Warnings: dominance and submission, spanking, anal sex


Out on the street, Harry started shaking his feet. "Could you get my shoes off? They're pinching."

Draco took out his wand. "Exuo!" Harry started in surprise as his shoes vanished from his feet, reappearing a couple of feet over on the sidewalk. Draco had a self-satisfied smile on his face. "Just a little spell I've been working on. No wonder your shoes were uncomfortable."

Harry wiggled the fuzzy toes of his back paws and experimented with making the claws pop out.

"Now you're going to have to walk the rest of the way home on all fours."

Harry obediently dropped down and trotted along on his paws. His limbs were still human proportioned, so his behind stuck up in the air. The view was getting Draco even more worked up.

Once home, Draco let Harry off the leash. He headed for the kitchen with Harry following, still on all fours. He filled a bowl with milk and set it on the floor. "Drink it, kitty."

Harry lowered his tongue into the milk slowly, looking up at Draco with a look of pretend innocence in his eyes. His tongue dipped and swirled slowly, then cupped upwards to bring some milk into his mouth. A dribble of white leaked out of one corner of his mouth, and when he licked off it with the tip of his tongue, Draco groaned and pressed a hand to his erection.

"Exuo!" Harry's clothes came off. "Keep drinking, kitty." Draco moved so he could see Harry from the back. Harry's rump was up, his tail straight in the air, affording Draco a perfect view of his little pink hole. Draco gave his rounded behind a good swatting, turning the cheeks red. Harry squirmed and moaned. It was more than Draco could take. "Accio lube!" he said as he unfastened his slacks.

While his fingers prepared Harry, opening him up, Draco nuzzled and nipped at the furry cat-ears. Harry wiggled and mewed. Just as he imagined, Draco grasped the base of Harry's tail as he entered Harry's sweet, hot tightness, using it for leverage. Harry's tail wrapped around Draco's waist as they thrust hard against each other. Draco's other hand wandered. "You're about to come, aren't you," Draco rasped. Harry just whimpered. "Sorry. You're not allowed to yet."

Harry whined when Draco pulled out. "Get on your back," Draco ordered.

Harry did, splaying his thighs open wantonly. His tail thrashed between his legs, and he was running the velvety parts of his fronts paws over his nipples. His ears were turned back, flattened to his head. "Are you going to fuck me or just stare at me?" he challenged, his voice thick.

"Ooh, the bad kitty is getting a little too bossy." When Harry used his tail to caress himself, Draco grabbed it. "Uh uh. You obviously haven't been punished enough." Draco pushed Harry's knees together, then raised his legs up to spank him some more, loving the sound and the feeling of his palm smacking the firm flesh of Harry's buttocks.

"Avocado," Harry said.

It was Harry's safe-word. Draco stopped immediately. "Did I hurt you?" he asked, concerned.

"No. I just can't wait for you to fuck me more," Harry said.

Draco grinned. "I'm going to have to punish you even more later for this."

"I hope so."

As he entered Harry again, soft paws stroked his back, with just a hint of claw, and the silky tail stroked him in intimate places. When Harry began to purr, vibrating all over his body, Draco exploded.