Warnings: dominance/submission, sexual content


"Please, can we go out to the club tonight?" Harry wheedled as he straddled Draco on the couch.

"You think rubbing up against me like that will make me say yes?"

Harry smiled sexily. "I know it will."

"Awfully confident, aren't you?" Harry just made a humming noise deep in his throat and continued writhing in Draco's lap. "And to think that just three months ago, you hated to dance," the blond man said.

"You've taught me so many things," Harry said huskily as his hand squeezed his lover's rigid cock through his slacks. Draco shoved him down onto the couch and went for the buttons on the fly of his jeans, but Harry blocked his hand. "Not till you promise that we'll go out."

"Are you going to be good tonight, Harry?"

"Of course."

"No flirting with anyone else?"

"I won't."

Draco lifted one of Harry's hips and gave him a playful swat on the behind. "If you're bad, I'll have to punish you."

"I'll be good," Harry said, "I'll be so very good." He put one finger in his mouth and sucked on it.

Draco growled and started pulling at Harry's clothes. Harry was very, very good.


The throbbing of the music being played in the Alibi Room could be heard in the street. The bouncer let them in immediately; they were far too good-looking to have to stand in line.

Draco noted every covetous glance sent his boyfriend's way. Who could blame them? With his tight leather trousers and tousled hair and sheer shirt, Harry was a lovely sight. Draco had selected the outfit himself. He did love to show his Harry off. As good as Harry looked, of course other men were going to flirt with him. But Harry had a habit of flirting back, and Draco had to discipline him for it.

Harry pulled him out on the floor as Britney Spears' 'I'm a Slave 4 U' started playing. He put his arms behind his head, arched his back, and backed up against Draco. Harry had learned how to move his hips in a way that made onlookers drool. Draco smirked at Harry's admirers as he ran his hands possessively down Harry's flanks.

When the song ended, Harry said, "I want to get a cocktail."

"All right. Get me one, too. Remember to be good, now."

As his lover walked away, Draco could hear someone shouting over the music, asking Harry how he'd gotten the scar. Harry just smiled and lowered his gaze coquettishly. Draco had insisted he get contacts, all the better to display those sexy green eyes.

Draco leaned against the wall and watched the dancers on the Lucite floor, lit from below by flashing, multi-colored lights. The mirrorball spun, sending little dapples of light everywhere. Draco got cruised plenty himself as he waited; he knew he looked good in his exquisitely cut bespoke suit and half-unbuttoned shirt.

Three months they'd been together. After years of battling the Dark Lord, all Harry wanted to do was have a good time. He'd become a bit of a tart, really. Seeing his former rival wrapping that long, lean body around dozens of men in his favorite gay club had aroused a fierce, possessive desire in Draco. Harry would be his, and his only.

He could see Harry coming back to him, having some difficulty holding two martinis in his two... paws. The fur on them matched his cat-ears. "I don't know what happened," Harry said, frowning. He winced as a man tweaked the long, fluffy tail that had erupted through the seat of his trousers.

Draco took the drinks from Harry and set them on a table. "You were being naughty, that's what happened. I put a charm on you while you were sleeping. If you act like a tom-cat, you'll turn into a tom-cat." Draco wound his fingers into Harry's hair and tugged a little.

"But I only flirted a little," Harry protested.

Draco pulled a little harder. Harry's cheeks flushed and his breathing quickened. "You're still going to have to be punished, you bad kitty. All. Night. Long." He took a leash out of his jacket pocket and snapped it onto Harry's collar. He imagined those velvety paws spread, claws digging into the mattress of their bed while Draco grasped the base of his tail and fucked him without mercy. Draco was so hard, it was nearly painful. "We're going home. Now." Draco walked toward the door, and Harry had to follow. Draco was going to make his kitty yowl and purr.