Time as Always Time Chapter 28

June 18 2024 early morning hours….

"Okay Mimi; push come on, one more time," the doctor said as he looked up at her from the end of the bed.

Yamato held her hand and repeated what the doctor just told her, "Push one more time; I know you can do it you did two other times." Yamato said.

Mimi took a deep breath and pushed as hard as she could.

The room was quite for a moment then the sounds of a baby crying filled the air. "It's a boy," the doctor said as the nurses worked with him to clear the airways of any fluid inside the baby's mouth.

The nurses lifted the baby on Mimi's chest after they had wrapped him up in blankets. Yamato was watched the little miracle they had created, "Congratulations you have yourself another boy," the doctor said shaking hands with Yamato.

"Thanks," he said he kissed Mimi on her cheek.

Later that morning…

Sora just got off the phone she ran into the living room, "Taichi she had a baby boy!" she said excitedly.

"That's great for them," he said smiling at his enthusiastic wife, "Did they pick a name for the baby?" he asked.

"Ishida, Ren," she said to him.

"Good name now don't you think we should solidify the name for Maiko jr. with her middle name Hanako?" Taichi questioned her.

Sora nodded, "Yeah your right the lawyer is going to be here any minute to discuss with us about Maiko and Hanako," she said going into the study.

Taichi sat up closing the television and followed Sora in to the study, "There just has to be a couple of last minute details before we go the courts this afternoon," he said shuffling though the piles of papers on the desk.

For Takeru and Hikari it was also their big day because they finally got to bring home their child. They had not left the hospital because they wanted to see Mimi and Yamato before they went home.

Yamato came out of the room and created them, inside Michael, Lillie and Mimi were at the bed. Takeru who was holding Yuki in his arms, Hikari ran over to the small cart with baby Ren was.

"He is so beautiful," she exclaimed looking at him.

"And that will be the last one," Mimi said.

Yamato nodded, "We don't need to be like Taichi and Sora," he said.

Hikari and Takeru laughed, "Speaking of my brother they have a court date this afternoon to get the death certificate lifted," Hikari said.

"Oh, I wish I could be there give Sora and Taichi my best," Mimi said.

"We will," Hikari, said smiling at her then she looked to Takeru, "We should get going."

Yagami house...

"Everything went okay, the judge signed the papers so now Maiko is Hanako," Yoshi said to them handing Taichi the signed paper work.

"Good, Thanks very much," Taichi said as he look at the signature on the page.

"Also this afternoon will go well too, we shouldn't have a problem at all," Yoshi said confidently.

"Good because that's what I hoped," Sora said.

"Just sign right," said Yoshi the Yagami's family lawyer.

Taichi took the pen and signed on the doted line, "Here," he said passing the pen to his wife.

Sora then signed on the next line then gave the pen back to the lawyer, "So now that is fixed we have the big court date this afternoon. You think that test was enough for them to lift the death certificate?" Sora asked him.

Yoshi nodded, "For sure we shouldn't have any problems. The test shows that she is your daughter beyond a doubt this is the kind of evidence that is good to have the courts can't turn down."

Taichi smiled at his wife, "Then we can move on with our lives and start to registrar her into school with Li," he said.

Sora smiled she hugged Taichi, "I love you so much" she said.

Elementary School…

"So now Maiko junior is going to be called by her middle name, Hanako," Li said to Michael as they were walking out to the schoolyard.

"Oh okay, that's better then calling Maiko, Maiko all the time," Michael said relived to here that new, "Speaking of which my mom is having the baby today when we woke up this morning my grandma was there and she told us."

"Oh no way," Li said. "Do you think it's a girl?" he questioned.

"I hope not, I don't want to be in your situation," he said hopefully.

"You just go to get used to it is all," Li replied.

Michael looked at him crazy, "I can't hardly handle Lillie just herself," he said.

"Li, Michael!" came a girls voice from just opposite of them. They both turn to see who it was and it was Saria with Davis coming toward them.

"Yeah?" Li and Michael both said at the same time.

"Guess what!" she said as she finally caught up with them Davis was trailing a little but eventually caught up with her as well. "Uncle Yamato and Aunt Mimi had a baby boy!" she cried excitedly.

"YES!" Michael cried he punched the air with his fist he then put it down, "Are you sure I mean you could be joking with me and I wouldn't know it."

"Yup, positive I called Uncle Yamato he said everything was fine and that it was a boy. They named him Ren," She said quickly.

"Awesome I can't wait to see him," Michael said as he turned to Li.

"How about we go now?" Saria said.

"Go to the Hospital now?" Michael said with a raised eyebrow.

Li frowned, "We can't we will get suspended. Besides who is going to drive us?" he asked her.

Saria smiled happily, as he said it confused him even more, "Davis will he got is full license!" she said.

"That's great but with what car Davis?" Li said questionably.

"I got my parents car they lent it to me," Davis said holding up the keys.

Later in the afternoon at the courthouse…

Sora, Taichi and Maiko came into the courtroom with Hikari and Takeru who had left Yuki at home with Takeru's parents.

"Yoshi said this was going to be a easy reversal," Taichi said to his sister.

"That's great so then after this you won't have to worry about anything else expect make up a story of why she hadn't attended school for ten years," Hikari said quietly so no one could hear them.

"It will be easy to make something up," Sora said.

"Yeah, I can help you too," Takeru; added, "I'm a professional writer after all."

"Thank Takeru," Sora said to him patting him on his back.

Takeru and Hikari sat in behind Sora, Taichi and Maiko they were now joined by their lawyer Yoshi.

Takeru squeezed Hikari's hand tightly in reassurance and gave her a smile.

"Will everyone please a rise as the honorable judge Makato, Kiwa has now resided," the officer standing to the left of the judge's desk said.

Everyone stood as quietly as they could while watching the judge walk into the room as he took his seat the people seated. "Your honor the case of Yagami, Maiko," the officer again said.

The judge taking the mallet pounded it on the pedestal, "Now I understand the facts that Yagami, Sora and Yagami, Taichi have a daughter that was presumed dead ten years ago, but now she is just appeared out of no where. Claming that she is in fact Yagami, Maiko," he said looking through the report.

"That is right your honor, we do have the evidence to show the court that she is in fact their daughter," Yoshi said.

"Can I see the proof please?" the judge asked him directly.

Yoshi took the envelop containing the DNA test he walked over to the desk and handed it to the judge who opened it up and read the papers for several minutes. Viewing the death certificate made ten years ago as well.

The judge looked up at Yoshi, "Court will take a ten minute recess," he said taking the mallet and pounded the pedestal once. He rose from his seat and exited to his court chambers.

Taichi and Sora looked at each other, "Yoshi what do you make of that?" he asked.

"It can mean a number of things, I'm going to get a drink I'll be back," Yoshi said to them and left the courtroom for a moment.

"Do you think they will lift the certificate?" Maiko questioned with worry at all four.

"For sure," Taichi replied, "If not then we will keep trying. But I'm almost absolutely positive that they will lift it."

"Of course they will, I think it is all good he just probably needs a moment to read through the death certificate and the DNA test and once he does sees that he will lift the death certificate," Hikari said to her.

Yoshi returned to the courtroom he sat next to Taichi, "Soon we will hear the verdict and I'm guessing they will lift it. DNA evidence is the most accurate ways they use to find the guilty party in murders," he said.

The judge returned a couple of minutes early then he said. He pounded the mallet on the pedestal once, "Upon reading the DNA evidence in this case, all though the events leading up to the finding of your daughter alive is questionable, the most important proof was the medical reports and the coroner report. The reports indicate that she in fact is the daughter of Yagami, Taichi and Sora. Therefore I have come to the verdict to have the death certificate lifted," he said. He pounded the mallet on the pedestal, "court adjourned."

Taichi and Sora hugged each other then they both hugged their daughter, "it's a being of a new life with our family," Sora said happily.


Yamato was returning to the hospital room when Michael came running over to him, "Dad! How is my baby brother!" he said beaming.

"Michael what are you doing out of school?" Yamato questioned.

"Um, good question well you see-." He began but got interrupted.

"Sorry, that would be my fault Uncle Yamato," Saria said to him.

He looked over to see Li, Saria and Davis, "And my fault as well Mr. Ishida," Davis said.

Yamato paused, "Well you might as well come in and see baby Ren," he said.

The four filed into the room after Yamato had, "Oh hi guys," said Mimi ecstatically.

"Thank you mom for having a baby boy," Michael said giving his mother a hug. Mimi looked over at Yamato who shrugged.

"You should be thanking god, because he is the one who decided," Mimi said as Michael let go of her. "He is in that little crib," she pointed over to next to the wall.

Michael walked over to it and looked down at his new little brother. Li, Saria and Davis both looked at him as well. "Welcome to the family, baby Ren," Li said.

"Our big happy family," Saria added patting her brother on his shoulder. "We did have our share of problems so not all the times were happy," Saria said correcting herself.

Li nodded in agreement, just then the door opened and in came Sora, Taichi and Maiko followed by Hikari and Takeru.

"Saria," Sora said

"Li," Taichi said looking at him sternly.

"It was my idea I'm going to bring them back or rather Davis will," Saria said to them both.

"Hi my twin brother," Maiko said she too looked down at the newborn, "Hi baby Ren," she said.

Sora gave Mimi a hug, "Congratulations are in order," she said letting go of Mimi she turned to Yamato, "Congratulations," she said holding her hand out to him.

Yamato smiled and they shook, "Thanks Sora," he said quietly. It was then Taichi's turn to congratulate them.

Later on…

Mimi was nursing the baby under a blanket as to not embarrass anyone that was in the room, Mimi and Yamato's parents arrived to greet the new baby into the world.

"It's been a long, time since we started our lives. Remember way back when we were teens?" Taichi said thinking back to the time he was too afraid of asking Sora out on a date.

"We all do," Yamato said, "Times come and Times go but we will always be friends even through those troubles we had."

"And I was put in the middle at one point," Sora said looking at Yamato then to Taichi.

"Hey it was not my fault," Yamato said giving Taichi a look.

"Okay now boys, do we really need to rehash the past," Mimi said giggling.

"Time as always time," Taichi replied, "right guys?"

"Right," All three replied.

"If you only listen to us in the first place," said Mimi's mom they all laughed and continued to joke.

The End

Author's Notes:

No continuation of this story will take place… I will be moving on to my other stories and I do plan to write a Card Captor Sakura fanfic. If I said three more chapters left in my other chapter author note then I am sorry; because I finished it early, this seemed like a good spot to stop the story at.