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5years ago

I don't remember how it happened…one moment I was walking, then out of nowhere I was kidnapped by three men in black. My arm was tied with a rope and my eyes were covered with blind folds.

It was dark…it was cold.

I was scared…I was so so scared. The men whispered to each other I only heard few words.

"Plan…boy…the cup…mission…Is…Orimura Chifuyu…dead" The moment he heard those words his fear for himself vanished.

These men are after Chifuyu Neechan…I…I must protect her!

The boy felt for anything, anything useful. His finger felt something cut him. By the feeling he was getting it was a broken glass bottle. He slowly picked up the piece of the glass. This was no garbage…it was a tool. He silently used the glass to cut the rope. The uneven glass also cut into his fingers, but he didn't let out a sound. It took hours, but he managed to cut enough to break with strength alone.

He heard one man mentioned they must leave soon and he will prepare their car. He heard the sound of door closing as the first man left.

After few moments another man whispered he need to use the bath room and went outside.

Now it was the perfect chance. He can hear the last man letting out a cough as sound of the man sitting down on a couch was heard. HE heard the tv being turned on. Now was truly the last chance.

Ichika slowly removed the rope from his arm with his bloody hand. He was taught how to fight from his sister and the Shinonono dojo with his childhood friend Houki. After she left he continued to train furiously and managed to beat several older kids in a different dojo and secret to Chifuyu nee some bullies in the street.

He slowly removed the blindfold and silently stood up. In his hand was a rather bloody, but large piece of the glass bottle. It was sharp and was about 10 inches long and 3 inches wide. He slowly approached the man from the back. He imagined himself as one of those Shinobis, the terror of the darkness.

He was just a feet behind the careless man. He was watching a IS tournament that Nee chan was at. The pigs, looking at the older nee chans. If he was staring at Chifuyu Nee then he dies.

He quickly wrapped his hand on his mouth, muffling the sound and jammed the glass into his throat, right in to the Adam's apple.

The man struggled, but he was sitting down on a couch and leaning in an angle toward him. Ichika used his entire body to shut him up as he repeatedly stabbed the man. The man went silence.

Ichika's body shook like leaf. He killed him…he killed a man…A living person.

He remembered when his sister taught him with a real sword. "It's heavy isn't? Ichika that is a weight of a weapon that can end a life. Remember it."

"You are wrong Neesan…weight of a life…is too light." The boy whispered.

The boy searched through the dead man…he found a butterfly knife. Ichika open the knife and looked into the blade. "One little piggy…"

He heard the sound of toilet being flushed. It would take the second man about 30 seconds to be here. Ichika made the dead man look as if he was alive watching tv. In this dark warehouse it was hard to tell any way.

He ran back to the corner he was tied to and pretended to be tied up and out cold.

The second man walked in.

"Gen chan! Jin san told us to get out the drive is ready." The second man wasn't even looking at the "Gen chan." The man was looking at his phone as he walked. "Gen chan this boring ass job for bitch mistress is over man. Let's go back already." He walked to the dead man. "Gen chan?"

(Sound of blade cutting though flesh)


The man turned around and found Ichika with his head down stabbing him in the side. Ichika raised his face and shown a face filled with furry. He quickly slashed left and right while the knife was inside. The man yelled in pain. His eyes filled with hate and he held Ichika's neck in a choke.

"Yo…you…litt…fu..fucker…die…di…e..die…DIE YOU LITTLE SHIT!" choked out the man, but it was too late. Ichika was in pain, but he didn't even resist the choke. He needed both hands for his anyway. He held the knife in both hand and randomly slashed and stabbed the man's stomach, which he was not protecting. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHGGG….!' Scream the man as Ichika felt something wet all over his front and legs. Most likely the bloods and organs that was spilling out.

The man fell on top of Ichkia with a thud. Ichika struggled under the heavier man and somehow managed to get out the one man dog pile.

"Huff, huff, huff,…t…two…lit…little….piggy…" he coughed and stood up.

"One more outside…" he muttered.


(Sound of knife slashing down)

"AHHHH!" scream Ichika as he held his right side of his face, cover the eye.

"You killed Genji and Chojuro! I am fucking going to kill you brat!" The last man, Jin walked in with a bloody knife in hand.

He was taller than the other two. He was in a black suit as well, but he had a scar on his left eyes. His hair was black and short and his face was in a frightening look.

"Fuck order from the cold bitch! I am going to kill so slowly. So slowly that you wish you were dead. After this I am going ask for a job to get that sister of yours. I am going fuck'n rape her smug ass and turn her into a common slut. Than I am going slice her to fuck'n pieces and feed her to the dogs!"

The moment he ear the man threaten his sister, his blood went cold. His pain faded and was replaced with raging furry. He muttered something

"Huh?...what you said you little shit."


Ichika struggled like a raging beast. With his bloody face and eyes he jumped on top of the man. He man fell down in surprise, but quickly tried to over-power the boy. Ichika's mind was filled with single thoughts "Protect…protect…"


His little body filled with rage and power he smashed his finger into Jin's scared left eye.

"Kisama wa! Kokone Shine!" (You bastard will die here!)


"For threatening my sister, you are going to die!" shouted Ichika as he picked up the butterfly knife and stabbed the man.

The warehouse was silent…besides the sound of sobbing and sound of knife stabbing a pack of meat.

Tick tock! Tick tock! Tick tock! Tick tock! Tick tock!

He didn't realized how long he stood there all bloody and tired.

"I am so tired…pain…I can't feel it either…"

Ichika stared into blank space.

"Nee chan…doko?"(Where are you?)

"Ore…hito no koroshida…koroshida yo…Nee chan." (I…killed someone…I killed someone…sister.)

(Boom and the sound of wall crumbling)

He heard a sound of wall falling as a feminine figure enters the warehouse. "That shape…IS?" mumbled Ichika.

"ICHIKA!" shouted his sister.

Now, now sis my head is ringing already so not so much noise please, but…I am glad to see you…

My right eye started to hurt again…I can't see her face…what expression are you having seeing me like this…Chifuyu nee?

"…Nee chan?"

Darkness covered my vision.

Beep. Beep. Beep

My sister was crying, someone so strong was crying.

Nee-chan don't cry, please nee-chan don't cry…

My eyes were lost…I can't see from them again. The doctors said my right eyes were slashed too deep that I never had a chance. Even with modern medical advancement, something so destroyed can't be healed…but it may be replaced.

Tabane san showed up. She was smiling like always. I wanted to ask about Houki, but I couldn't talk. My arms and legs were tied up for my safety and bandages covered the half of my head.

Tabane said something to the doctors and Chifuyu nee, they are running everywhere, to prepare for something.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

I was in a surgery; sis told me that there might be a way. I didn't understand what she meant, but I didn't care. My hand was clean, it was spotless. But I can see them, the red liquid of life.

Tabane san smiled down at me. There was something on her hand. It was an orb of some kind, it was glowing dimly and Tabane san made me close my remaining good eye. I woke up several hours later.

I lost my right eye.

Tabane gave me a new one.

After I used it to see for the first time I had seen something…


I never opened my right eye after that.

(5 Years later)

A young man was standing in a middle of an alleyway. The ground was dirty and the place reeks with the smell of garbage.

His stance was loose and perfectly relaxed. He was wearing a black jean and a black muscle shirt. He was wearing a sleeveless jacket over it with furry neck warmer (FMA Greed's outfit). His body from the first glance was toned and fit.

The young man had a short black hair which is parted in the middle, and has dark brown eye. On the right side of his face was an eye patch. The eye batch was black and had a marking of Katana's guard. The mark was sewed on and was done in black so it was hard to tell at first glance.

His remaining brown eye looked around his surroundings. It was littered with bodies. Only this time all were alive. These men were local Yakuzas that was in control of the town, too bad that this town was Ichika's hometown.

Orimura Ichika was strong. Some called him the shining example of the manly pride. They were idiots, but those idiots rallied around him.

He was the leader of the local gang named the Shin Date Gun or New Date Army.

This name came about when bunch of gangs were beaten by Ichika for annoying him. Somehow those defeated gangsters swore an oath of loyalty to Ichika for he was stronger than them by far. The gangsters that made up the New Date Army were older than Ichika by 3 to 5 years, but called him Aniki or big brother.

He didn't ask for it, but his fighting attracted a lot of unwanted attention from big gangs or old fashion fighting type people who wanted to test their skills against strong person.

He fought an army of thugs to skilled fighters of various fighting styles. His unmatched skills and his appearance with the missing eye made him some kind of bid shot among them. The people who met him agreed that he needs a title to reflect his greatness.

After many names were shot down Ichika's most loyal friend and companion said the jack pot.

(flash back)

"Ichika sama please allow this Kojuro to suggest a name for you" said a teen with combed brown hair and a small scar on his left chin.

Ichika turned to him. "Go ahead."

Katakura Kojuro, Ichika's second incommand and his most loyal subordinate bowed low to the ground.

"I feel the most fitting name for you my lord will be…Doukugan Ryu…The One Eyed Dragon, after the Sengoku period's raising general Date Masamune. Like the Oshu's Date you too is missing a right eye, however unlike the shodai(first) Doukugan Ryu Ichika sama you will soar through the sky as a true One Eyed Dragon."

Ichika's remaining eye widen in surprise.

"…Doukugan Ryu…The One Eyed Dragon" muttered Ichika tasting the sound of title in is mouth.

"Very well Kojuro, I am now the Nidaim Doukugan Ryu…Orimura Ichika! And now this gang is no ordinary biker gang! You are now THE SHIN DATE GUN! THE NEW DATE ARMY!."


(End Flash back)

Since then he had been cleaning the streets so to speak. He and his followers had crushed all other gangs or yakuza activities nearby Ichika's town. The Date Guns members were considered heroes to some of the public. They are a gang, but they were loveable gangsters.

Just now Ichika had destroyed the last Yazuka family in this turf as his followers called it.

A brown haired teen in a yellow brown trench coat with white pants and silver shirt came up.

"Ichika sama congratulation for this destruction of the Kanzaki family, now all of the area here belongs to you sir."

"So…Oshu's turf just got wider huh?" said Ichika.

The Oshu he was referring to the name of nation where Date Masamune ruled during the Sengkoku era. This gang called the area he control as Oshu, so the title Head of Oshu or Oshu no Hito was another one of Ichika's title.

Ichika cracked his neck in irritation and started to leave and Kojuro followed. "Ichika sama please call your followers when you are fighting a large group like the Yakuzas.' Asked/pleaded Kojuro.

"It wasn't necessary and I only attacked them when I remembered that their family base was here. Also It least I called you didn't I?" Said amused chika.

These two men made a bond of lord and his samurai. Long time ago on a snowy night the oath was made.

Katakura Kojuro the eldest son of Katakura Kagetsu was the heir to their family's dojo. The clan was rich and had several companies under them. Their family kendo dojo was famous as the Shinonono clan. Kojuro at young age was considered a genius in art of sword and academic. He was respected and hated by many.

One snowy winter night when Kojuro was 16 years old, he was attacked by a gang of jealous students at a park. There were 12 of them and Kojuro was caught off guard with no weapon. He was beaten badly and suffered a broken arm. When one of the boys was about to finish him off, a hand shot out stopping him.

Orimura Ichika appeared.

Back then only 13 years old he beaten a dozen of highschool 17 years olds with pure fighting skills he harness from his sister, Shinonono dojo, and the street.

Kojuro was awed by his savior who had a smirk on his face as he beat down the teens with well-placed punch and kicks. The boy was radiating an air of greatness…no…the correct term would be an air of a ruler, a man who will one day shake the foundation of the world.

The younger Ichika turned to him. "You ok?"

Since then he followed the boy who soon turn into a young adult.

He swore an oath. He will allow his lord to fight as he desires, however he will guard his back at all cost.

He swore to make this man to attain glory in an era where women ruled.

He swore to make him the strongest man in the Land of Rising Sun.

He swore to make him the Strongest under heaven and over earth.

Ichika didn't even look back at the broken bodies of the yakuzas.

"Let's go Kojuro!" said Ichika with confidence.

"I stand behind you as always Ichika sama" replied Kojuro.

Truly a samurai and his lord.

However their halcyon days of beating rowdy gangs up soon came to an end.

An unexpected event occurred.

Ichika was in a highschool exam building to attend Aoetsu Gakuen. He somehow was lost. How he was lost he didn't know, however he did accidently found a room. The room was dark however there was an IS there.

IS…Infinite Stratos…A weapon made by Shinonono Tabbane and made his sister Orimura Chifuyu the strongest woman in the world.

The Curiosity took over as Ichika walk toward the IS.

He simply put his hands on the machine…the machine reacted.

(Ichkia pov)

My mind was suddenly filled with information I never had before. The basic movements of the 'IS', operation method, capabilities, characteristics, existing equipment, active time limit, movement range, sensitivity, radar search, armor residue, output gauge, and so on...

I felt like I could do this. I could pilot an IS.

"So…this the how I 'll soar into the sky. Very well Infinite Stratos…I will use you to attain the title I desire…"

I never noticed underneath my thick eye patch my "New" right eye glow blue.

The world was shook in excitement. A male to use IS was unthinkable and yet here he is. TV news were filled with his image and talked about his presence, DNA map, sample, experiment…and more.

I was sitting down in my living room. I was tired and wary. All day he had to avoid the crowd and his followers were not helping by asking him how he did it.

He was deep in thought until when a bag hit him on the head. He turned around to face his sister Orimura Chifuyu.

She was beautiful and tall woman who has long black hair, which is split into parts in a similar manner his own hair. She was wearing casual clothing and was slipping beer.

"…Stop drinking as soon as you come home anueu(older sister)."

"I can do whatever I want when I am home Ichika."

Ichika simply raised his arm in surrender.

Ichika simply left to the kitchen to prepare his sister a late meal.

His sister…his perfect sister. She is the champion of women, hero of the age, and a terrible cook. So the duty of cooking belongs to me. Honestly she is so strict outside the house, but inside of it she goes 180 on me. He watched as she went back to watching tv. He could tell she was in a deep thought, most likely because my ability to use IS.

…I love my sister for she is the only family I have. Since our parents abandoned us Chifuyu neechan had to take care of me. Honesty he couldn't remember much before pre-school…, but he never asked Nee chan whatever happened. She doesn't want to talk about it. So he obey.

She is a great source of my pride and I wish to surpass her one day. That was one of the reason fo rmto train so hard and fight so much. I need to be stronger than her to protect her. I still wonder…how much closer did I got to the goal?

"Neechan! Dinner's ready."

"Hai~" she called out in the living room.

When she sat down the table and I served her meal.

"whats in the bag?" I asked.

"Your uniform." She replied.


"Uniform?" I asked.

"For the IS academy of course."

I panicked.

"But neechan I didn't even decide to…" I was cut off by Neechan.

"I already enrolled you to the school so be thankful." She said as she took another drink.

"In the IS academy you will be protect from all nations, so you will be safe for 3 years."

She stared into my eye.

"Or do you prefer becoming a lab rat?"

I immediately surrender by putting his hands in the air.

"I got it, I got it…"

Such an overwhelming sister, this rate she won't even bring home a boyfriend for me to kill…to maim…I mean to scare. Yeah…so scare he will have a heart attack…or worse.

"This situation is getting out of hand…I had to ask my team to keep the news crew away."

It was true, until an hour ago in house was surrounded by thugs and gangsters to scare off the news reporters.

I didn't really mind and the boys seem to have a lot of fun scaring them with their less than friendly looks.

"Don't worry Ichika. IS academy is same as a regular highschool. No matter where you are you alone are responsible to have fun with your life." said my sister with a kind and a playful look in her eyes.

I nodded at my sister's words.

"Well I need to go to my room. Don't forget to put your dishes in the sink sis." I said I entered my room.

My room was a normal plain room with a bed, a desk, bookshelf, and a closet. For a big shot gang leader I didn't have much. Only thing that was out of picture with my room would be the Six Japanese katana on the corner.

These 6 swords are my Rokubonkata or what my friends call the Six Claws of the Dragon. They were identical to each other and their handle was made of blue and white cloth. Their guard was black and their sword sheath was blue. This gift was something Kojuro's father given me.

I trained with Kojuro with his father in Katakura dojo.

I was taught a Nitouryu style and Itouryu style. Both used the identical length blades instead of one long and one short, Japanese style. For some reason the old man Kagetsu made me take six swords and told me to use them all. It was a crazy style of using 3 swords between the fingers and swings them. I had to use special hand guard and glove to lock the swords between my hands and use them.

It was crazy at first, but I managed to strengthen my arms to use three swords in a hand. It was so difficult, but I was driven to be stronger so I managed a 6 sword style, a Rokutou Ryu.

This was my trade mark weapon. I carry them with me outside in a kendo bag. If a push comes to shove I used them in several fights…back side of the sword of course.

Actually several martial artists challenged me, because of my unusual style. THAT GIRL especially challenged me because of my style.

I slowly drawed out the steel blade, staring at my own reflection. My single eye stared back at me.

"I am being too worry about nothing." I muttered to myself.

I packed my bags and my trusty swords. I am to head off to IS Gakuen.

(Next Day)

Ichika can out of the house with his sister. There was a government men in black with a black van in front of my house. Too bad they looked pitiful surrounded by my followers.

Some of his follower were wearing a biker's outfit. Some had piercing, some had tattoes, some wore their hairs in Mohawk and some in classic Elvis style. However they all had same mark on their shoulder. The symbol of the old Date Masamune's army with a picture of two eyes only with a slash in the right eye. They held their head high with pride.

"Ichika sama we hope you had a pleasant morning sir." Said Kojuro as he stepped forward with a bow.

"OUSU!…ANIKI OHAIYO GOZAIMASU!" (Good morning) the followers greeted me with a deep bow.

Kojuro turned to Chifuyu nee.

"Orimura Chifuyu dono Ohaiyo gozaimasu." said Kojuro in a well respectful manner.

The followers went stiff and straight.

"OUSU!... ANEGO OHAIYO GOZAIMASU!" chorused the thugs as they stepped back at Chifuyu Nee's glare.

"Still letting them to follow you around Ichika?" said Chifuyu nee in dark tone.

Moment she spoke the thugs took a step back.

Their survival instinct were good, Chifuyu Nee is not to be messed with.

Neechan didn't like the idea of me being a gang leader, but after meeting Kojuro and his father she accepted the fact I had some natural charisma to lead. But it didn't mean she had to like it.

"Ah…good morning everyone." I greeted them with a tired voiced.

"HAI!" reply the gangsters.

"Ichika sama please allow us to escort you to the IS Academy. It is our duty to see you off sir." Asked/demanded Kojuro with a serious expression.

Ichika simply nodded.

As the men in black took me into the van and left for the academy, a line of bike gangs followed the van, chanting "ANIKI! ANIKI! ANIKI! ANIKI! ANIKI! ANIKI! ANIKI! ANIKI! ANIKI!..."

They had to leave by the time they reach the school though, but not without good bye.

"OUSU! HAVE A SAFE TRIP AND GOOD DAY ANIKI!" they chorused, attracting unneeded attention to us.

A "PERFECTLY" normal morning for Orimura Ichika as always.