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Chapter 24 - Crown Worthy of a King.


(Fangking2: After reading this fic there will be a lot of readers with arguments and complains in regarding to the overkill or god like Ichika and Masurao. Read the Author Note at the end of this chapter where I put a decent information regarding that and how it is not as it appears to be. Please read it.)

Ichika's newest shield, which was thicker and broader than his old one, glowed with an immense aura as tongues of GN particles licked around its edge, giving it the illusion of being on fire. It stood as a barrier between him and the Gospel.

"I-Ichika? How? Y-You were injured and…" stuttered Houki, to which Ichika snorted.

"There is no need to ask such a question Houki." He declared, eyes not leaving the Gospel, which seemed content to observe him in turn at the moment. "Where in the world would I be right not if not the battlefield?"

"But Ichika! Are you healthy enough to-"

Ichika turned around to look at Houki's worried eyes and sighed mentally, even as a smile rose to his lips. The helmet plates covering face slid aside, allowing Houki to see the single artificial eye and the pair of lips, curved up slightly.

"…Your eyes." He said his smile growing as he met her confused stare.


"They're no longer clouded."

Houki blinked, heat suffusing her cheeks at the look Ichika was giving her.

Ichika summoned something from his storage of weapons and pulled out a red ribbon. "Here…Happy birthday Houki." Ichika slowly and gently held Houki's long bangs with his armored hand and straightened them out to tie them into a pony tail.

"Ah…There we go…I got this for you when I went on that shopping trip. I didn't know what to get you until Charl gave me some advice…So I got you this ribbon."

Ichika patted her head and grinned.

"…But worry not, I haven't given you all your presents just yet! I will dedicate my next victory to you. What prize out there can more worthy than a victory?"


Suddenly the Gospel got impatient at the two enemies and bursts of light burst out from its energy wings, filling the air between the two enemies.

As the storm of energy bullets rained down upon Ichika and Houki, the young warlord raised his arm.

"That trick is getting old. Aren't I right Masurao?" he asked and the IS answered.

"Zettai Bogyo! Yata no Kagami!" the pilot and the inner personalities of the IS shouted simultaneously. With their cries echoing one another the red wall of energy appeared.

The crimson barrier stood fast as the barrage struck it, the impacts not fazing Ichika as he laughed out loud.

"My newest weapon…the powerful shield that blocks and pacifies all attacks. Be it blades, bullets, beams, it will be cushioned by the thick wall of particles which will tranquilize all that seek to harm me. A shield that my goddess of victory has granted me! And its name is that of the great mirror that once quenched the anger of the Sun Goddess and brought the ray of light back to her people! Now bow down before its glow!"

The Gospel tilted its head before firing off the energy swords of the Gate of Israel, which had more piercing power than the Silver Bells. However the raining blades of lights were repelled, hindered, and outright blocked by the red GN particle shield at transcended its predecessor.

"Yata no Kagami is a shield not even an army can pierce through. A hail of arrows isn't enough! Do not think this Masurao is the same as before!"

A ring of beeps was his answer as the Gospel folded its energy wings to point towards Ichika and unleashed a storm of Silver Bells, smashing into the barrier with devastating force but having as much effect as spitting on a fire.

"Can you even hear me? Can you even comprehend what I am now? Do you still remember who I am? ...Well, I remember you."

Ichika laid his armored hands to his sides to grip his six newly acquired katanas. Orimura Ichika's unique sword style was recognized by the new Masurao, the Masurao Rinneoh. Thus lay the Rikudo.

Each katana was named after one of the six paths of Samsara and much like his Rokuso, the six claws. All katanas are equal. They were based on the Shiki Kyodai katana, the Byakushiki and the Kuroshiki. They were made to cut through particle shields and solid armors with its anti-beam coated, serrated blades.

"I have ridden fearlessly all my life and I have never paused before! I hit a wall that made me fall into a deep slumber in the dark, but I have returned! SILVER GOSPEL! I'LL LET YOU TASTE THE POWER I NOW POSSESS! YOU WILL HAVE THE HONOR TO BE THE FIRST TO DIE BY IT!" roared Ichika as he crouched down.

"Here I come! Vanish before me 'One who Scatter the Sparkling Light'!" yelled out Ichika as he dashed forward, closing the distance between him and his enemy in the blink of an eye. Slashing down with three blades in each hand, they smashed into the hastily raised guard of the Gospel.

Ichika smirked as his new six katana actually dug into the beam sword in the Gospel's hand.

"I can do this-"

Ichika shoved the Gospel away and charged in for a thrust, to which the Gospel dodged the attack and flew away as it opened fired. Ichika let out a laugh as he swung his six katana rapidly. The Silver Bells fell like the rain and met the hurricane of Ichika's strikes, every bell intercepted and knocked away or destroyed.

"-With this Masurao Rinneoh! ORAAAA!"

With a might 'Kii hai' he slashed all blades at once to clear a path in the middle of the raining blows and he looked toward the Silver Gospel with look of pure anticipation to the slaughter to come.

(Houki POV)

"Ichika's here...!"

Never before can I recall being so happy. Seeing him stand there, in front of me…

Despite his confidence and courage, I saw the ache in his shoulder…He was healed, but not completely.

"He's probably still injured…That fool must have rushed here anyway. Loveable fool…"

My heart started to race, burning as it beat wildly.

He refuses to show any weakness and lives up to his principles. His oath and path are always clear…

The blades clashed. "What's wrong?" sparks leaped between the two as the swords ripped through the air "You beat me before right? Where has your spark gone?!"

Seeing Ichika's silhouette while battling, I felt an extremely strong desire grow inside me. He is unlike any other man …one who has found a special place in my heart.

"I want to fight alongside him. I want to protect that silhouette!".

My heart beat sped up, hammering in my chest, echoing in my ears as the world faded, leaving only Ichika.

"I want to stand by his side…Never to leave it again…I want the power to make me strong enough to be ascend with him as he soars higher and higher into the sky…I want the power to fly next to him…and to support his rise to the heavens above."

As if responding to my wish, Akatsubaki's Fold-Out Armor began emitting a golden dust-like energy mixed with red light.

"This is...? Ah…Do you want to help your sister as well Akatsubaki?"

She heard no response, but her IS warmed…Yes…Akatsubaki didn't want to be left behind by her Masurao-Oneesan.

"I see…We have the same goal, huh?"

Her sensors informed her that her energy levels were replenishing at an extreme pace.

"Let's go Akatsubaki!"

At the corner of her vision a file appeared with a phrase inscribed on it.


A bell seemed to ring, as comprehension suddenly flooded her mind.

"I see…The Brilliant Dance, Kenran Butou…The dance to bring glory and the blessing of gods…A filling cup of sacred tears to heal the wounds of my allies….Akatsubaki…Activate the Kenran Butou!"

'Kenran Butou activated. Fold-Out Armor and Energy Bypass...complete.' beeped out the machine. On the screen appeared three words: 'One-Off Ability'.

"Can I still fight? If that's the case-"

I touched the ribbon Ichika bought for me and braced myself, keeping an eye on the Gospel.

"Then, let's go Akatsubaki! There will not be a second failure!"

As if breaking through the sunset, the crimson red machine, glowing red and gold, dashed forward. Toward her hated enemy and the man she loved.

Ichika zigzagged through the onslaught, blocking some of the projectiles he couldn't dodge, creating an opening to close in. Silver Gospel, sensing the danger, materialized a beam spear and thrust at the Doukugan Ryu. Ichika, twisted aside swiftly and took a step forward, bending low and spinning around to slash with the three blades in his right hand.

Sparks danced as two of the swords left a nasty gash on the Gospel's arm.

"I CAN BEAT YOU NOW THAT I HAVE THIS!" From his back the new and improved Gordius Wheel leveled its new giant claw cannon toward the Gospel and set itself on Ichika's armored shoulder. (The New Wheel is a lot like GN-Regnant from Gundam 00 season2)

"Hahhh!" yelled out Ichika as a trail of rapid energy beams burst forth from the palms of the claws, flying towards the Gospel at breakneck speed. Gospel ducked and dodged, dancing and jerking around as it dodged, and opened the distance between the combatants.

"Hahh!" the claws stopped firing rapid short burst and paused to collected some more particles to fire off a less rapid but more powerful burst of shots that surpassed the Starlight Mark III and perhaps rivaled Laura's railgun in terms of destruction capability.

The Gospel barrel rolled away from the powerful shots, only to be unexpectedly hit from behind by a long blue bolt that hurled it way with a blast.


"I am still in this fight Ichika-san!" the Sora no Me replied, firing at the dazed Silver Gospel from above.

"I got it!" said Ichika as he joined in with his claw cannons, sending a rapid bolts of red particles after the Gospel. Cecilia opened fire, aiming at the Gospel's next apparent position each time.

"Cecilia! Cover me!" Ichika yelled out as he flew forward with his katanas drawn.


Blue bolts shot down from the British pilot, forcing the silver nemesis to dodge, and intercepting those blades of light which it managed to launch at Ichika, knocking some well off course and blowing apart others, making it considerably easier for the young man, and in seconds, as the blue haired warrior burst out of the weak blasts from two destroyed swords and struck at the Gospel, Cecilia was forced to cease fire and wait for another opportunity.

Ichika slashed down at the Gospel from above, but the rogue IS blocked the overhead slash with its own beam sword, the short shockwave from the collision briefly buffeting the air.

Light burst into the sky as the Gospel's wings expanded, dwarfing both figures in a fraction of a second as they swung to enclose Ichika. This is one hit kill move that defeated Yukihana, the 'Holy Coffin, Sewn by Wings of Heaven.'

The instant before they came upon him Ichika spun with the force of his Ignition Boost, shoving the Gospel aside and bringing his blade around to slash at one wing, the unique properties of his sword and the sheer force of his strike shattering it even as he continued his spin to slice through and destroy the opposite wing just before it could collide with him as the Gospel's movement brought it nearer. At the same time the giant claw cannon on his IS Hovercraft detached from his shoulder and swiftly bend around his hips to latch onto the Silver Gospel's left arm, preventing it from flying away.

"Here is a neat trick Masurao developed from fighting my opponents from the PAST!"

Ichika lift his right leg in a knee up position for a kick and the bottom of his feet armor opened up to reveal that while it lost its old metal horse hooves ,it now has a new gizmo to play with. When the armors opened up it revealed a set of wheels connected to some parts in the leg and feet.

They spun, even as the claw cannon grabbed at the Gospel, at high speeds in opposite directions, quickly building up heat between as they began to glow red.

This new features were one of many fruits bore through ichika's past battles and what his IS took from his experience to recreate.

An IS is an all-purpose learning machine that improves themselves as their developers produces more equipment or parts. The new armament used by the girls against the Silver Gospel are such results of each countries brainstorming to improve their 3rd generation units.

However a Second Shift is different. Second Shift is essentially recreating an IS, and for Masurao, one of the newest IS, but with oldest A.I which consists of not only Masurao, but also Tama and Furin no Soga(Claw and Fang of Violation). No matter who can say, Ichika and his IS has the most developed IS and best condition to produce large amount of improvements and upgrades that other IS will takes years to rival.

As result of their power, this new weapons was an adaption based on information from constant scans and observations of the weapon known as the Ryuhou, wielded by Rin and Shenlong. This new weapon is known as the Horn Cannon, and it is an imperfect and inferior version of Rin's Impact cannon. It uses same theory as the Impact Cannon, but in more of its basic and simple form.

Horn Cannon is capable of converting extreme kinetic energy to heat through sheer speed and friction, as well as the heat energy produced by the extremely sudden change from high acceleration to deceleration. The name of the friction produced by this action is commonly known as Braking Heat.

If one ever saw a race car, one can see when a car going over a hundred KPH (Kilometers per hour) fully and when it suddenly brakes, the energy from a few hundred tons of momentum will be converted into heat energy. In reality that temperature can range up to two hundred thousand degrees Celsius!

This is also the same property that the Impact cannon holds, but for Shenlong, it can fire off these dangerous result of physic and nature by condensing them in the Impact Cannon's barrel and aim it in any direction the shoulder cannon can roll. It is also unlike Horn Cannon, it can't be seen with naked eyes as its friction heat are colorless(Not glowing red) and condensed into a cannon shell like shape.

And unlike Ryuuhou, due to the result of inertia, Horn Cannon was limited to only firing in a straight path for Ichika. For Ichika, the direction he can use this attack is limited to the direction he kicks with the bottom of his feet.

In other words, side kick, stomp, or back kick. Any other kicks like round house or spin kicks will disturb the inertia to break the barely restrained gas of heat and spread them apart, rendering them ineffective.

Ichika's gaze met the middle of the Gospel's chest armor and his eyes narrowed. Target locked…fire.

The wheels stopped. Fire burst into existence and shot from Ichika's foot in the form of a glowing bright orange-red ball of molten energy and condensed air, heat trails falling behind it as it ripped forward right into Silver Gospel's stomach with a loud bang that sent the IS tumbling through the sky.

"Once more!" roared Ichika as he kicked and unleashed a red glowing flawed impact cannon shell at the Gospel.

On additional note, unlike the Impact Cannon which boast its invisible cannon shells that can be fired in any direction and in any position at rapid pace, the Horn Cannon's 'shell' is not a shell at all. It is more like a raw release of barely condensed heat and force that burns away its power moment it launches. In nutshell, this weapon gets weaker by the distance and are more effective closer he is to the target.

In addition to its single fire capacity, it is truly inferior than Ryuuhou in term of weapon, but that is what is to be an imitation weapon that was created out of respect for its original's power.

Unfortunately for the Gospel, the Horn Cannon shell had jarred its sensors for several seconds, and it didn't notice the second shot, which smashed into its shoulder and the rouge 3rd gen IS fell into the cold water below with a large splash.

Ichika and Cecilia flew next to each other and stared.

"…Did you get him?"

"…I don't know." The moment he said that the rouge IS burst out of the water like a vengeful fiend and flew at the duo, but in midflight it was hit by a rapid fired molten air cannon shell which was not from Ichika…It was Rin and her special attack 'Packet' on her Shenlong.

"I've got you now you sneaky little white rat!" Rin yelled, hovering around eighty meters from Ichika and Cecilia and on the right side of the Gospel as she slowly flew to the side to not present an entirely immobile target, her four shell cannons and two Ryuhou launching a deadly barrage of fire that echoed across the sky, each shot seeking the defeat of the rogue IS which had caused so much trouble.

The Silver Gospel had recovered from the hit it had taken, though it was slightly wobbly as it swerved away from Rin's barrage before light filled the air and enfolded the Gospel in the form of giant, protective glowing wings as a new barrage from below opened up on it as Charl rejoined the fight.

Her shots quickly shattered the wings, which while deadly as close range offensive weapons were not designed for defense, but it gave the Gospel, which had been falling back even as its wings surrounded it, enough time to burst into movement and escape from the barrage of both the French and Chinese Representatives, its normal sized wings reforming.

"You're not getting away!"

Cecilia was not idle, and had activated her 'Brilliant Clearance' as the Silver Gospel was driven back by the combined fire of Rin and Charl. Her Hyper Sensor blinked blue and she took aim.

"Cecilia Alcott! Mokuhyou oh Neraiuche!"

(Fangking2: I love that line from Gundam00 and if there is anyone who doesn't like me adding Japanese words on my fic, he or she can go look for something else and not read it.)

The first of Cecilia's shots missed, and the second one was blocked by the rogue IS's energy wings. The Gospel fired another barrage of Silver Bells, far larger than the previous ones, practically filling up the space between it and its enemies. It soon became clear, however, that the Gospel wasn't aiming. Most of the Bells weren't even zooming towards any of them, and none corrected their flight paths to lock onto any of the enemy ISs. The sheer number of them, however, would make maneuvering difficult if they got too close, and Ichika and Charl were forced to guard Cecilia and Rin with their respective energy shields.

"Target lock! Firing!" came from below as Laura who'd positioned on a tiny island opened fire with her two railguns. The electro-magnetic shells sailed into the air seeking to pulverize the Silver Gospel; unfortunately, the shots were dodged.

Beep bbbbeeeppp!

The Gospel spread its wings and fired a horde of energy blades from the Gate of Israel. The storm of swords approached and Laura was too slow to dodge them.

She didn't bother to try. There was no need.

Ichika zoomed in front of her with his Yate no Kagami activated.

"Oh no you don't!"

Laura quickly moved closer behind him and his shield as the swords made contact, blowing large craters into the ground, but only upon hitting the shield, with neither Ichika nor Laura coming to any harm.

In a way just like how the Horn Cannon was built after Rin's Impact cannon, the Yata no Kagami is a shield based on the original GN-Shield and Laura's AIC. While AIC can puposingly stop all inertia, the Yata no Kagami is not as absolute.

The shield made by the Yata no Kagami is like a construct of sand. By hitting it the particles spread away to weaken the impact and then solidify to block the attack. So in a way just like AIC, it 'slows' the enemies attack.

In laymen's term, consider it like punching at a hill of sand. Your fist sinks in, but the rebound of impact hurts and it isn't going anywhere deep enough to affect the sands.

Also while AIC needs absolute control and focus to stop the attack cold in its track, the Yata in exchange for absolute dominance it gains veracity which allows Ichika to use it with less effort and concentration than Laura.

Ichika deactivated the shield as soon as the rain of swords stopped. "My turn."

His claw cannon slid down from his back and now attached to his hip and fired.

Silver Gospel easily dodged the attack, but it was now got caught between Rin's Souten Gatgetsu and Charl's Bread Slicer knife as they charged at it from both sides, blades in hand.

Clank! Clank!

Gospel brought up two energy swords, one in each hand, to block both attacks, but from above Houki flew down with her two katana Amatsuki (Rainy Moon) and the Karaware (Cracked Sky) in hand.

"Hahhhh!" she cried out as she sliced off the two energy wings on the Gospel and flip kicked the Gospel, striking its head and sending it flying into the ocean below with a loud splash and a gout of water.

With the Gospel off balance, the entire group readied themselves to end the fight.

"Claw Cannon! MAXIMUM POWER! Batsujin no Ikari( Punishing God's Wrath)"

"Amatsuki Ichigeki(Rainy Moon Single Strike)!"

"RYUHO! SHANG TOU LONG(Twin headed dragon in Chinese)

"GO get her! BITs! Final Tear of Sorrow!"

"Rapid Switch! Feu d' Artifice(Firework in French)!"

"Der Blitz!(lightning in German)!"

The subsequent barrage surpassed any that had come before it in the fight in. The sea burst upwards, huge gouts of water flying into the sky as shot after shot went into it. After almost a minute, no more shots rang out, and eventually even the ripples from the fire faded into swells of the ocean.

"Is it over now, Ichika-san?" asked Cecilia, after several tense seconds of waiting, and no response from the Gospel.

"I think so; I mean, that was a huge attack." Answered Rin.

"I was asking Ichika-san, not you Rin-san." Huffed Cecilia.

"Why you-"

A sudden twister of blue light shot out from the sea, interrupting the Chinese Representative and smashing into the Shenlong's shoulder, demolishing two of Rin's regular cannons and one of her Impact Cannon. The blue twister also destroyed Laura's railguns and knocked her out of the sky, taking a HUGE margin of her Shield points, reducing them to less than 50.


"What the hell!?"

From the surface of the water Silver Gospel rose back up in all its glory, its energy wings fully restored. With no particular target it spun, blue energy lacing the skies.

"Rin! Laura!"

Charl grabbed Rin who was closer to her and unable to block or evade and protected her with her Garden Curtain. Ichika attempted to do the same for Laura, but the barrage quickly reached him, and he was forced to devote much of his energy to dodging, and took no damage. However not a one to leave a girl hanging, Ichika detached his Gordius Wheel II from his back and the black and purple hovercraft blasted toward Laura in extreme speed and passed above her. Realizing the plan Laura fired off her Slash Harken, Wired Blades, grabbing onto the flying Hovercraft to get away from the Gospel's attacks.


Cecilia meanwhile fared the worst. She dodged to the best of her ability, but multiple shots made contact, and parts of the outer armor being ripped off while one of her Missile BITs was destroyed.

"Ku! Dammit!"

Unfortunately, she'd been forced to use her Starlight Mark II as a shield, and then had to toss the wreckage away before it exploded in her face.

"If this is the case, go, BITS!" she cried out as the remaining blue remote weapons launched into the air, arranging themselves around her.

"Come and try it! I am the noble lady of the House of Alcott! England's Representative Cecilia Alcott, the Eye of the Sky!"


Houki blasted through the sky, swerving around and flat out outrunning most of the Silver Bells that targeted, but a few managed to connect. Thankfully her Kenran Butou had already restored her energy to full, so the damage to her shields didn't put her in dire straits.

She grabbed Karaware, energy coursing over it, briefly enveloping the blade in a blue sheen, and slashed at the rapidly approaching swarm of energy bolts, a blue wave of energy shooting out following the direction of her swipe, and blasting a path through more than a few energy bolts.

Houki then activated her Fold-Out Armor on her side and hip as she unleashed her two scissor like Blade Bits.


And at her command the two blade bits hunted down the energy bolts and energy swords from the Gate of Israel to keep Houki safe.

"Time to end this dance!"


Finally Ichika used his Yata no Kagami to block, but saw that his energy uses is too much of a burden. He only had around 330 Shield points left and only 58% of the GN Particles left…If he gets the Gordius Wheel II back he will gain additional 200 Shield Points and a two half full tanks of GN-Particles…Granted that it is not shot down or lost any Shield Points in battle.

Ichika used his Rikudo, the IS version of his Rokuso to block as much as he could, but it was clear that while his Akakami and Akakiri protects him from being analyzed and locked on, the sheer number of the bullets fired made it a moot point.

"If that is the case…"

If defending is too difficult, then attack.

Ichika put away his swords back to his hip and summoned a pair of new swords…swords with no blades.

The two handles in his hands were red and black like the last beam katana he wielded, but unlike the machine like handle like before this IS katana handles were remarkable not-machine like, but it was clearly a…

Vooosh! Voosh!

….A beam katana.

The two red particle katana retained its old sharp katana like shape and it glowed brilliantly, however if you believe these two katanas are same as the old Yukihira Akatsuki, which turned out to be flawed then you are dead wrong.

"Shoot to kill….Kusanagi no Tsurugi (草薙劍, Grass Cutting Sacred Sword)." said Ichika as he thrust one of the sword at the dancing Gospel. The beam katana extended greatly and it continued to extend to at least 20 meters. Unlike before with the Yukihira the katana didn't lost its shape and edge as it extended and not only that Ichika flew forward when he did this so the distance between were cover in an instant. Gospel was stabbed in it arm and Ichika wrenched the sword out and slashed him with the long katana to knock him off.

"That's not all!"

Ichika swung his second katana as from the blade unleashed a wild, but contained trail of beam slash. This beam slash was clearly the same one used in his match with Cecilia for the first time, but it was more tamed and focused than before.

Gospel was engulfed into the red fang and when it managed to fly out of the attack its armors were badly damaged but nothing grave.

"OH? That may have been a half assed attack, but to think you get out of it…As expected of American toys, they are made to last." Said Ichika as from behind him the Gordius Wheel II returned after leaving Laura somewhere safe and out of Gospel's range of fire.

The IS Vehicle reattached itself on Ichika's back and he smiled.

"…The Yata no Kagami(八咫鏡)…and the two katanas in my hands, the Kusanagi no Tsurugi(草薙劍) he raised the long reaching sword) and the Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi (天叢雲剣, Sacred Sword of Gathering Cloud of Heaven)…I have the two of the three Sanshu no Jingi(Three Sacred Treasures of Japan) or also known as the Mikusa no Kandakara, The Imperial Regalia of Japan in the palm of my hand."

(A/N: Note that the Kusanagi (草薙劍) and the Ame no Murakumo (天叢雲剣) is basically the same thing. So it makes sense because I split the ability of the Yukihira Akatsuki into two better swords)

"So…It would be weird…If I don't have the last one too right?" he asked the wordless Silver Gospel.

The Gospel sensing the danger tried to fly away, but it was stopped by the raining beam attacks by Cecilia's laser Bits and Houki's blade Bits.

The claw hands on Ichika's Hovercraft glowed slightly as it reached above his back and opened its claws outward like an open palm. The Black armored claws with 5 red claws shined even in its dark red color scheme.

"Here we go…Encircle and abolish them…. Yasakani no Magatama (八尺瓊曲, Eight Shaku Curved Jewel)."

The four out of the five claws on each hand on the Gordius Wheel II broke off and individually fly off to attack the Gospel. The thumbs of the claws remained on the claw cannon as it was not a BIT like the other eight claws…or should I say Eight Shaku Curved Jewels.

The claws were originally shaped to be bended, so it looked like a curved jade of the legendary Magatama. The red jewels/claws/BITs let off crimson trail of light behind their erratic movements as they aimed to turn the silver IS in scrap metals.

The small drones buzzed like an insect as they dodged the silver bullets storms and tried tog et around the strong guard the American IS was displaying.

However there was a good news for the Silver Gospel. The moment the bits weapons were deployed, whatever was jamming its radar was turned off. The reason was that when Masurao activated the Magatama, the stealth systems of Akakiri and Akakami turns off and focuses on the sacred Jewels…it is a fair trade off in a way.

The two blade Bits from Akatsubaki and the four laser Bits from Blue Tear harassed the Gospel in assaults from many angles and from there Masurao RinneOh's Jewels joined in.

Voosh! (x8)

From the curved tip of the Magatama came out a foot long beam dagger and the eight sword Bits moved around like a horde of wasps as they knocked and slashed at the Gospel. While Ichika never used a remote mobile weapon before the Masurao was relaying the Intel through their connection and honestly he had two voices in his head to help him control it.

"Shred it to pieces!" Ichika ordered as his red eye flashed.

The Bits moved awkwardly, but tamed thanks to Tama's remote control and Ichika's instinct. Flying by his psychological will the sword Bits harassed Gospel in a horde attack much like how it enjoys mass bombardments.

"This…Is hard to control…"

"Don't strain yourself my beloved master! The Magatamas have to return after at least 3 minutes to recharge!" said his IS.

"…Got it." Reluctantly he ordered his Bits back and at the same time so did Cecilia and Houki.

Taking advantage of the opportunity the Gospel fired off several swords for them to dodge and it focused the most experience BITs user…Cecilia.

"Huh?" before she realized it Gospel was on to her. Without her beam rifle she has no long range weapon until the Bits were charged!

Cecilia had little time to react before a white blur appeared, nearly filling her vision.

"Bloody hell!" Wordlessly she summoned her close quarter [Interceptor knife], barely able to swing it up in time and deflect the beam swords plowing towards her, but she was unable to move away in time for Gospel to slash down personally with a energy blade in hand.

"So…heavy…" Cecilia resisted and tried to repel with her short blade like how Larua and Ichika taught her back in class, but she was heavily outmatched by the Gospel's raw power.


Her knife was knocked off and before she could do anything she was surrounded by its wings.


She was cut off as shining feathers closed around her, denying her the freedom of the sky and crushing her within their grasp. Her shield points vanished, fractures covered her IS, and bruises were evident on her body, as the wings disappeared, leaving the defeated English Representative Pilot to fall, her wings plucked.


Fortunately, this bird did not fly alone. The barrage having ended when Silver Gospel struck at Cecilia, Rin, who was the closest and not encumbered by a shield, raced to intercept her unconscious comrade, her fire along with that of the others forcing the Gospel to dodge, and move away from Cecilia. Reaching the blonde pilot and grabbing her, she quickly looked her over.

"She's fine! Finish that thing off!" shouted Rin back to her friends.

"Got it!" shouted Ichika and Houki simultaneously. Those two, being the fastest and practically the best at close combat, took the lead, with Laura and Charl providing long range along with Rin, who was circling around to get closer to them.

Shooting the sky, they blitzed from the same direction, but far enough apart that Silver Gospel couldn't focus on both of them at the same. The Gospel, quickly realizing its predicament, flew back, a short barrage of Silver Bells igniting from it to meet Ichika head on. Quickly bringing up Yata no Kagami, the young male pilot charged through without hesitating, the projectiles colliding with his shield and exploding harmlessly, before dismissing it just as he reached the Gospel, which was retreating from Houki's strikes as she sought to engage it in close combat, obviously realizing that Ichika would soon join the fight.

Ichika and Houki wordlessly fell upon the Gospel like ravenous wolves on an elk. Dancing around their AI enemy, blades clashed again and again. The Gospel was forced into an endless retreat, unable to break away and gain enough distance to bring its ranged weapons to bear, as its two opponents refused to let up. At the same time, it could not go on the offensive at close range, because every time it attempted to engage and defeat one either Ichika or Houki, the Gospel would be met head on by both opponents and forced back, or the second of its enemies would attack it from a different direction, forcing it to break off its assault to evade. It soon put all its efforts into defending and retreating.

The downside was that in order to keep the Gospel from retreating and bringing its formidable mid and long range weapons to bare, Ichika and Houki had to continue to press the Gospel, and not let up for a second; they also could not rely on any ranged support from the others, as the fighters were too close for them to risk firing and hitting their allies.

Despite being an entire close quarters fight, it quickly moved across the sky. Red, white and grey flashes met again and again, jumping from one place to another, sometimes dashing around in one area before zipping over to the next. Shockwaves rippled out as they clashed, blowing apart the air around them. But above it all was the endless echo of weapons clashing, sometimes nearly at a staccato level, as blade met blade time and again.

And Silver Gospel was losing. Slowly, its shield points were being whittled down as it took glancing blows again and again. It was outnumbered, and its opponents were superior swordsmen.

The two warriors slashed and stabbed at the Gospel without pause, not letting up for a second, their blades blurring as they sought to tear the enemy apart. However, the tide was slowly turning against the two old friends. The nimble rogue IS was running on an advanced military AI, and having analyzed and processed their fighting styles, it was able to adapt, and dodge or block their strikes more and more, until they were making no hits at all, and a stalemate was reached.

But it would not last. While the IS was a machine, the fast paced action and combat still sent adrenaline through the pilots, and the sheer pace of the fight could tire them. Ichika and Houki were facing an AI that would not tire. Eventually, they would get tired and slip up, and the Gospel would escape from the close quarters fight they'd forced it into, and likely overwhelm one of them while they were tired. And probably destroy any chance of them winning.

Not letting up even as she panted, Houki exclaimed, "It's not slowing down! How much can it keep up?"

"We need to keep at it, if we don't-KUHH!" Ichika was stuck by a bolt of Silver Bell which broke his pursuit. Noticing this the Gospel tried to gather its energy for a bigger blast, but suddenly the Gospel was struck from behind…By a sparking red spear.

The red spear forcefully activates the enemy's Absolute Barrier and it revealed the wielder who threw it.


The red lance soon bounced off the enemy's A.B, but the damage was done. The red lance flew up into the air and the young tiger's cub jumped into the air and caught her own spear.

"I am not done here! I too refuse to lose again!" Her IS was out of power before Ichika even got there, but a certain Silver haired Kingan no Yousei(Golden Eyed Fairy) decided that Kai no Wakatora's Nigeki Itsatsu(Two hit one Kill) is an odd worth betting on. Thus Larua shared the last bit of her shield point that was barely enough for the Uchigane to move and lent her the Gordius Wheel III.

"Go! Yukihana!" Yelled Laura as her IS no longer can fight. She watched as Yukihana flared her impressive fighting spirit.

"Ohhhh! Bodewig-dono's expectations! I shall not disappoint them!"

Yukihana charged forward with her yellow cursed spear, the Yellow Rose of Mortality and her Gae Dearg, the Crimson Rose of Exorcism.

"Take this! My burning heart that threatens to engulf the world with passion! Tora Guren(Crimson Tiger!)!"

Yukihana flew straight forward as she thrust back her long lance and stabbed forward at the Silver's back. However, despite her speedy charge it was useless as Gospel intercepted her with a barrage of Silver Bells. Yukihana spun her lances around her to block, but the sheer numbers were staggering as ever.

"Ohhh!" Ichika and Houki came down at the same time to slash at Gospel to give Yukihana the chance to close some distance.

The three warriors slashed and stabbed at the Gospel with swords and spears, but the nimble Gospel which is running on an advance military A.I, analyzed and processed their fighting style enough to dodge and avoid the three warriors

"Damn it! Don't underestimate this Doukugan Ryu!" Ichika roared as he slashed at the Gospel with his beam katanas. Gospel repelled with his own sabers in his hands. As the two exchanged blows Houki and Yukihana only stood and watched to catch their breath.

"Even for a military based IS this unit is too much! This Akatsubaki should have been the most advanced IS in the world!" said Houki with a frown on her face.

"Is the difference between the 2nd generation IS and a 3rd generation too big to make up for the difference between the pilot's skill and a rouge A.I?! I don't believe it! My burning soul demands victory!" shout Yukihana as she never failed to uphold her confidence.

Yukihana watched Ichika fought and gotten an idea.



"Let's try this idea…"

Ichika pushed back Gospel with his Kusanagi and extended the beam sword at least 10 meter to reach for the Gospel. Gospel flew backward to avoid the wipe, but the sword extended further and with a single swing he was caught and knocked backward. The Gospel, which has a lot of shield points and armors for being a military IS, was now finally in the red as it has less than 300 shield points. With 300 points it was not enough to fight against an enemy like the Masurao Rinneoh.

[…Drastic measure need to be taken…Activating the Enuma Elish…]

The Gospel's energy wings spread open and suddenly their turned to the sky and focused.

"NOW!" Shouted Ichika as he flipped backward away from the Gospel the moment the Gospel's wings moved to focus.

The moment the dragon reincarnate flipped it revealed that behind him was Yukihana with her Gae Dearg in hand.

"Pierce them! GAE DEARG!"

She threw her red lance right at the Gospel from its blind spot that was hidden by Masurao. The Gospel had no time to dodge, so it settled with using its arms to knock the spear away. However the moment the arm came into contact with the red spear, her A.B flared to life.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

"Houki-san! Nail it!" Yukihana cried out to her friend.

And she answered gallantly.


From beneath the sea Houki in her red IS came out and her scissor like blade Bits came right at the immobile Gospel and grabbed its arms to hold it still.


"Hit it!"

"Ohhhhh! All under the heaven watch my glory! Gae! Buhide!" roared Yukihana as she threw the short lance like a javelin. The yellow curse inflicting spear sail across the water and aimed for the A.B caused by the Gae Dearg stabbed into the Gospel's arm.

The Gospel noticing the danger tried to block, but the moment Gospel was about to redirect the spear with its Silver Bell, Ichika appeared behind the sailing spear with his right leg raised and posed for a kick.

"Tear through them! Horn!" He declared with a wild grin under his helmet as he fired off a powerful horn impact cannon and the result was the force of the cannon slamming into the yellow spear to fly faster than anticipated. And the spear was like a lighting as it aimed for one vital area of any living creature.



…Right into the center of Gospel's chest.

The Silver Gospel let out a beast like roar as the Yellow Rose of Mortality inflicted an unclosing wound on its Absolute Barrier. Even as it roars the Silver Gospel's Shield points dropped one by one. A slow and humiliating death.

As the Gospel realized the danger it is in the A.I made the next desperate move.

"Beep! Beep! Beep!...ENUMA ELISH!" This time the Gospel collected the right amount of raw energy as a twister of blue lights gathered. Before the group had a chance to move it fired at the exhausted teens to finish them off.

…And one of them was out of power.


The Kai no Wakatora closed her eyes at the incoming attack and await her defeat, but before she was hit an orange colored IS with a large green shield landed in front of her.


The Bishou no Otome smiled forcefully as she used her Garden Curtain to hold back the blast, but her battered and weakened IS could not hold the shield any longer. The shield was filled with spider web cracks and the armors on the Revive Rafael was creaking and letting off sparks.

Charl grinded her teeth as IS Warning system kicked in and her Absolute Barrier was activated…This is it for her.

"Ku…Ichika…This is my…Revive's limit…sorry…"

"CHARL! CHARLOTTE DUNOIS!" Ichika screamed at the top of his lung as he was too slow to help her.

As her shield crumble Smiling Maiden too closed her eyes, but before her a certain Chinese girl tackled her out of the way.

"What are you waiting for! MOVE IT!"

Thanks the Chinese spitfire's quick thinking the two of them avoided the direct hit… But they were slammed by the tail wind of the Enuma Elish that knocked their bodies toward the sea.

Before they hit the water, two of the girls who still had enough energy left for Com Link cried out.

"Now Ichika-san! End this!"

"Ichika! It is now up to you!" yelled out Charl as she and Cecilia hit the sea below…still alive.

Now out of all their friends…Only two of them had any fighting powers left.
"I hear ya!" Replied Ichika as he brilliantly dodged and avoid the attacks Gospel directed at him.

"…No more games!"

"…No more game! Yata no Kagami!"

He declared and his beam shield appeared. The particle shield named after one of the great regalia resisted the onslaughts and Ichika brought up her second beam katana…The beams word that has the Anti-Fortress ability…Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi.

"This time…I will use all of its power and not hold back its real name.

"I'll tell you something…Knowing the name of something…Can make the big difference…Names carry power and your…NO our strongest attack…The attack that can cut apart the sky and let it rain blood…its name is…"

Ichika raised his beam katana with both his hand and the clean katana blade shaped edge became a torrent of red, twisting energy. It was like Ichika was holding a swirling crimson storm in his hand. The sheer heat of the torrent scorched the air and raised the temperature of the night.

"This is it…My strongest attack…"

At the same time the Silver Gospel gathered its energy for one last attack. A torrential sphere of blue energy swirled into existence above it, the sheer force shaking the air. It slowly compacted, but lost none of it's power.

"Enuma-"The Silver IS readied its most powerful Anti-Fortress blast to date.

Ichika raised the spinning torrent of red madness-

"Kumo Chirashi no….(Cloud Scattering…)!"


-and swung down in a perfect kendo slash.

"-HOUKOU(ROAR)!" roared Ichika as a neat yet wild raging storm of red light erupted at the ferocious twister of the Gospel. The two attacks collide creating a border of red and blue light, each fighting for dominance. The wind howled and the clouds parted from the sheer force of the clash. The power struggle forced the two to unleash all their might as their last drop of their energy was being pushed into their attacks.

[Masurao Rinneoh…Shield Points 120 and dropping…GN-Particles…30% and dropping…]

At this rate Ichika might lose the fight of endurance. An IS is built with a limiter on their shield level to be knocked out when their shield is dry, but the military model Silver Gospel's limit is near bottom less. In a battle of attrition Masurao is at a disadvantage.

Ichika held his sword tightly as the recoil of their struggle traveled through the armor…Masurao Rinneoh and he were at their limit.

There is only one solution then…An overwhelming attack that can overcome the enemy's attack in an instant to settle the fight!

"If I cannot change this deadlock with my current power…SHUNKO (Flash Cry)!" he shout as the screen window with 'One Off Ability popped out and a sign that said 'approval' appeared.

Ichika's black armors glow with red and pink hue as it was turning hot and furious. The One Off Ability of Masurao RinneOh, New and improved Shunko which no longer needs over 50% of GN-Particles left to be used. Now the Shunko can be used anytime, but its activation time shortens when it lacks 50%. With less than 30%...Ichika had at least 3 minutes.

Also the new and improved RinneOh of the Masurao increased its durability and defense to withstand the self-destructing effect of the Shunko. The armor still groan as the unnatural amount of energy flow through the Black Samurai IS, but unlike before the pilot is under less stress and the armors are not about to collapse on itself yet.

However despite the extra increase in his power the Gospel response in kind as it increased its power output in its blast to match the Cloud Scattering Roar.

"Ku…At this rate…I'll lose again!...No….NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Ichika's battle aura flared once more, but this time the battle aura was laced with deep killing intent…


Ichika held his sword tightly as the recoil of their struggle traveled through the armor…Masurao RinneOh and Ichika were at their limit.

"Damn it! If this keeps up..."

Ichika felt panic slipping over him, even as he fought it. If he lost, than the others…

"ICHIKA!" came a cry behind him. Ichika didn't turn at the risk of losing his focus, but his helmet showed a screen with Houki nearing behind him.


"I'm alright! Don't talk, take this!"

Houki's hand touched his shoulder and a soft glow of light spread through them both, illuminating them in a white aura.

"Mai…Kenren Butou! ( Dance…Brilliant Dance)!"" at her command the Masurao's shield level suddenly restored itself. Ichika felt the warm sensation spread through his body and his IS.

"Wha-What? My energy…recovered? Houki, this is…" Ichika looked bewildered.…There is still a chance.

"Don't think about this now! Go on, Ichika!"

"I hear thy! Shori o Inori no Himemiko !(Miko Princess Whom Pray for Victory)" declared Ichika as he gave Houki a title on the spot with gusto.


The two of them roared as their restored energy went straight into the Ame no Murakumo's Barrier Void ability and the GN-Particles' destructive concentration.

"I've had enough of you! Vanish into the light and fall! Silver Gospel…THIS IS OUR LAST PARTY! KUMO CHIRASHI NO….HOKOU!"

The energy from the second attack burst into the one already present, doubling its size and power, and almost instantly blasting through the attack it was clashing with.


The Gospel could only beep once as a torrent of all destroying crimson energy engulfed it, its silver armor peeling off from the heat and sheer force. When the torrent finally ceased, the Silver Gospel was almost completely blackened and charred, cracks filling its surface.

"BLAST! OFFF!" roared Ichika as he thrust his beam katana forward and his sword impaled the remaining of Gospel's shield and it fell down to the island below. As The Gospel fell like a fallen angel struck down by the wrath of god.


The Masurao's hyper senor detected that it was still active, so Masurao, now in it glowing red and pink furry descended to finish it off once and for all.

The Gospel land on its feet, but it was clear that it went through a blender of some kind. It was no longer the glorious looking rouge IS…The Fallen Angel has officially being torn apart by a dark devil hidden in crimson veil.

"Silver Gospelllll!" roared Ichika as he held the Ame no Murakumo in his hands.

"Prepare yourself!" he cried out as he used all remaining power on the thrusters.

The Gospel responded with a hastily drawn saber from its Gate of Israel and swung the moment Ichika swing.

Whoosh! Whoosh!


Ichika landed behind the Gospel and stepped forward. He expertly slashed the beam katana once and resheathed the beam sword as its particle blade faded as he put them away.

"…It was my revenge…Silver Gospel." Ichika murmured as the scar on the Silver Gospel's visor cracked further. The scar that Ichika inflicted on it the first time they fought cracked wider until the entire white helmet of the Gospel split in two…And revealed the white skin and blond hair of the unconscious pilot.

"…My blade knows no gender…But it does not spill the blood of those who cannot defend themselves…"

The moment he said that the defeated Silver Gospel fell onto its knee, unmoving…The Silver Gospel incident is now…Over.

(Several Hours later)

"Mission complete…though I want to say that, you people acted on your own and broke the school rules. Once you get back, write letters of remorse. I've already prepared a special schedule for your punishment, so you people better get ready." Chifuyu-nee stated sternly, with her arms crossed across her chest and her eyes narrowed.

The silent threat hanging above her head was very real.

The Personal IS group with Ichika included was kneeling on the hard floor with large Buddha statues in their laps. It was a classic punishment for an Osaka trip or Kyoto trip. Ichika grimaced as his legs ached, but based on Cecilia's pale white face he was doing well.

"...Yes." the group groaned out.

Seriously? This welcome for the warriors is harsh…it fits Nee-chan's MO.

"Ugh…I went with permission so why am I included?" complained Ichika, only to receive a smack to the head by a clipboard for his trouble.

"This whole thing was started for revenge in your name. Take responsibility like a man."

"…You are so not cute right now…"

He was rewarded with a smack on the head for his effort…again. Ichika would likely get a concussion if his sister kept bashing his head.

"We-Well, Orimura-sensei, that should be, there are injured people, alright?"


In contrast to the fuming Chifuyu-nee, Yamada-sensei's panicking. Up till now, she has taken out a first-aid box and a bucket of water. She sure looks busy.

"Th-Then, everyone, please rest for a while before continuing with treatment. Remember to take off your clothes when we do a full body check on you—ah! Guys and girls are to be separated! Do you understand, Orimura-kun?"

"...I do."

Ichika stood up to leave, but he noted that the moment she said 'Take off', the girls subconsciously covered their own bodies.

"What's wrong?" he asked as he removed the zipper on the custom armored suit (Black version of Fate Stay Night Lancer's outfit) by the neck. He shamelessly removed the top of his suit and left it hanging around his hip. (A lot like how Uchiha Sasuke removed his own outfit to use Curse Seal 2.)

The girls and teachers stared at Ichika's well-kept body condition and greedily observed all they wanted, however they also noticed many bruises and scars of old injuries. In fact Rin was there for some of those Junior High injuries.

Suddenly he stumbles as the raw injuries and nasty bruises on him acted up. His body was strained from constant fighting and while the A.B protected his life, but impacts still traveled through them and his body feels as if someone slammed him around with bowling ball or something.

"Ichika! Are you okay?" asked a startled Houki, but Ichika stopped her.

"I am fine…I should be fine?"

He tried to walk, but a sharp pain entered his chest as he almost fell on Charl whom as standing next to him.


"I am fine." He replied again. He touched an especially nasty looking bruise on his chest…Same place where Silver Gospel finished him off with an energy lance during their first fight.

"Ugah…" His body which has been ignoring the pain has finally given out as he stumbled and lost his balance. He fell backward, but someone was there to catch him…it was his sister.

However Ichika fell so suddenly so Chifuyu was unable to hold him correctly. This resulted in them fall on her butt, but the scene looked awfully like the painting of recently deceased Jesus Christ and his mother Virgin Mary.

Ichika was leaning against Chifuyu's body via his back. His was so tired and weak that he seems so helpless compare to his regular strong and tough self. In fact for some of the girls the powerless Ichika was a new appeal they never knew about…He looked so vulnerable. Only problem with the picture was that he was leaning into Chifuyu's chest with a lazy smile on his face.

"…Chifuyu-nee…I think I might have over done it a bit."

"That is expected…You barely rested today and you fought since the afternoon…You baka."

"Ah…I agree…I don't think I fought this hard in such long period of time before. Not even the time I fought Nobuyuki was this long."

Ichika slowly turned to face his sister slightly and relaxed as he rubbed the back of his head to her in a silly affectionate manner.

"…I am sorry Nee-chan…For worrying you like this." Ichika told her not in his proud or confident tone…It was a tone that showed how weak he feels and how powerless he is to resort to seek out safety towards her…It almost reminded of her when Ichika was having a nightmare when he was young and came running to her to hold her to sleep.

"…Go to sleep Ichika…I will tend to your injuries while you sleep." Whispered Chifuyu not in a stern manner, but in caring manner that is very rare to be seen.





"...This is…"



The six girls and plus one teacher stared at the scene and felt very out classed.

"…This is unfair." They all thought with anime tears running out of their eyes as the younger girls went on to remove the strain of the battle with a warm bath.


"Hey, hey, what're the results? Tell us!"

"...Nope, that's classified."

The Personal IS users were all sitting down at the table eating their breakfast. A group of regular students surrounded Charl in an attempt to prey information out of her, but Charl was one of most responsible of the group and would not reveal anything.

The scene showed the Personal IS users all sitting down at the table eating their breakfast. A group of regular students surrounded Charl in an attempt to prey information out of her, but unfortunately Charl was one of most responsible of the group. Just because she seems the most harmless does not mean interrogating the info out of her will be easy.

"Che~ Charlotte's mouth is really tight."

"I say, you people will be forced to keep quiet after knowing it, you know. Is that alright with you?" asked Charl in an attempt to make the other girls stop asking questions by their own choice.

"Ahh...that's really troubling."

"So that'll be all. I won't say anything about this."


"As expected of Charl, she sure can handle girls her age easily. She really is suited to being a big sister." Thought the one eyed teenager as he gazed at her. Ichika was in the inn provided yutaka and was donning his black eye-patch once again. He just doesn't feel like himself without it.

"Wha-What's wrong?"

Charl had noticed that his gaze was fixed on her.

Ichika was shock out of his daze and quickly tried to think of an excuse.

"Hmm…Charlotte, your yukata is undone."


Charl blushed and quickly covered her yukata with her hand, a pout on her face.

"I-Ichika no ecchi-"

"I lied. The yukata wasn't open."

Ichika chucked, smiling slightly at her reaction.

"Charlotte's reaction was very cute." said Ichika, amused.


This time, Charl was the one panicing as she pummeled him. Her smaller and softer fists bouncing off his head and chest, Ichika chuckled as he let her vent her embarrassment.

However…A certain samurai girl next to him was more of a problem.

*Nibble nibble*, *chomp chomp*.

Having tied her hair into a ponytail again, Houki's chopsticks hadn't stopped moving since the beginning.

For some reason, the pony tailed samurai girl had refused to talk to him or even look at him since the incident ended.


*Chomp chomp*...stop.

"How is your injury? Are they healed now?"

...Nods head.

After a second's pause, she nodded her head and started eating again. *Nibble nibble*, *chomp chomp*.


Hmm...This was awkward…Was it always this hard to speak to his oldest friend? Ichika stared at the silent swordswoman's before attempting, once again, to converse with her.

"…I heard that all the others are fine now and their ISs are being fixed as we speak. It seems the repair will be finished by this afternoon."

No response, save the sound of Houki chewing.

"…Masurao Rinneoh is all checked up with a clean bill of health. She is very excited to use her new weapons in a fight….So are you up for a spar? I'm sure you want to use your Akatsubaki more often."

Houki stiffened.


"Ah…Nothing Ichika." She mumbled as she resumed her machinal, precise consumption of her meal.

…Like hell it was okay.

Houki seems to be depressed about something. That is strange since considering the fact we managed to beat Silver Gospel this time and it was done rather flawlessly.

Is she unwell?


"Ichika! I'm done with my meal so…See you later." She let out quickly as she left the table with her empty dishes…Leaving him behind.

"Houki…" Ichika sighed. He was not dense enough to not see what was going on.

Confidence in one's skill is normal. Houki was simply confident in her ability…she just got a little out of control.

"Something like this…it's better to talk it out." Ichika muttered as he put down his utensils. He'd lost his appetite.

The sound of waves hitting the rocks filled the air as Houki stood on the coast. She was perched on top of a rock and gazing at the setting sun and the coursing waters.

"Haaaa…" she sighed, depression taking over her.

"Ichika…How can I face you anymore…" she muttered as she felt her confidence and pride shattered and the open wound caused by her foolishness sting up her once more.

It was her fault…If she was more careful…If she was more attentive. If only her mind was not clouded by the rush of battle and the thrill of power.

Ever since she met him again, she felt that she was weak.

He'd changed so much since they were little.

Ichika no longer stared at the same horizon as she did; his gaze was now cast far beyond her sight…searching for something she couldn't see.

A soaring dragon that bears only one eye…That was Ichika.

He is like a divine beast that refuses to stay in line of the modern society and seeks to accomplish something out of the world just for the sake of accomplishing it. He seeks power and those with power…Those who can't keep up will be lost behind in the trail of his gale as he flies higher and higher.

All she wanted was the power that would let him rely on her.

But the moment she received it…She only managed to disappoint him and get him hurt.

"Ichika…I'm sorry, it's…My fault…"

"What's your fault?"

Houki quickly turned around to face Ichika, who was wearing a plain white t-shirt and black shorts, with an easy smile adorning his face.

"What are you doing out here? Why weren't you at the beach during the first day? You went to all the trouble to get a good swimsuit too."

Houki glanced down at her brand new bikini and flushed, turning away slightly.

"Y-You…Don't stare!"

"I got it, I got it…" he replied as he waved his hands in surrender.

The two stared at each other in silence…No words were exchanged between him.

The boy stepped closer until he stood next to her, gazing out at the ocean.

"…I see you're wearing the ribbon I got you."

"Ah! Of course…Because you got it for me…."

"Well, I know that I already said it, but congratulating you in the middle of battle seems inappropriate…So I'll say it once more."

The Doukuganryu turned his head to face her.

"Happy Birthday Houki."

"Uh, yeah. Tha...thank you..."

Though her voice trailed off at the second part of her statement, he knew what she was saying.

"That, well...I-I want to ask. Are you alright? Are-Are you hurt?" she asked him this time.

"Hm? Why don't you see for yourself?"


Before Houki could ask "What?" Ichika stripped his t-shirt off and showed her his bare body.


"What are you getting frustrated for? I mean look at my wounds."

Houki paniced, but suddenly she noticed something…After the first fight Ichika's body was a bloody mess…He had cut marks, bruises and dry bloods all over his body, but now…There was none. Not even the dark purple bruise on his chest by the spear attack was gone.

Houki blinked in astonishment, her eyes widening.


"Well, over the night it seems my IS's Auto Rebirth activated and healed my injuries."

"How's that possible?" Houki questioned disbelievingly as Ichika released his shirt.

"Do-Don't say such silly things! How is that possible!' said Houki as she grabbed his shoulder and turned him over to look in the moonlight.

"It's gone...there are no wounds on you...?"

"Yup, I recovered. Huh, you see. Isn't there something? The IS pilot protective system."

"That's only used for protection, right? I've never heard that it could heal wounds..."

Timidly touching his back, Houki used her fingers to check if he had any wounds on him gain. While checking, he could hear her say 'That's strange'. Anyway, it just feels weird.

"According to Masurao, she was undergoing Second Shift after my first fight with the Gospel and she was too weak to heal me. After the second battle was over the entire IS deactivated all forms of offensive ability and focused on regeneration and repair. It seems healing the pilot's injuries is part of its program."

"But that's…I never heard anything about that!"

"Well, think about it. Masurao was custom made for me by your sister."

The reality is that Shinonono Tabane is a genius that no normal or abnormal warlord can figure out. Who knows what else she done to Masurao in its initial stage.

"Ah! Well, that explains things." Houki murmured.

"At least I won't be wincing at every step I take right?"

"Still, you got hurt and-"

"What? Are you saying that it's better not to be treated?"


After shouting, Houki caught herself, bringing her arms around herself as her gaze went down, and her voice softened.

"It's not like that, it's'll bother me if I'm easily forgiven like that..."

Seems like she felt that she had to take responsibility for him getting injured and she seeks to be punished to make up for her failure.

Houki is a lot like himself….They are old fashioned to some degree and too pride driven to let the past be bygones. She didn't want to be let off so easily after the disaster of her first fight huh.

Can't be helped then.

"Houki, I'm beginning with the punishment then."

"Uu, okay..."

Ichika turned to Houki and looked her straight in the face.

She closes her eyes, being all prepared now.

Ichika raised his right fist as his left eye narrowed…And he jabbed her forehead with his index finger.


"Alright, that's enough if you learned your lesson this time. Don't be too hasty because overconfidence is your greatest enemy." He said to her as he turned back to the inn and walked on.

"Wha-What? WAIT!"

Houki looks troubled as she blinks her eyes. She then blushes and turns to me.

"Are-Are you making fun of me? Jabbing my forehead with a finger...!"

"Ah..I felt that was punishment enough."


"That same strained pride that I received in our defeat and the same pride that was restored in our recent victory."

"This and that is different!"

"It is not! You made a rookie mistake and lost that is all."

"But Ichika! Not only did I lose, but I got you hurt! How can I atone for that!"

Ichika stared at her with confused expression.

"Houki…Since when did I ask for you to keep me safe?"


The boy turned to face her. His single eye filled with solid resolve.

"I don't ever recall asking anyone to protect me from harm…I only have told Kojuro to watch my back for weaklings and their sneak attacks. I always fought facing forward and know fully the risks of fighting. So I don't understand why me getting hurt in a fight is your fault."

"But Ichika! You got hurt because of-"

"I got hurt because Silver Gospel was a powerful opponent. The rouge IS was as fast as me and had a powerful ranged attack that made it difficult for me to beat him with a single blow. Not only that he went after you who was shaken by her first fight…In other words you reacted normally when someone fights in his or her first real fight and Gospel acted in the best course of action to rid of one of his two pursuers."

Ichika lift his hands and stared at them.

"I decided to fight because I wanted to become stronger than anyone else…I already accepted the risk of getting hurt a long time ago."

He looked at her.

"Your mistakes and over confidence were your errors and yours alone, but my mistake of underestimating the Gospel's tactics and capability…And to be attacked and was over taken was my mistake alone."

He walked toward her and smiled. He lowered his head to rub it against Houki's forehead.

"In a fight, it is common for mistakes to end in casualties and defeat…However the two of us overcame that and achieved victory in the end. You do not seek your honor from someone else, for no one else will restore it for you…Only you can restore your own honor."


The two teenagers stared into one another's eyes. Houki took a step forward before suddenly tripping on the rock and falling on top of him. Ichika reacted instinctively, bringing his arms around her to protect her as they fell off the rock, fortunately for them landing on the sand, as landing on the rock would have been quite painful for Ichika.

Now lying against each other, their skin caressing the other, their breaths hitched, color suffused their cheeks as their eyes remained locked. Slowly, they began to lean towards one another.

Doki doki..doki doki….

Ichika pondered what is happening until he felt a familiar presence in his head.

"What are you waiting for an invitation? Go on and kiss her, My Hesitant Hunter of Love, Orimura Ichika!"

"What the!...S-Shika? IS that you? But I killed you!" Ichika asked in his own head…whoa this is weird.

"Not killed, suppressed and retained the throne. I am always going to be here, My Naïve and Clueless Casanova, Orimura Ichika!"

He was not mistaken…This aura of battle lust…it was Shika(Four for 'shi' and 'Ka' for Summer. The 'Shi' can also be for Death), the Claws and Fang of Violation.

"Ah, it is good to have a name, my Talented Tittle Giver, Orimura Ichika!"

"Shika! what are you doing now!?"

"Me? I am not doing anything…It is just that your hormones are rushing around at the excitement you felt when you stared into her eyes and her vulnerable state. You are such a lucky dog, my Hound of Lust and Seeker of Love, Orimura Ichika!"


"It is only natural if you think about it. You only stared at your sister, but that doesn't mean that you have no eye for other women. After all Houki-chan filled out all over the right places since she was little right? In few years she will be a knock out like your sister. So you are simply taking her as your own, my Proud Master of the Harem, Orimura Ichika!"

"What does this have to do with anything!? And What harem?!"

"Everything and nothing. And yet it is Nothing, yet it is everything! You are simply attracted to her beauty and you feel comfortable around her. About time if you ask me, because being a virgin sucks. My Pure and Untainted Conqueror, Orimura Ichika!"


"I am saying that you could enjoy the lovely birds around you. I mean it isn't uncommon for warlords to have multiple wives and consorts right? My Collector and Conqueror of Beauties, Orimura Ichika!"

"That was in an ancient era!"

"The era you dream of reviving! My Modern Warlord, Orimura Ichika!"

As the two counterparts argue with another Houki closed her eyes and puck her lips forward. She felt so assured…So safe around him…She simply wishes to take one selfish pleasure from him.

A simply kiss…A simple kiss from a boy she loves for many years…it isn't too much to ask for right?

As she leaned in Ichika's instinct and hormones took over as he inched closer as well.

'Go get em boss…Here is a little push for good luck. You don't need to thank me for the idea. My Panicking Hound in Heat! Orimura Ichika!"

Suddenly a thought enter his head and he didn't mind the idea at all…Ichika suddenly rolled under her and managed to get on the top.


"If I must kiss you…Then I will do so on my own terms." Said Ichika as he leaned forward…and licked her neck.

Houki froze like a status for a second and started to moan in a lewd tone as she felt Ichika's tongue licking her skins and tasting her. She felt his warm tongue and his hot saliva on her skin and felt her body warm up even further.

The One Eyed Dragon abandoned all form of his dense self-control as for the first time his hormones flared for someone else beside his sister. The urge and instincts he buried under his goal and fighting managed to manifest as certain someone (Berserker) was urging him to follow his instinct.

Ichika pinned Houki's arms down to the sandy floor and forced her to be immobilized. Like a predator restraining his fresh catch he slowly felt her skin with his face and tongue.

He stopped licking her neck and slowly licked toward her cheek…and painfully slowly reached for her lips.

"Haah! I-Ichika!"

She groaned out as he felt excited and quite…rushed.

Ichika responded to her words with a light lick on her lips…and leaving a trail of saliva behind.

"Houki…" Ichika called out in a beast or trance like state, his instincts clouding his head. "Your lips…I will claim them as mine."

He leaned in closer to kiss her, but suddenly he felt the hairs on the back of his head stand.


Ichika's instincts screamed at him and he swiftly rolled, a startled squawk from Houki accompanying it as she was pulled with him while a red trident and large scimitar slammed into the ground next they previously occupied, sending sand flying into the air.

Not stopping, Ichika leapt to his feet, activating his IS arm gauntlet and grabbing ahold of another trident as it neared him by the shaft, nearly pure darkness ruined by cracks of crimson spreading over it, and with expert precision knocked aside multiple blue energy bolts that followed.

"WHO'S THERE?! COME OUT NOW OR-ah shit." His voice lowered to a mutter as he realized who was attacking him as he was surrounded.

"Hau…" breathed the silver haired girl as she narrowed her single visible eye and leveled her cannon at him.

"I see, I see. ALRIGHT LET'S KILL HIM!" roared his second childhood friend as she brought up her Impact Cannon.

"Ichika…What do you think you're doing?" asked a calm, deadly voice of a smiling angel as an aura of malice and darkness rippled around her.

"I-Ichika-dono. This-This is…I am going to hurt you right now." declared the pony tailed tomboy as she twirled her prized GAE spears.

"FuFuFufufufufu…" came the ominous chuckle as Cecilia's Bits moved around her in a frenzy.

And there went his fighting spirit. He quickly materialized his Masurao Rinnehh and took a defensive stance.

"Houki…Slowly turned around and run." Said Ichika as he covered Houki while taking a step back.


He turned to see Houki in her Akatsubaki already and she was facing two Missile Bits of the Blue tears 6 Remote weapons system…Cecilia got to our back with an explosive weapon.

And suddenly his Gordius Wheel II detached from his back as it flew off. The Hovercraft leveled its large claw at him and he saw that the beam blaster located in the palm had flared to life.


The only answer he received was Masurao's flight system fading and his swords vanishing from his hands.

"…Clever girls" he muttered, his vision turning yellow as the various very dangerous weapons pointed at him were fired at a disturbingly close range.

Thunder echoed through the air in a continuous rumble, and anyone watching from a distance would have seen fire soar into the sky again and again. And if one listened closely (well, not necessarily closely. It was rather loud and exuberant) one could hear the desperate shouts of a young man intermixed with the noise of destruction.



"I AM! I AM!"


"Ichika watch out!"





A rather normal end to the day, unfortunately for our ambitious young protagonist.

(The day of departure)

The birds were singing, the sun was shining, and the day was bright. The students were chatting happily as they ran around cheerfully to pack and get into the bus. Yes sir…The day was beautiful.

"Uggghhhh, kill me." Moaned Ichika as he slumped down on his motorcycle.

The eye patch wearing hero was covered in band aids and medical bindings that didn't quite cover some of the minor scratches and burn marks…Given the level of healing Masuroa had demonstrated, she was clearly purposefully not healing him at the moment.

"Baka! Baka! Baka! Baka! Baka! Baka! Baka! Baka! Master no Baka!"

"Masurao…If you tell me what I did so wrong and caused you to make me into a glorified target board last night…I'll apologize."

"Ichika-sama no BAKA! I don't believe this! I tempt you with your wildest fantasies! I teased you with the most outrageous outfits from innocent school girl to S&M! But a simple bathing suit? A simple two piece swim wear and a big bust with pony tail? How could you lose control when you saw her and not over me! Where was your iron like control and 'I love my sister' devotion last night!"

Suddenly a sound of whips being crack was heard in his mind.

"This is your fault too! If you didn't let your ero power to spread to Master at the wrong time this would not have happened! JUST FOR THAT YOU ARE MY BITCH!" Masurao roared as she was now in a tight leather outfit and whipped Berserker who was strapped down to a spinning wooden wheel.

"MY LORD! THIS IS SO FUCK'N SCARY!...and yet very arousing…"

"No talking you slave! Who is your mistress? Chifuyu? Because guess what you and Master are mine! CALL ME MISSTRESS! CALL ME YOUR QUEEN!"

Ichika immediately shut off the connection between them and enters a blissful silence…as his personification of battle lust is now being tortured by his IS.

"…Better you then me Furin no Soga"

Ichika sighed as he felt the pain echoing in his body. Those girls did a number on him….Oh, how he wished he could get something to drink…

He looked toward the bus where the girls from class 1-1 were now sitting down to make eye contact with them.


Wow. Cold. Still, at least Houki didn't seem mad at him anymore. He didn't understand why she was looking away as well though.

"I'll never understand women."


"Hm—he really looks pitiful…" Thought Charl as she felt that her conscience was pricked on seeing Ichika that tired.

Last night she smiled like her title as Bishou no Otome and…Emptied her clips on him as he ran away without the aid of his IS' superior speed. She was sure she caused the nasty bruise on his shoulder….Which was caused by a relentless stab with the Shield Pierce…Yeah it was not one of her better moments.

By all means Ichika lost control for a bit…But he explained why in the morning so should she forgive him?

"I wouldn't have mind so much if he did it to me…" thought Charl as she blushed up a storm.

She suddenly recalled something and pulled out the tea from the PET bottle. She bought it before boarding the bus, and it seem to be useful now.

"Everyone is keeping their distance for now…This is a golden opportunity!" suddenly she felt as if from the cloud above a golden light shined down on her…It was like Jeanne D'Arc and her deceased mother telling her to make the decision to win her holy war.

"Yes! This is a battle that was practically given to me! In my name as Bishou no Otome! I shall win!"


"Was I too cold to him…? Perhaps I should have been kinder? Ichika –san…Is a very manly man after all….I am sure a male's lust is…immeasurable and…OH MY GOD!" Thought Cecilia as she blushed from what she recalls her maid told her before about how men are sex beasts…Or something she saw on the internet.

Remembering Ichika looking in a state of trance, but glowing with lust made her heart beat faster…He really is a man…She always knew, but with his self-control she never recalled seeing him like that…ever.

However she over reacted in a way and over did it by shooting at him with her lasers…Oh dear it was such a good chance to be a bit more kind to him…At least compared to the other girls.

"But wait…the others are still angry at him…This battle is not lost yet! I, Cecilia Alcott, wager in my title given to me by Ichika-san himself, the Sora no Mei hereby swear to shoot down his heart with her all seeing eyes and claim it as her prize! And this…"

She reached for the PET bottle in her bag. She prepared it for herself, yet unexpectedly, it came to good use here.

"Nothing thought of using it for situation like this, but nothing like a good offering of cool drinks to earn some brownie points."

Cecilia closed her eyes and imagined her parents cheering her on.

"Mother…Father…I swear to win his love and m-make him…Make him…MAKE HIM YOUR SON-IN –LAW!"

The Eyes of the Sky was burning with determination…and she fighting to win it.


"Why didn't I say it in another way?...It was illogical and I love a strategic step to win this conflict!" Laura scolded herself as she lamented on her hasty decision.

She's really remorseful that she was petty about what happened yesterday.

"I've always known that my bride attracts all kind of unwanted suitors…I should have allowed him to relieve his stress and urge with me! He is my bride after all…This is a grave blunder on my part…How can I make up to him?"

Laura watched outside the window to see how tired he is.

"Oh? From his posture and constant rubbing of his neck…and multiple signs of swallowing saliva… he looks rather thirsty. HE should get something to drink…Wait a moment, will some the tea I bought this morning be useful?"

She took out the bottle of tea and wondered how to give it to him.

It's rare for the other girls not to take action, and Laura feels that it's a good chance now.

"Hmm…As a soldier, to not take advantage of an opening given will be a foolish mistake that can result in danger to the mission and to my troops… I'll just sneak to him and pass the tea to him…if, if that's the case, I can remain with him all the way until the end of the trip. I am not unfamiliar with military vehicles and if I can pilot a fighter plane, then riding behind my bride's bike is a piece of cake!"

Bold and confident! This Kingan no Yousei is not going to kick around the bush and will march right through the front gate…and she will not bat an eyelash as she break down the door to get what she wants….She is one tough cookie.


"Ahhh! I messed up…It was such a rare occasion for the atmosphere to be so good yesterday…The mood was perfect and setting was to die for…And...And…Ichika was very pushy that night…and it was very hot and…Oh god." Thought the Shori o Inori no Himemiko as she scolded herself for her thoughtless choice.

Houki rubbed her hair with a loud beating heart as she remember the heat…the tongue…and wetness on her skin and…elsewhere.

"The way he took control…I felt so alive."

It was true. For some odd reason Houki loved it when she was restrained by Ichika's stronger and heavier body and was forced to do as he wished…It was…a little refreshing…

Oh who is she kidding, she loved it.

But what should she do now? She reacted coldly to him just now, but does she have the time and leisure to do so? She now has over 5 very powerful rivals and adding the Queen Boss Chifuyu herself…She has no time to go on the defensive…She needs to attack!

"O, okay! Time to show gentleness to Ichika!" thought Houki as she pulled out a bottled tea.




HE turned toward the bus window as the girls stuck their heads out. But suddenly someone approached next to him…Ichika immediately turned to face the person when he felt her presence.

"Excuse me, is Orimura Ichika-san here?" asked a female voice and Ichika looked at her…She was a blonde westerner, perhaps American or British like Cecilia. She had glamorous blond hair that is shining all the more brightly under the summer sun, and she was dressed in a casual blue trendy windbreaker with long black pants.

She hung the sunglasses on the shirt, right in front of the cleavage, and bent over to look at his face.

"And who's asking?" he answered in a guarded tone.

"Oh, no need to be tense." The woman purred, her gaze alight with interest and curiosity. An air of strength and confidence emits off of her like a soft layer of mist.

"Uh…Miss? It's considered rude to not introduce one self. As you asked, I am indeed Orimura Ichika…And your name is?" her lips curved up at that question.

"I'm Natasha Fairs, the pilot of the Silver Gospel."

Ichika stared at the woman in surprise. Now that he looked at her correctly she reminded him of the face he saw when he split the Gospel's helmet…He hadn't recognized her right away because he only saw a glance at her in the middle of a battle and he was too exhausted at the time.

Suddenly the blonde older lady stepped in close and Ichika who was sitting down on his motorcycle was unable to move back even if he saw her sudden movement. She grabbed his arms and held him down, leaning forward on top of him and using the bike as a support to pin herself over him.

Ichika tried to break the restrain, but she was a bit too strong and had skillfully lowered and pinned his elbow so he couldn't use his arms correctly and pin her entire body on tip of him and lock his shoulder.

"My, my, so you're Chifuyu-san's treasure…No wonder she doesn't give another man a sparing glance."

"What are you-"

"Now, now no need to panic, I just want to properly thank you for what you did."

Before he could question her odd form of gratitude, the blonde bombshell leaned forward and kissed the teenager neck causing him to freeze, before lifting her mouth to his ear.

"This is just a sample, a small gift if you will…Thank you for stopping Gospel." she whispered into his ear, causing him to shiver. The older woman only smirked as she licked his ear and got off of him.

"Bye now. If you feel don't satisfied with your sister, than you should call me." And with that little offering, Natasha quickly left…But it was more like she was running from a certain older sister who was walking toward her with killing intent so focused that only she could feel it.

Without being detected by her brother, Chifuyu's eyes zeroed in on the retreating Natasha as she ran toward her without making a single noise and jumped over cars and peoples to avoid Ichika's sight to catch her prey…God's speed Natasha-kun.

Ichika meanwhile could only stare after the deoarting blonde American, his expression confused, and his face bright red.

"T-That…Was unexpected…" muttered Ichika as he shook his head from side to side. But suddenly he refocused and shouted towards the retreating woman.

"I assure you! We will have a real one on one match soon! So until then, be at good health, Kishaku no Makite! (Scatterer of Sparkling Light)"

Natasha twisted her upper body to face him while still leaving and waved back.

"So that's him…I like his style" she muttered as she quickly fled the scene.

Ichika nodded to himself as he gave himself a good pat on the back for the nickname for the Silver Gospel's pilot….But suddenly he felt a wave of powerful killing intent aiming at him. The sense of bad premonition caused him to turn around….And to face the faces of angels of death.

"You cheating man." Said Kingan no Yousei as she clenched the bottle in her hand, crushing it. Her uncovered red eye staring into the visible left eye of the certain boy.

"Ichika's rather popular." Muttered Bisho no Otome as she smiled upon the One Eyed Dragon from her side of the window.

"Sure looks like he's very lucky no matter where he goes." Scolded Houki with a twitching angry vein on her forehead and tightly clenched fists.

"Fufu…Fufufufufufu." Chuckled Sora no Mei as her eyes were concealed by her long hair, deadly killing intent was flaring about her like the flames of hell.

Ichika swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry as fear crept over him.



They each threw the bottles of tea at the poor one eyed teen , sending him flying off his bike to the ground.

"Why?...What did I do?" the warlord lamented as he groaned in agony.

IS Stats

Name: Masurao Rinneoh

Shift: Second Shift.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strength: B+

Agility: A++

Speed: A+

Defense: C

Endurance: B

Luck: C

Master Syncro: A+

3rd Gen weapons skills:

Second Shift: Rank A++ ~ EX

The Second Shift of the Masurao. This unit is a powerful IS that uses the original core, Core001, which has extraordinary ability to improve, evolve, and expand its ability through the data it collects from bothbattle and the pilots.

The unit is black and red, and has a crescent moon shape horn on its head instead of insect horn. The side armors are changed to be armors, side boosters, and sheaths for Ichika's signature 6 swords. The armor has been thickened to improve the defense without compromising the speed. The inner workings of the IS has been improved to take the strain of the One Off Ability off without causing too much harm to the user. RinneOh now comes with an imperfect and less diverse version of Shenlong's Impact Cannon, the Horn Cannon. This by the way was taken from Air Gear's Hatch Venom, the Regalia of the Horn Hovercraft Gordius Wheel II is like a smaller version of Gundam00's Regnant.

3rd Gen Weapons:

Rikudo, the Six Paths: Rank B++ - Anti-Unit

A special mixture of Masurao's old swords the Byakushiki and the Kuroshiki. These two swords have same ability of both swords in Anti-Beam and Anti-Matter. They are made to improve Ichika's fighting capability by bringing out the one unique style that Ichika can weld. Despite their overwhelming abilities these katanas are no stronger than the old Shiki Brothers in term of endurance and durability. Since the Shiki brothers can be broken, then so can they.

One Off Ability: Shunko(Flash Cry) Rank-EX Anti-Unit A special power that Masurao can use. Now Ichika can use it with less drawbacks and strain thanks to the new armor. The benefit is still the same, but the self-inflicted damage has decreased. When using this ability the Akakiri no longer conceals him, but makes him glow in pink and red.

Akakiri(Red Mist) :Rank C Anti-Army A red mist of particles that conceals his true form from scanners and detection, effective against both man and machine. Thanks to the particle recycle system, the production of the particles doesn't strain the GN-Drive. After the Second Shift this ability did not change, but it is no longer necessary now that MAsurao's weakness are all covered through the improvement, but it is still useful.

Akakami(The Red Hairs): Rank C+ Anti unit Anti Army A red manes of the Masurao, that can jam all form of scanning, communication, detection, images through cameras, and more. It disturbs IS hyper sensors so tracking, lock on, and other computerized analyses don't work on him. Only special computers that were built for it, can receive a secret signals to data research and upgrades. A perfect stealth and data concealment weapon. No changes.

Knight of Honor(The Knight Does Not Fall Empty Handed): Rank A - Anti Unit

A special feature of Masurao's signal disturber in the hand, the particles, and the AkaKami. This skill messes up on the signal from an enemy IS's to its weapon. If Ichika gets his hands on a melee weapon of an enemy, the weapon 'think' that Ichika's signal is the correct one. Currently can't be used on beam weapons what need correct power input to work. Old fashion shell rounds works fine, but Ichika doesn't like using guns. No changes after the 2nd shift.

Horn Cannon: Anti-Unit - Rank C+

An imperfect weapon based on Shenlong's Dragon Roar Cannons. This weapon is based on the atmosphere compression weapon, but unlike the Impact Cannon, its barrel is not able to cover all angles and its attack is not invisible. In terms of raw power it is stronger than a single Impact Cannon from Shenlong, but it takes time to use it and it has no rapid fire feature. If the Impact cannon is an invisible high caliber machine gun, then Horn Cannon is a power long range riffle.

Yata no Kagami (The Mirror of Yata): Anti-Unit/Army - Rank A

A powerful particle compression shield that has AIC's slow down effect that weaken enemy attacks and dampening impacts. The shield is no longer a small shield that the original GN-Shield was and the improved shield is less cost efficient. It is especially effective against beam weapons. Only weakness will be a sharp bladed weapon that focuses entirely on cutting ability or at least able to weaken the hinder the GN-Particles that forms the shield and be able to break down the impact disturber. (Like the GN-Sword in Exia)

Yasakani no Magatama (八尺瓊曲, Eight Shaku Curved Jewel): Anti-Unit/Army - Rank B

A relatively weak remote beam weapon. It is based on Blue Tears' BITs, but they are narrower and have no ranged capability. They are beam swords/daggers that gets close to an enemy to impale or slash them in their flight. The each units, eight in total has only 3 minutes of operation time and after that the claws must returned to the Gordius Wheel II's mega claw. The capability if the Magatamas may improve in the future.

Kusanagi no Tsurugi(草薙劍): Anti-unit/Army - Rank B/A-

A weapon that is actually half of the old Yukihira. It has the old Yukihira's compression katana mode and the ability to control the density and the shape of the beam katana. To improve and lessen the burden of its ability, the Kusanagi possess the long reaching impaling ability of the original Yukihira.

Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi (天叢雲, Sacred Sword of Gathering Cloud of Heaven): Anti-Unit/Fortress - Rank A/A++

The most powerful sword of Masurao Rinneoh. It possesses the absolute destroyer ability of the original Yukihira Akatsuki. Unlike the Akatsuki, the Murakumon has the ability to use the Kumo Chirashi no Hokou. This is the maximum power of the Null Void Attack…No IS after being hit by that will have any Shield Points left. This weapon's greatest attack can only reach its max in Shunko, but it can fire off a 1/20 of its full power blast without in Shunko. Not as powerful, but useful.

Gordius Wheel II (Wheel of Heavenly Authority): Rank A+ - Anti-Army

The new form of the Hovercraft. (Greatly resembles the Regnant the Mobile Armor from the Gundam00 season2. However it is smaller and more compact). This unit lost all of its original weapons in exchange for a set of large claws that possess powerful rapid fire beam cannon. It also serves as a charger for the remote weapons Yasakani no Magatama. There are more weapons hidden in this unit that have not been revealed yet. The Gordius Wheel is actually 'piloted' by the Core01A-Rinne, AKA Tama, freeing Ichika from the task.


Author note.

NOW! Before you ignore this and complain to me about Ichika and Masurao being overkill….


Yes, your concerns are all true, however Ichika is not as overpowered as you think. Each upgrades are actually weaker than they appear. For example!

Horn cannon is impractical in high speed combat unlike Ryuuhou and it is not as powerful or difficult to fight against, as I explained in the story. It can only fire once with each kick and the kick must be heel or bottom of the foot based. Any spin kicks or the style of similar kind will only make a mess of things. Also the Light Novel described the Ryuuhou's shots to be invisible bullets. Well, Horn Cannon is a glowing ball of heat. You can't miss it. Its destructive power is only good until mid-range and it gets weaker by the distance. It's hardly up to Impact Cannon's level.

The Yata no Kagami is not as overkill as Naruto version of it. With enough concentrated force like Enuma or something alike it can overwhelm it and it can only protect with the round shield projected from his arm. It is not a full 36o degree protection. Finally it is energy consuming compared to the earlier version. While it takes no concentration to use, it is not as overkill as Laura's AIC.

As for the Yasakani no Magatama, it has no ranged ability at all. It is strictly close range beam blades and it is not a shield Bit so it can be destroyed easily. Ichika himself can't use the Bits while sword fighting, so even with internal support he is actually weaker than Cecilia with it and even worse with Madoka's level of control. Also when this attack is used, the Akakiri and Akakami is turned off, which means yeah of radar and scanning system. The lock-on setting is back online as well. Imagine that when he fights MAdoka, she will eat him alive at the first time.

Kusanagi and Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi are more stable, but weaker than the old single katana. The Cloud Shattering Roar is no Excalibur blast, it is more like Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou, Bankai only version. Very brief and more based on cutting though than blasting through. it after all took Shunko + Houkou to match the Enuma Elish attack. Kusanagi does not make the sword any sharper, but simply longer, that takes energies to form too.

The Self

-inflicted damage of Shunko is still there. Trust me when I say it hurt a lot from it. I am not trying to make the guy all god like.

If there is one cool part of this upgrade is two giant claws on his flight unit...I always loved the hidden or extra limbs used in GUNDAM.

Please, I will not make him too power, that will be boring. You should wait and see what will happen to current Ichika when he fights Sarashiki or Madoka. I'll show you he is far from being the absolute king among king.

I hope this helped to quill a lot of frustration and flames.

SO please review your thoughts.

While I will not turn away from discontent, please do not flame out of hate. I love my writings despite its flaws.