New Hampshire.

Lying low now,

keeping my composure

laying low

is like lying lower

is like lying backwards

is like lying upside-down

is not like lying

at least in my case.

I have reason to believe

I have a serious high-grade fever.

This is where I make the call.

Well-read, I study fiction for fun

and in the hero's journey,

this is called the threshold.

This is the part where I step away

from all I ever knew.

This is the part where I have to fight.

No one said it was easy.

Let's say that Red

and Heywood and Floyd

made a bet.

Two packs of cigarettes.

Red made a bet

I would get away.

I can't let him down.

If I go to a hospital,

despite my name

they'll know about the banker

they'll know exactly who I am.

And Red will lose two packs of cigarettes.

I'll drive through the night instead.

I have a car now.