I cried.

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He slept over that night.

He slept beside me with his nose touching mine. When I woke up, I stared in awe at his face. He looked so peaceful.

We spent all day together, romping around in the meadow, eating blossoms by the lake, chasing each other until one caught another and then kissing passtionatly.

He told Feline the next day that they where over.

That was it. I had him. He was mine.

He joined me in a run with the other stags.

I licked him on his face. He blushed and smiled.

And we ran through the grass in the meadow. Until the sun went down.

So, I hope everyone loved this story and thought it was romantic c:

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And they lived happly ever after 3

Only thing is, where did Feline go?

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