Author Notes: Okay before anyone reads this story...I have to say that this is a sequel from the Love that Binds.

So some of the things and the people that are mentioned in this story probably won't make sense to some one who hasn't read the whole trilogy.

These are the stories in order....when they came out:

Something's Happen When You Least Expect It

Tai, Sora, Mimi and Matt are age 16

Jeff introduced.


Tai, Sora, Mimi, Matt are still the age 18

Brittany Coner is introduced...

The Love that Binds

Tai, Sora, Mimi, Matt are in there late 20's

Jeff and Brittany come haunt Tai, Sora, Mimi, Matt lives...and to hurt them

and finally.......

Time As Always Time Chapter 1

Continuation of The Love that Binds

Six years later…

Thursday, September 28th 2023

In Mimi and Matt's back yard 3:30pm…..

Mimi was holding the camcorder she scanned the area with it she spotted Matt with his now six-year-old son who today turned seven. "Hi, birthday boy." Mimi replied zooming in on the two. "Mom…" The little blonde hair boy whined he hid behind his father.

"Picks after you." She replied rather dryly Matt who just grinned. "What can I do." He shrugged…Soon four more children came running from nowhere.

Mimi put the camera on them, "Guys what you doing? You better not be making trouble." She warned them, the four looked at her and grinned. "No where not I'm in charge of watching them, Aunt Mimi." That was Li who was now six years old he looked so much like Tai but had Sora's eyes. "Okay thanks hon." She told him.

"Come on Michael!" Li hollered at her son. "Okay coming!" the two boys took off following the younger kids and making sure they didn't get into trouble. "How are adorable." Mimi replied still having them on the film.

"Hi guys" Sora came through the door looking rather ill, Tai was following her from behind making sure she didn't fall so he'd be there if in case she fell. "Sora what's wrong?" Mimi questioned she put the camcorder down and went to her friend. "I was just feeling sick all morning." she replied taking a seat at the picnic table. "Man Tai what did you do now." Matt replied jokingly, Tai glared at him. "Shut up." he replied.


In the yard Li was preparing a game of soccer, with his two sisters and cousin's. "Okay…boys against girls." he replied holding the soccer ball he was wearing a red soccer jersey with jean pants, Michael was in a navy blue t-shirt that had two white stripes running down along the sides, and had on beige colored kakis.

Reena was wearing shorts that had flower prints on them, her shirt was red and had a fuzzy flower in the center, her hair was short up to her shoulders then curved up ward it was a wonderful auburn color that resembled Sora's hair when she was her daughter's age. Maiko had longer hair she wanted to be just like her big sister, she a white t-shirt that said Angel on it in handwriting print and sprinkles and wore jean shorts.

Then another girl around the age of four, she had honey colored hair that was pined up with a small daisy hair clip her eyes were blue as her fathers were. "LI!!! No I don't wanna play!" Reena complained. "Okay fine remember I asked you to play don't whine to Mom that I won't let you play." he told her back. "Fine. Me, Maiko and Lillie are going to play with Lillie's dolls." Reena led the way Maiko and Lillie looked at each other then shrugged followed her.

"Wait for us sis." Maiko called as her and Lillie hurried to catch up with her.


Kamiya's home…

Mina looked through the stereo cupboard as well as Lila, the two girls found a small box at the back of the cabinet and Mina reached in and grabbed it from it's spot. "Whoa the dust bunnies." Lila remarked she wiped it off. "Do Not Open." Mina read off the box.

"Why is something like that doing there…. it's so tempting to open it now." Lila replied she looked to Mina the two nodded and opened up the box in the box they're small camcorder cassettes each one was labelled with dates. "Hmm…" Mina picked up on of them dusted it off. "Hey what do you know Christmas eve tapes." she replied put the one she held in her hand back down and set it aside.

"Guys! What are you doing!" Saria called from upstairs, "Saria we have to watch what ever is on these tapes." Lila called back to her. "Tapes? What Tapes…they better not be from in small box that says 'Do not Touch' put them back if that's the case, my parents are strange and I don't want us to watch them." Saria came down stairs in a mid drift shirt that had the word angel written on it and halo around the word she had a pair of jean bell bottoms on, he hair was left down and she had a little bit of make up. Her eyes opened wide when she saw what they were going through.

"Oh my god!! No put it back those tapes are not ours! I feel bad vibes from them." she cried she hurried to where they were and started to put the cassettes back into the box.

"But how do you know that they are when you didn't look?" Lila asked she pushed her hair back from falling into her face. "Cause…. my parents are strange." Saria repeated. 'And not to mention perverted.' she thought grimly.

"Now never mind the tapes I'm going to put them back." She took the tapes from her friend's hands and put them back into the box. "Come on, my parents want us over at my aunts place." Saria picked up the box and put it back into the stereo cupboard, then closed it again.

"Okay girlfriends lets go." Saria replied she walked over the front door the other two followed her. "Shut up Saria." Mina laughed and bonked her on the head.

"Saria when dose your boyfriend come?" Lila asked giggling. "How many times do I have to tell you that Davis isn't my boyfriend." Saria fumed. "Well, what about that thing that happened at the movies that one time?" Mina questioned curiously.

She blushed remembering that. "It was accident." she answered, as she opened the door of her home they all stepped out on the porch Saria locked the door. "What you fell onto each others lips?" Mina questioned. "SHUT UP!!" she cried. "If my dad found out about that he will kill Davis!"

"Well your dad isn't here is he." she replied.


Mimi and Matt's back yard….

"Oh don't tell me your pregnant again." Mimi replied after a while of staring at Sora, she looked up at Mimi. "I hope not, Tai better start praying if I am." Sora replied looking at her husband. "Pray why? It's not my fault you could be pregnant again." Tai told her back.

"And it's not my fault either." Sora shot back. "Okay guys no need to fight." Matt butted into the conversation it was obvious Tai and Sora were sick of having kids he hoped Sora wasn't pregnant either. "Well what do you suggest that I do turn off Tai's remote control!" Sora shouted at him.

Mimi and Matt both watch the two. "What do you mean remote control!" he stated angry. "Well the last time I checked Tai I couldn't get pregnant by myself!" she shouted.

"Okay, guys there are little ears all around here lets not get into the birds and bees talk." Matt replied.

Lillie, Reena and Maiko all came up to they're parents were. Sora and Tai stopped arguing and acknowledged them. "Hey you three." Tai replied smiling at the three girls. "Mom. Me, Maiko and Lillie are going to her room to play all right?" she questioned. "Okay, just don't make trouble and stay in Lillie's room." Sora cautioned, the three girls went into the house through the French doors.

"Oh remarkable she looks just like you Mimi expect she has Matt's eyes…they both do." Sora commented she turned to look at Mimi then at Matt. "What can I say." Matt replied smiling "Little girls are the cutest aren't they Tai?" Matt asked. "Okay do you have to brag that I have three girls?" Tai questioned him angry.

"Gezz when don't you two learn?" Kari's voice came from the entrance to the back yard they all turned and saw her. Holding the hand of her two year old daughter. Sora got up from the picnic table and walked over to his sister in law gave her a hug, the little girl ran over to Uncle Tai. "Hey there Hope how are you doing." he replied. "Me and mommy are going to see daddy after." the little girl replied the three at the table laugh quietly.

"We are going to take the plane." she said in her small cute voice. "Hope where did daddy go?" Mimi asked her. "America." she replied.

Sora and Kari…

"How are you doing?" Sora asked Kari. "I'm okay…. it's just that when Takeru left to go on the book tour I took a pregnancy test, it came out positive." Kari told her. "You're pregnant that's great sweetie…. right?" Sora asked her, Kari put her bag down on the ground she sighed looking at Sora. "Yeah….it is. But Takeru didn't want another child just yet he wanted to wait after he came back from his tour." Kari explained.

"Well Takeru won't be mad at you." Sora said she looked at Kari confused. "I know he won't be mad just disappointed." Kari looked at her daughter who was with Mimi now. "I don't' think I'm ready for a second child." she told her. "Hey if it makes you feel better I think I might be pregnant as well." Sora told her quietly.

Kari's mouth dropped a bit she looked at her. "Sora…don't you think you and Tai had enough kids?" she questioned. "I know…. me too, it's a mistake. We didn't mean to get pregnant again." Sora corrected herself.

"Reena and Maiko were a miracle since of your medical condition…it isn't enough that you guys can't be a little more careful?" Kari questioned. "I still use the birth control pill and the condoms as well." Kari whispered.

"I know, I know…that's why I'm going to suggest that Tai gets a vasectomy." Sora said. "A VASECTOMY!!" Kari cried loudly. "Shhh…." Sora hushed her. "Sora….Tai won't do it." Kari replied shocked. "How do you figure?" Sora asked, "Well for one my brother is like any other guy who is proud of their man hood…" Kari trailed off.

"Well that's the only option I'm going for if I am pregnant again." Sora told her sister.

"Hey you two stop being secretive and come over here at the picnic table with everyone." Matt called to the women, Sora and Kari smiled at him. "Were coming in a sec." Kari told her brother in law.

"I know what you mean…Kari but I swear if I go through one more pregnancy I'm going to go insane." Sora whispered. "I understand but just think before you find out if you are pregnant." Kari advised nodding Sora looked the younger women. "I'll try to." Sora said the two gave each other a hug. Then joined the others at the table.

With out warning soccer ball came flying through the sky. "DAD, WATCH OUT!!" Li shouted at him, Tai looked up barley in time to catch the ball before it hit him in the head. Li and Michael both stood before them each grinning nervously. "Um…pass the ball?" Li questioned he's hands were held out ready to catch it.

"I don't think so…. what did I tell you about kicking the soccer ball with out control?" Tai asked his son, Li said nothing and looked to the ground at his feet. "Here and remember to keep control of it." Tai told him before he threw back the ball to his son.

The two boys ran off with the ball. "Gezz Tai…. be any more strict." Matt commented. "Well, he won't be getting away with not having control of the ball." he told Matt. "Come on this is a family event…. more guest are to arrive." Sora got up. "Right Sora, Kari do you two want to help me get out all the refreshments?" Mimi questioned. "We could do that." The two got up and followed Mimi into the house.

"SHUT UP!!" Saria's voice shouted angry.

Tai and Matt both heard that and turned their heads to the gates. "Here comes your baby." Matt replied. "Technically she's a teenager." Tai corrected him. "What ever, she's still your first child." he replied. "I know." he replied.

"HI! Mr. Kamiya!" the two girls shouted out, Matt frowned looking at the three. "Tai…you didn't tell me they were hyper."

"They are teens didn't you noticed that Mimi and Sora acted like that before?" he questioned. "Now that you mention it." he replied.

"Hi girls." Tai waved at him. "Hi Saria's uncle." they waved. "Hi dad, Uncle Matt." Saria smiled. "Um were did Mom go?" Saria questioned. "Your mom is helping your aunts with the food and refreshments, why don't you go and help out." Tai told her, Saria groaned. "Alright…come on Lila, Mina." the three went into the house.

When the two girls left Matt laughed "Oh boy Tai man I feel sorry for you." Matt stood up. "Well, as I recall you have a daughter as well." Tai replied back getting up as well he went to the other end of the picnic table Matt was at the opposite side end. "But I don't have to worry for about twelve years, so I'll be prepared and watch you and Sora deal with a teen first and learn from that." Matt replied in smirk. Tai narrowed his eyes at him "Shut up."


Ichijouji house…

Davis Jr's room…

"Shut up man!" Kevin Davis's best guy friend replied in total shock. "Why are you so hyped up about it….it wasn't that big of a deal." Davis replied noctianly as he wrote something down on a piece of paper. "Dude its Saria Kamiya! Of course it's a big deal look how hot she is." Kevin to him.

"Come off it and don't talk to me about her like that." Davis said as he continued to write. "You like her." Kevin replied suddenly Davis turned his head looked at his friend wide eyed. "No she's my friend, I don't like her romantically." he answered then turned to writing again.

"Then why'd did you kiss?" Kevin commented. "I don't know!" he shouted at him. "Boys is there something wrong?" Yolie shouted up from the stairs. "No mom." Davis called back.

"Can you be a little more quieter, your baby brother is trying to sleep." she called up once more.

The two teens sighed. "How do you not know?" Kevin asked him. "It just happened." he answered him.

"That's a good explanation." His friend remarked sarcastically.

"You haven't seen Mr. Kamiya when he's angry." Davis told him, he turned back and began to write once more. "Whoa wait there, your scared of Mr. Kamiya?"

"Yes do you know what he said to me the other day before we went to the movies?" Davis questioned him he put the pen down on his desk looking at his best friend. "I don't know you tell me what he said." Kevin asked. "He said and I repeat, you lay one finger on my daughter you're a dead boy." Davis told him he shivered even afraid to go near the Kamiya house ever since that day.

"You can't let him scare you like that." Kevin said. "Are you kidding me I don't want him on my case! He's already on me about Saria, and I don't want him to catch us together alone…he'd go ballistic." Davis replied.

"Oh so that explains the reason why you won't got to Saria's house just by yourself." Kevin replied, Davis nodded "Okay can we continued on this project?" Davis asked him.

"Actually I still want to know what happened at the movies…. all you told me is that you two kissed but u never explained why and how it happened." Kevin stated he sat on Davis's bed waiting for an explanation. "Your not going to drop it are you." Davis asked annoyed. "No way."

"Fine…if you must know…


Saria, Davis and Mina where in the movie theatre "Okay girls what movie are we going to see?" Davis asked he looked at both of them. "Um…. well there is that new movie out what it called Mummy Hunter?" Saria questioned, Davis gave a sigh of relief but Mina had noticed his express then giggle cutely. "No way we are going to see a chick flick as you remember it's Davis treat isn't it Saria?" Mina raised her eyebrows at her friend.

"Hmm…right." Saria grinned the two girls looked to Davis remember how much he disliked chick flicks. He had a look of dread on him. "Well we could see….Aisa." Saria replied. "Oh I certainly want to see that one." Mina replied. Davis groaned, "So I guess that means you want to see Aisa?" he questioned the two.

Both girls exchanged glances and smiled at him. "Yup." they exclaimed.

In the theatre…

To they're surprise the theatre was packed. "Dude this much people want to see this crappy movie?" Davis questioned. "Davis it not crappy you didn't even see it yet." Mina remarked she looked for seats and found one empty sit in the back and two empty ones in the front of that seat. "Oh…darn….I guess you two can seat there and I'll sit in this one right here." Mina replied point to the lone empty seat.

"Okay that's fine." Saria replied she sat down next to the wall and Davis took a seat next to her. Mina watch them grinning her plan is so going to work this time…many of the other ones may have failed but this one for sure is going to work.

As the movie progressed on Davis started to role his eyes at the sappiness of the movie he turned to look at Saria but to his surprise they both look at each other then blushing looked away. "Um it was nice of you to come and escort us to the movies Davis." Saria whispered. "Well any thing for a friend." he replied back, Saria smiled nodding. "Yeah friends." she whispered, they both smiled at each other then turned to watch the movie.

Mina was starting to get impatient, nothing was happening they just look at each other then look way and watch the movie. 'Hmm…. maybe I have to do something…. but the question is what?' she thought.

"Um Davis?" Saria whispered to him, he turned to look at her. "Yeah?" he whispered back.

"Did you know we were kind of set up?" Saria questioned him "What?" he whispered. "Yeah…well this whole movie date thing is a set up on part of Mina and Lil's plan." she whispered to him. "For real…man." he turned and watched the screen for a while, then turned to look at Saria again. "We should do something to just get them off our backs." he told her.

"Like what?" Saria whispered back. "Just follow my lead." he replied, he leaned toward her lips, kissed her with Mina watching. 'Oh my god.' she thought shocked.


"Whoa hold up your saying that you kissed her as a favour to get her friends off her back?" Kevin questioned in total shock. "Well yeah." Davis replied he got up from the desk and walked over to his dresser to get something off it. "Come on your basically blowing off my questions here." Kevin said. Davis shrugged his shoulders. "Look man that's all it was about. There is nothing going on between Saria and I." he replied.

"Okay I believe you man." Kevin looked at this watch. "So lets finish this report now." he replied. "That's what I've been trying to tell you for the past fifteen minutes." Davis said a little angry.


Michael Ishida's Birthday Party….

Mimi was operating the camcorder once again as, all family and friends were gathered around the picnic tables, Saria and her friends where talking in the back of the group they were laughing and giggling.

"Tai….my son in law." Dean replied he walked over to Tai and put a hand on his shoulder. "I would like to have a talk with you." he replied Tai was holding a beer he was taking small sips every once and a while. "Um…sure." he replied wearily…the two men went around the corner of the house.

"Tai…I hope you given that talk to your daughter about the birds and the bees." he began. "Look Dean…how many times have I told you that me and Sora have given her the talk." Tai stated angry. "Well it looks like you haven't." Dean told him calmly, Tai frowned angrily "HOW DARE YOU TELL ME THAT I haven't GIVEN HER THAT TALK!" he shouted. "Tai I'm just saying what I think." he told Tai.

Tai took a deep breath before going on. "Well just keep it for yourself." he replied. "Tai, your going to have to get used to it…cause Aimee and I are moving here." he said, Tai's eyes widened in shock. "What? Why are you tell me first?" he questioned. "Cause I don't want you to embarrass my daughter." he said.

"What do you think I embarrass her all the time?" Tai growled angered angry "You know what just don't answer that I'm fed up with you!" Tai left to the front of the house.

Once he was away from there he down the rest of his beer in one gulp. "I need more." he replied and went into Matt's house through the front door.


Dean walked back to the part Karen came up to him. "Where did Tai go?" she questioned. "He went to cool off in the front of the house." He answered. "What did you say to him?" she demanded a little angry. "I said nothing but tell him I was moving here, with my wife." Dean told her. "Great why didn't you tell Sora and Tai at the same time?" she questioned. "Because I had some other things to tell Tai alone."

Karen looked away from him to see if she could spot Tai or Sora anywhere, but she wasn't able to. "What things did you say to him?" she asked again. "Karen it's none of your business okay…. what I said to Tai is between him and me." Dean left her and walked to where his wife was.

Karen frowned and went to look for Sora but was stopped by her grandson. "Grandma did you see dad?" Li questioned her. "No sorry honey…is your mom over there?" she questioned Li nodded.

Matt, Mimi and Sora were at the picnic table the three girls were with them…eating some watermelon and various other fruits. "Sora darling." Karen came up beside her. "Yeah mom." she looked at her mom. "I need to talk to you about something." her mother urged her. Sora smiled at the girls then to Mimi and Matt. "I'll be right back." she replied and left with her mom.

"Aunt Mimi, sit on this side." Reena replied patting the seat that Sora had been sitting in.


"Who the hell dose he get off telling me that I didn't give my daughter the birds and bees talk." Tai whispered bitterly he had another beer in his hand he took small sip. Then putting the bottle down beside two more empty bottles that he had finished earlier on, he rested his head down on to his arms.

Saria and her friends came into the kitchen she saw her dad there. "Dad?" Saria questioned the two girls watch Mr. Kamiya, Tai quickly turned around when he did he knocked over the half full beer bottle it crashed onto the ceramic floor shattering and spilling beer all over the floor.

"Dad did you want to get Mom?" Saria questioned worried. "NO! …I mean no…it's okay I'll clean this up…if your aunt saw this mess she'll freak out." he put on a fake smile. "But…" Saria began. "No buts sweetheart just go on like nothing happened." he asked her, which sounded almost more like he was begging them.

The three girls left going out the front door on porch. "Your dad didn't look okay Saria…maybe you should tell your mom." Mina suggested, Saria sighed she looked at the drive way at all the cars. "I can't he made me promise…" she whispered. "Maybe you should." Lila suggested.

Inside the kitchen, Tai mopped up the mess from the floor making sure there was no signs of broken glass on the ground he picked up the broken pieces and tossed them into the garbage, Kari walked in from the patio with Hope. "Oh hi Tai…we are going to the bathroom." she replied, he nodded as Kari went passed into the washroom with Hope. Tai then walked into the living room of the Ishida home 'Come on Matt must have some alcohol in here some where.' he though he looked around through the drawers.

Matt came into the house now. He spotted Tai in his living room searching the cabinets. "Tai what are you doing?" he question, Tai froze from searching he carefully closed the cabinet door. "I was looking for a book." he lied, he turned around to face Matt. "Well you won't find any in there. The books are on the bookshelf right behind you.…" was his replied. Tai turned around and saw the bookshelf 'Note to self come up with a better excuse next time' he thought "Right" he replied nervously

"Okay anyways Dean's making an announcement." he replied, Tai rolled his eyes. "No it's okay I don't need to hear it I know what it is already." he replied.

"Then what's the announcement about?" Matt asked him. "I don't want to talk about it…. um Matt do you got any more beer around?" Tai asked Matt raised an eyebrow at him. "Why?" he questioned him suspiciously. "Well I'd thought I put some more in the coolers you know cause they are almost empty you know." Tai answered quickly but carefully.

"Yeah…it's downstairs in the laundry room." Matt watched him carefully then shook his head and left out through the patio doors. Tai quickly went downstairs; to the laundry room he went into the fridge and took another beer out, opened it, and drank it rather quickly then normal.


"Okay everyone thank you for attention this should only take a little while. I have gotten news ….Aimee and I are going to be moving back to Obadia this weekend." Dean replied, Sora's eyes widened. "Sora honey I did it for you….I owe you so much for missing all your childhood years." Karen rubbed Sora's shoulders. "If dad talked to Tai……..oh no…..he's already stressed out the way it is with out this news coming upon him as well." Sora whispered she hurried into the house. Karen watched her then looked at Dean shaking her head in disapproval at him.

Sora entered the house she saw Kari first with Hope and walked past the two with a smile, she went upstairs…then decided to call for him. "Tai!" she called. "Tai!"

Saria then came into the house hearing her mom calling for her dad. "Mom?" Saria inquired. Sora came back down the stairs she saw her daughter. "Saria Hon did you see you father?" Sora questioned. "Um yeah…. and Mom, he looked awful…I was worried." she whispered to her. "Where did you see him? What he wasn't drinking was he?" Sora questioned her eyes full of concern she looked at Saria. "He had two or three beers Mom…." she trailed off.

Sora sighed she looked behind her noticing the basement door was set a jar. "If your grandma comes looking for me tell her that I have to talk to your father. Okay Saria." Sora replied Saria nodded agreeing with her then Sora went down to the basement closing the door behind her she opened the lights and quietly descended the stairs.

She turned and saw him there he was drinking he had two more empty bottles and was about to open another one. "Taichi." Sora replied, he looked up started and put it back down, he stood up quickly. "Sora I'm so sorry….I'm soooo sorry." he whispered he looked at her regretfully.

Sora frowned slightly she walked toward him, so the two where closer. Tai had tears in his eyes, Sora immediately wiped away his tears gently. "Why are you crying?" she asked him. "I didn't have control…I should have stopped drinking….I should have stopped…..but Sora I couldn't." he replied he was shaking so much like Sora had ever since before. "Taichi…it's okay I'm not mad at you, I can't blame you…for drinking cause my father cause the kids…and everything." she trailed off a bit.

"I never lost that much control over what I was drinking before." he whispered Sora hugged him. "Shhh….Tai its okay." Sora told him. "How can you say that? When I completely screwed myself over….I had six or seven beers Sora and what's worse is that I wanted more and more." he told her still holding her close.



The kids all sat at one table and were eating and talking at the same time really loudly. Mimi came with the camcorder with at their table.

Matt tapped Kari on her shoulder "Hey did you see Sora or Tai?" He questioned. "Um Sora, she was inside." she told him. "Okay thanks." Matt replied and then walked to his house to the patio doors walking in his house. Tai and Sora both came up from the basement Sora closed the door behind them. "Guys?" Matt questioned. Tai and Sora looked at him startled a bit. "Matt you scared us." Sora replied sort of worried tone one which Matt hadn't picked up on.

"Well guys come on out there were having fun here…oh um…sorry." he replied remembering the fact that Dean didn't approve of Tai very much and how much Tai didn't like his father in law either. "Thanks Matt, we appreciate your hospitably to be nice and everything…but I think we should go home." Sora replied, Tai nodded "Yeah sorry man, I would have stayed but… Dean kind of ruined my day…I need to relax at home…if I can with the kids running around." he replied.

Matt nodded "If you need a brake the kids and stay here till tonight." Matt offered. "Are you sure that's okay?" Sora questioned. "Sure of course." Matt replied he gave the two a pat on the back of reassurance. "Well if Saria wants to go to a friends house let her but tell her to phone home first and lets us know when she's leaving." Tai told him once again Matt nodded. "I got it guys seven kids no problem…go and rest." Matt pushed the two toward the door.

Tai and Sora smiled "Thanks." they both replied. "Oh and tell everyone goodbye for us." Sora told him as she put her jacket on, Tai did the same.

"Bye." Matt waved…the two left out the door he closed it.

Matt sighed, "Did I just offer to watch seven kids?" he thought out loud then he sighed again put his head against the door.


6:00 pm…

Evening the party had whined down, most of the guest had left and it was now just Mimi, Matt, Kari, Li, Reena and Maiko, Michael and Lillie, and Hope. The kids where sitting in the living room watching a movie, they were quite surprisingly enough. Matt, Mimi and Kari where sitting at the kitchen table talking.

"You talked to Tai didn't you?" Kari asked Matt, he shrugged. "Like I said Kari, they both told me that they were going to go home they didn't tell me what was going on." he answered.

"Well maybe it is because of Dean and Tai…. because after Tai and Dean talked everything had seem to go down hill." Mimi suggested, Kari shrugged. "Hmm, maybe that's it…I'll go over tomorrow." Kari answered she got up from her seat and stretched. "Well…I got to go home Takeru said he would phone me at 6:30 pm our time. Come on Hope you don't want to miss daddy do you?" Kari called. "Okay well you two be careful driving home." Matt told her he gave Kari a hug then felt tugging on his pants found Hope there. "Of course you get a hug." he gave his niece a hug, then Mimi gave her a hug as well, they walked to the door.

Kari picked her daughter up and held on to her and the keys in her other hand Mimi held the door open for her as she stepped through it. "Buy Aunt Kari! And Hope" all the kids in the living called. Kari laughed "Bye you guys." she replied and waved at Mimi and Matt who where at the door. "Bai bai" Hope called to them too. Mimi and Matt smiled and waved the two off.

When Kari got into the car, Mimi closed the front door. "Ah…boy….I think I should give Tai a call." Matt replied sounding a bit troubled. "Why do you think something more is going on that Tai and Sora didn't tell us about?" She questioned watching Matt and waiting for a reply from him. "I don't know…. it's just when I came in here looking for Tai I found him in the living room looking for something…" he trailed off a bit.

"Looking for something like what?" she asked. "He said a book, but I don't know…oh no." he whispered remembering him asking about the beer. "Oh no…" he repeated again. "What?"

"He asked for beer…what if he went on a…. drinking streak." Matt rubbed his temples and sat down on the stairs. "Oh I'm sure it's not that bad he's been good for eighteen years I don't think he's about to jump on the wagon again." Mimi reassured Matt, he seemingly agreed. "No your right I shouldn't get all freaked out about it, beside he is a mature adult now and he knows the actions of drinking carelessly." Matt answered confidently.


Tai and Sora's bed room….6:15 pm

Tai wore his boxers he entered the Jacuzzi that was located on the balcony of their home. He closed his eyes feeling the warm water rush over his body. "Ohhhh…. that feels good." he whispered to himself, the patio door to the balcony opened and Sora came with some juice for her husband she put it down into a place holder that was right beside him.

"There you go hon." Sora replied she undid her robe; Tai picked up the glass and took a sip of the juice. He put the glass down Sora slid up near him and sat down. "Now that we are comfortable and that you're a little relaxed…tell me what my dad told you." Sora asked

"Oh…your wearing the pink bikini I bought you." he said smiling at her obviously avoiding the what Sora wanted to know. "Taichi…. don't avoid my request, this is something that involves me as well." she told him quietly. Tai sighed only. "Okay I know…it's just…if I talk about it I'll get mad…your father has some nerve to tell me what I did and what I didn't do." he answered.

"So that's why we have to talk…. tell me Tai." Sora begged him almost. "All right. Just let me get comfortable a bit more." he told her, closing his eyes taking a deep breathe, he reopened his eyes and looked at his wife. "He told me that we didn't give Saria the talk about you know, sex." he replied. Sora raised her eyebrows "What? Why did he say that for we did give her a talk." she replied a little angry. "I know, we both did I explained to him but he said that he didn't think it looked like we did…. But then he told me to get used it." Tai told her she remained silent. "He just basically told me to get used to him harassing me about everything I do…" Tai replied.

"I want to talk to my father…he has no right to harass you, you have so much stuff going on at work with that business deal that your father gave you to complete and the kids and me that I could be pregnant again…I don't want you to drink, Taichi it's not good for you." Sora explained to him, he nodded. "I will control it. Sora I promise to try too I will." he told her; they both looked into each other's eyes.

"I know you will Taichi…but remember if you can't do it, I'm here Taichi I always will be. Just don't what ever you do turn to alcohol solution." She whispered, Tai smiled he pulled her into a hug Sora hugged him back. "We can get through anything together. Even if it means surviving the wrath of Dean Takenouchi." Tai commented, Sora couldn't help but laugh at that. "Tai…." she whisper pulling away from him slightly. "Your so silly and that's why I love you." she replied. "I love you too." he answered and gave her a sweet small kiss on the lips.


Dinner at the Ichijouji's..

"Davis you're not going to eat that?" Ken asked him he looked up at his step-dad, and then down at his plate "Oh I will I was just thinking that's all." he replied, he cut a piece of meat and put it in his mouth. "Okay honey." Yolie replied.

"Something wrong?" Yolie questioned him watching her son. "No I'm okay thanks mom." he replied then continued to eat. 'Why am I feeling this way? I don't love her I know I don't she's just a really good friend…but after that kiss….' he thought, he played with his food in the plate.

Fades to Saria….

"Stop giving me a hard time." Saria told them both, the two other girls laughed. "We are not giving you a hard time." Mina explained. "Yeah…you guys have been talking about this like it's some kind of big love story." she replied a little angry. "Come on if you think about it is true, it could happen." Lila said.

"No come on. Davis is just as he is…a best friend and nothing more…. besides I like that guy…what his name…err I forgot it." she questioned. "Saria…there is no denying destiny!" Mina replied standing up on her bed. Saria frowned. "There is no Destiny!" she shouted.

"What do you mean? Have ever read Romeo and Juliet?" Lila asked sitting on the chair next to Mina's bed. "Yeah, but this is modern times…and Davis and me aren't Romeo and Juliet." she again repeated to them. "Correction Davis and I." Mina said.

"Guys, I don't like him like him, okay, just because he kissed me it doesn't mean that I like him." she finished then walked to the door. "Where are you going?" Mina asked. "To the bathroom and no I'm not going to go off and phone Davis and tell him how much I love him." she answered and closed the door behind her.

"She likes him." The two replied at the same time. "Well if she isn't going to cooperate then we will have to interfere…. Tomorrow at school we could make them have a run in, with the help of Kevin and Zen." Lila replied, Mina smiled the two girls gave each other a high five. "Good plan!"

Saria sighed, she looked at herself in the mirror examining her hair and face carefully. 'Do I like him?' she thought to herself still observing herself in the mirror. 'I mean we kissed didn't we…. but did I feel something?' she pondered again in her mind thoughts like that ran over in her head.

To Be Continued….