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I looked down over the edge of the cliff, staring at the black water, my personal abyss. My nerves were the last thing I was worried about. It was the fact after I jump will he even care to come to my funeral. No, no he won't. He didn't care that I broke down begging him to stay telling him that I loved him, but he gave me the colder shoulder and left taking his family with him, my family. But he took something else when he departed, my soul, my heart and my love. And now what's left is an empty shell of my former self.

I took a deep breath and a few steps back, readying myself to end it all.

Love, don't. A velvet voice filled my head every time I do something that can surely kill me. His velvet voice.

"Don't love me. I do what I want." I spat, anger surfacing causing my small frame to tremble. But that didn't stop me from running towards my end.

You can't do this! His velvet voice filled with rage only he can hold when things don't go his way.

I jumped right off the edge, soaring in the air; but my flight didn't last long, gravity took effect and I started to fall, head first making my speed increase. The faster I get this done with the faster I'm good and gone.

As I continued to fall, my life flashed through my eyes. The things I gained and lost; the ups and downs. My life was like a rollercoaster and soon this ride will be over. There will be no more twist and turns. No more crazy filled excitement. There will be nothing when this ride fully ends.

The black water engulfed me. I started to breathe letting the water fill my lungs, making the process of ending my miserable life even quicker. But in the process of doing this caused me to choke and resurface. I looked straight ahead seeing something that'll help me: a big wave.

Bella swim to the shore, don't just float there. Swim away, love. Please. He pleaded in my head.

I didn't listen I just floated there waiting for the wave to hit me. The wave came crashing down on me, causing me to jerk backwards hitting the rocky side of the cliff. A sharp rock pierced my back but all I felt was numbness. With the things that happened to me and the emotions that came, all I could feel was numbness.

Soon another wave came crashing down forcing me to hit more sharp rocks that continued to pierce my back. A small whimper escaped, but that was all I was going to let escape. I don't want anyone to save me. One bigger wave came, but this time it sent me under, having my back scraped up against the rocky surface. If I wasn't numb I've would have been screaming in agonizing pain.

I took deep breaths, I choked but didn't resurface. With the blood loss and the feel of my whole physical form going numb now just like my mental and emotional one has been. I started to sink deeper as more water filled my lungs.

I smiled, for the first time in months. I was happy. Happy, that I was finally escaping this god forsaken world.

You can't decide on what I do anymore Edward. I control my life now, and I chose to end it. I thought before I let the shadow of the abyss take me away.