It was a dark starless night, the pale moon trapped under heavy clouds, the cold wind howling endlessly over the tall trees and against the old ruined walls of the laboratory, freezing everything and everyone, out and inside.

"I should be use to this" thought Shinobu holding his legs closer to his chest, trying hard for his body not to tremble. The temperature was dropping, his cellar was small but with no walls, only iron bars down and above. His clothes were barely able to cover his fragile body, there was nothing to really protect him from the wind and yet, he didn't tremble out of cold, he trembled out of a freezing fear rooted deep down his soul and mind.

"It's okay, it's okay, it will end quicker this time" repeated Shinobu to himself, but his body wouldn't listen, this was the third time this week that he was brought outside of the "chamber", this couldn't be good. His furry rounded ears were almost numb so he tried to warm them up, stroking them softly, thought, he couldn't do it very well, because they were still hurting from the last "treatment" inside the operation rooms. His thin tail curled around his waist in a last attempt of warming up, at least a little.

In the Laboratory there were various rooms equipped with many kind of instruments and machines, the doctors slept nearer to the outside door, the experiment subjects slept underground in a small and humid basement they called "The Chamber". The 5 operation rooms and the 2 check up rooms were in between the doctor's rooms and the Chamber. Shinobu knew, every time they took someone out of the chamber, that someone was going to be used in experiments for almost all day long. It may not survive, and if it did, there was the possibility of it ending up insane or way too damage to even move or breath.

Now, like many of the subjects Shinobu had being kidnapped when he was just a kitty, the kidnappers sold them in groups to companies, black market stores, and other clinics and laboratories like this one, then the doctors separated them by types and breeds; cats, dogs, birds, ragamuffins, Angoras, Labrador, canaries, etc. The most expensive and rare ones were kept on the top of the row, kept for special or more important projects. No one lasted more than a year, still, Shinobu had being lucky, he had survived 10 out of his 16 years but now, he wished he had died the first week he came, that day he could have being rescued, he could have run away but he had being locked out near the doctor's room, there had being no escape.

"We must do it now!" was the first sound Shinobu heard; he recognized the voice, loud, excited and evil. It was his doctor's voice "Right now is the perfect moment! His ready! I have checked him 3 times, there's no mistake!" Shinobu could tell something huge was happening, his tail flipped anxiously.

"I don't know, there is the possibility for him to lose it and we would be losing 1 good subject" said a very low and calculating voice, Shinobu knew this was the administrator's voice, he was no doctor but he had the last word about the "subjects" inside the laboratory, because he was the one giving the money. The administrator had no heart for his creatures.

"Come on!, they are only a bunch of animals, we can get more if needed" continued on the doctor, they were walking towards Shinobu's waiting space. "Please don't come, please don't come" prayed Shinobu closing his eyes. "Think about all the money you're going to gain! The other subjects were ready, if we can click them on you won't be losing 1 subject but recovering 3 and even more!" shouted the doctor, Shinobu could see their shadows behind the small, opaque glass window in the door. And then, a long pause that continued on for hours in the mind of little Shinobu, freaking out in his cage.

"Please don't come in, please don't come in!" and then, the door was open "Okay you win, you can start the project but you will only send IT" responded the administrator looking at the cage in the floor with Shinobu inside. Stormy-gray eyes looking back at them "If number 48263 it's not able to work in the time lap of 7 months then you'll put him down"

"Yes sir! You won't regret it!" said the doctor cheerfully taking the keys from his pocket, Shinobu wanted to scream, fight, but he knew there was no way out, he had tried so many times, and now, he was just too tired to even try. "Don't worry sweetie, this won't hurt a bit" said the Doctor clapping a leash to Shinobu's collar, the administrator was no longer looking, walking back to the dormitories, and out in to the freedom. Shinobu's body flinched, but nothing else followed, the doctor led him outside the cage and inside a white check up room. "Sweet dreams kitty" said the doctor while injecting something inside him, Shinobu didn't care, whatever it was, if he could sleep then nothing else mattered.

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