorrow. That night I couldn't sleep but that always happens on the first day.

Amy picked me up for go to school.

"Did you get your schedule?" she asked me

"Yeah I did last week. You?" I asked her, she smiled and nodded. Good so we had no time to waste.

"What's your first class?" she asked as we walked the halls of our new found school

"Its, let me see. Anatomy" I told her

"Why are you taking those classes?" she asked

"Amy, you know that I want to major in medicine and with my luck I might need for me then any one else" I told her whispering, she nodded and the took off to her class. I walked in and saw a open chair in the back, there was writing on the wall saying to get out text book from the shelve and turn to page 31. I left me things at my table, which was for two people. I went and got two books, better start being a good neighbor. I sat down and ducked to get my notebook and pen from my bag.

"Thanks neighbor" a guy said with a very familiar accent, but it couldn't be. I got up not turning to look and closing my eyes. I turned around to see the blond man that I have been in love with for 3 years

"Alek?" I said, he looked at me and it was like he saw a ghost

"Chloe?" he asked. Oh my god!