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1 A New Beginning

NiGHTS held an infant Nightmaren in her arms. She and Reala stared down at her. The purple jester than looked at her mate. "Why are you leaving...?" she asked in tears. "Why are you using this cover...?"

"To protect you and Moonlight. I know you understand that," Reala replied. "That other Moonlight told me I have to do this. She said I have to do what I did in the previous future." NiGHTS flew back a bit.

"I do understand, but you can't do this! Don't Wizeman's servants want your head on their wall!" NiGHTS realized how loud she'd just been and looked down at the baby. Thank goodness. She hadn't woke up. "And you're telling me to tell Moonlight that you are dead. You won't even see her...?"

"It will be safer if she doesn't know about me. I can trick them into thinking I'm on their side. Moonlight can't know who I am so when that day comes we won't be exposed."

NiGHTS realized Reala was right. "Wizeman never figured out who Moonlight was in the past. He just assumed Moonlight was a Maren born from nothing. He doesn't know she's our daughter and comes from this time era rather than fifteen years ago." That was the luckiest thing about Reala's plan. It was almost unbelievable.

"I'll come and see you in secret as much as I can." NiGHTS stared...

"But you won't see Moonlight..."

"I won't... She just might be what will save everyone. She has to be safe until that day comes."

"We don't know that. The day of the tragedy... That thing that happened..." NiGHTS stopped herself. She wasn't referring to the fact that Wizeman had stolen Moonlight's energy to make him more powerful. She was reffering to something else. That too was important. Even if time progressed differently, Wizeman would retain that power because they had transferred timelines. They inhabited a different one. They had changed their fates and obtained a new possibility in life. "And when that day comes, I'll be alone..." NiGHTS said under her breath. Reala heard her, but he pretended he didn't. This was just as hard for him as it was for her.

"My goal in this is to reveal any plans Wizeman had before they happen. I'll come back to you. I promise, no matter what."

Time Skip: Eight years later.

NiGHTS flew through the forest around the dream gate. She was looking everywhere frantically. It wasn't that day yet. It just couldn't be. She was somewhere and that somewhere was not Nightmare.

Suddenly, she heard a rustle in a bush and a giggle.

She sighed in relief. That day hadn't come after all. She'd been so worried. She was sure someday soon, it would most definitely happen. It would be hard.

For now, she needed to lure her out and scold her. It didn't make her forget about it. She couldn't accept it. She never would accept what would happen most likely that year.

NiGHTS threw a snowball at a tree to her left. Then, she hid to her right. As she expected, a Nightmaren child, about eight years-old, flew directly towards her. She proceeded to grab her.

"Mum, you tricked me!" Her daughter said trying to get freed. "I heard a sound from the left, but it wasn't you. You were over here," Moonlight had been fooled. Her childish density had allowed her to be caught.

"Learn a bit more common sense than." NiGHTS released the child, hardened her face, and put her hands on her hips. "Young lady, did you ask to go out and play or did you sneak out?" Moonlight frowned guiltily and shook her head. "Why are you supposed to ask?"

"Because I could be hurt or kidnapped by Wizeman's servants..." the child said with her soft yet high-pitched voice. "You need to know where I am so you know I am safe." NiGHTS nodded.

"So you won't do it again?" Moonlight returned the nod. Her mother's face softened. "Good girl. So, shall we go home?" The little girl beamed up and the two flew back to a small floating isle near the main island of The Dream Gate. Sitting on it, was a simple little house.

Years ago, AT Moonlight had used her kinisis to build it for NiGHTS and Reala. She also built homes for the other rebels nearby.

They all protected one another and would often foil Wizeman's plans. Amazingly, Wizeman did nothing about their interference most of the time. Normally, Wizeman's servants would be the ones to come up with plans in anger to harm the rebels. The god had grown so powerful he didn't consider them a threat. And thus, his servants came up with the ideas for him.

Unlike in the original future they'd lived in, Moonlight wasn't the only Nightmaren child anymore. She had three cousins, Jake, Luna, and Amber. They went by the nicknames: Noise Maker, Silent Moon, and Amber Calico. They were the children of her Uncle Jackle and his mate, Amethyst. Dead Eye and Phantasia had two children as well. Their names were Yin and Yang. Last, but not least, Casanova and Spectra had a daughter named, Aurora.

Moonlight enjoyed playing with them and out of the group of rebel children, she was the oldest. It was that way ,despite age and gender divisions you'd see in The Waking World. They had fun even though they were different ages. Of course, they played under the watchful eyes of their parents. The Night Dimension wasn't safe for the rebels one bit.

NiGHTS and Moonlight were almost home. The mother was thinking about something that made her a bit relaxed. The yellow jester child was her happiness. Despite the dangerous times they lived in, Moonlight always held a bright smile and sweet laugh.

She'd transformed from what she'd been like in the previous timeline. Nothing traumatic had happened to her in the new timeline. Moonlight lived a much easier life and didn't have a trace of the fear, sadness, or trauma.

But... There was still just one thing...

Although she had her mother and friends, Moonlight didn't have a father. It made her feel very lonely. She knew almost nothing about him. NiGHTS didn't like to speak about her dad. The young Maren didn't even know his name. She could tell her mother missed him too, probably more.

"Mum, can you please tell me about dad?" Moonlight asked later that night. It was eating away at her. Hopefully, NiGHTS wouldn't say no that time. She asked about him so often. With luck, she might have gotten an answer if she asked enough times.

NiGHTS sighed and frowned. "You'll never give in will you? Alright, I'll tell you as much about him as I can handle." As much as she could handle? Moonlight knew then it was a painful topic. Moonlight and NiGHTS sat down and she tried to speak. After a few failed attempts, she finally began to speak. She'd be worried later if it helped Moonlight discover Reala wasn't gone.

"You know how all the adult rebels used to serve Wizeman right? Well, I was one of the first to turn against him. As a result of my rebellion, your father, who I'd been very close to, was angry with me. Many years later, he finally forgave me and rebelled too. That's when your Uncle Jackle did as well. Soon enough, we'd gathered many rebels. Together we've made it our goal to defeat Wizeman."

Moonlight interrupted. "I knew that already, Mum. Tell me about Dad specifically," she insisted.

"He was brave and strong right until his end..." NiGHTS said sadly. Moonlight stared. She was hurting her mother by asking about such a sensitive topic.

"You can... Tell me more... Another time," she said in a guilt filled voice. The older Maren relaxed. When she finally was about to get answers, she stopped so her mother wouldn't feel hurt.

"Alright, Moonlight. Now go to bed, okay?" Moonlight listened to her mother's orders and went into her bedroom. It was a small room that only had a bed and a window among a few other things. It was simple, but she felt secure there.

A while later, NiGHTS checked on Moonlight to make sure she was asleep. She was sleeping. NiGHTS felt guilty, but she closed the bedroom door and locked it.

"This is so you don't know what you aren't ready to know, I'm sorry..." NiGHTS then sat in the main room of the house. There was that room, Moonlight's room, her own room, and nothing more. In the biggest room of the three, NiGHTS waited until very late at night.

Eventually, there was a knock and the front door opened. NiGHTS got up. Reala had come back as he promised the month before. For eight years, he would show up after Moonlight was asleep to come see her in secret. It was once a month normally.

You see, Reala had pretended to be loyal to Wizeman once more. As a result, he lived away from his family in Nightmare Castle. It hurt both himself and NiGHTS to be apart like that. He had his reasons for doing so.

He and Sam Shade were spies for the rebels. They would inform them of any plan Nightmare made to destroy Nightopia. After all those years, they had yet to be caught.

There was one more reason. Moonlight had not developed any sort of powers, apart from flight. If you remember how she discovered her abilities in the previous timeline, you might guess why he hid from his daughter.

The good thing about it in the new timeline was, NiGHTS knew where Reala was and knew he was most likely safe. Before, she'd lost her mind and sanity at not knowing what happened to her mate. In the new timeline, it was still painful, but she'd retained her strength.

"You won't see her yet, will you...?" NiGHTS asked embracing him.

"You know I can't do that. She doesn't even need me right now." NiGHTS face grew stern. She broke away from Reala and crossed her arms.

"She does need you! She asks about you all the time. She wants to know why you 'died!' She deserves the truth!" NiGHTS said angered, though she managed not to yell and wake Moonlight up. "Moonlight needs her father. She needs you!"

Reala shook his head. That day will come. She'll learn eventually!" Reala argued. It was always about 'that day'. That day would be when everything would change. NiGHTS wished it would just happen right then and there. She hated lying to her only child.

She and Reala were having a hard time. Tension had mounted between them. They didn't know what to do anymore. They knew both of them were right, but they couldn't choose the same right answer. Why was it so hard to be apart? They loved each other more than anything, but they still fought over what was best for their daughter.

"I'm sorry, Reala..." NiGHTS calmed down. Reala apologized as well. They knew fighting wouldn't solve anything. They knew things would work out in the end. It would just take time and 'that day' had to pass.

The two sat down and talked about many things. Some of it was information regarding plans to get rid of the rebels. Some of it was about how Moonlight had behaved. Some of their topics were just unimportant matters.

Soon enough, Reala had to leave once more. They said their heartbreaking goodbyes and he left for Nightmare Castle once more.

If only that day would come sooner. But, that was only the halfway point. Things would only become even harder after that day had come and gone. The future would be suspenseful and mind boggling. Would peace come after the insanity? No one knew for certain what path laid before them.

Chapter End.

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