"Come on kit! It's only for an hour; it won't take me longer than that,"repeated Miyagi to the kitten clinging to his arms. "No!"

"Just let go…!" Miyagi tried to pry the paw open, "I said, Let me GO! I mean it!"He growled, the kitten trembled and closed his eyes, "No! No!"

"Damn it! Why do you have to be so stubborn?!" yelled the old professor doing fists with his hands. Then, leaving his keys at the dining room table he walked to his bedroom "fine!". Shinobu watched him disappear and fumble in his room, his sensitive ears picking the "brat", "skittish" between other common words from the professor. Then he came out, and walking towards the kitten unfolded a coat, finally lifting it to cover the kitten's lithe figure. "What?" Shinobu felt apprehensive, he looked at Miyagi's eyes for assurance. The man only sighted, helped him on the coat. The moment he closed up the sipper Shinobu felt an inky with cigarette essence emanating from the warmth of it, inhaling deeply he felt it, mixing with its own sugary essence. "Why?" his voice was less anxious, his tail moving in broad circles. "Because you don't want me to leave you, and you don't want to walk with me, we're going to do something in between so you'll have to trust me, okay?" Miyagi explained, putting on warm mittens over the kitten's paws and a hat over his head, carefully moving his ears back. "Here, take this, you know how to use it, right?" Shinobu looked at Miyagi's eyes and then to his hand, feeling the weight of the cellphone in it, he furrowed his brows and looked back again to Miyagi, signalling with the tip of his tail the "send" green button. "Yes, this phone has only my number on it, so you only have to press that button two times and you'll call me, try" The kitten furrowed his brows even closer together and looked at the machine in his hands, the tip of his tail pressing at the button, the screen lit up instantly and the name "Miyagi" appeared on it, Miyagi's ringtone instantly breaking the silence of the room. "Ahh!" Shinobu's eyes opened wide and his tail vibrated exalted, "Miyagi!" he called and the old professor cancelled the called, letting his face show the surprise he was feeling, "What…?"

"Miyagi!" the kitten repeated pointing with his tail to the cellphone, now with the screen darkened.

"Ah… yeah, that's me, you're calling me… " he said feeling his heart throb tight in his chest, was he sick? There was no other explanation, cause why other reason would he be seeing the kitten glowing so much, far cuter than any girl? Just because he said his name...

"Calling Miyagi" repeated the kitten and turned the phone to see the screen, Miyagi's classic scowl appeared, "yeah, just in case of emergency, you understand?" he said and Shinobu looked at him again, "if you're scared, in danger, worried or sad, you call me"

"If danger I call Miyagi" answered the kitten pressing the cellphone tighter to his chest, "yes"

"Nice, now, hold my hand and walk close to me, look at my hand or my back, nothing else, you understand?" Miyagi said taking the kitten's gloved paw and taking his keys again, the kitten's breath faltered but he tightened his hold of Miyagi's hand, clenching the cellphone with his other and followed him as close as possible, while the man opened the door, run towards the elevator and got quickly in to the car.

Now, Shinobu remembered the last time he was in Miyagi's car, the traffic lights passing by, the buildings tall and gray, the sun bright on the sky, nothing was different than that day, he couldn't recognize the road, but taking in consideration the horrible situation he was in before, Shinobu wrinkled his nose and waved the worry away. "It's quite late now in the morning so we shouldn't find so many people out there" Miyagi said never leaving his sight on the road, Shinobu nodded and sat very still in his sit. "Safe" he murmured, his paw slowly holding on to Miyagi's shirt.


"Just... five… minutes" repeated Shinobu remembering Miyagi's words, he looked at the clock on the car and looked at the entrance of the building. The first stop on Miyagi's list had being a pet's shop and because Shinobu had being too frightened to enter he was left on the car to wait. He counted minutes feeling frantic till he saw the shadow of a man, then the door opened and Miyagi's face came out. "Miyagi!" Shinobu's tail instantly fluffed up at the base, vibrating in greeting. "Slow! You're procrastinating" he growled when he opened the door, but Miyagi only noticed the kitten's vibrating tail, "Yeah right, where the hell did you learn that? I should start controlling how much television you watch..." The next stop Miyagi purposely left the windows open, Shinobu hardly noticed it, only following Miyagi's figure, "you can call me if you are afraid" he repeated, before leaving the car, "I won't!" Shinobu pouted, scowling even with his tail, "Stupid brat" Miyagi could hardly hide the relieved sigh and smile, Shinobu's attitude was rapidly building up, this brought out more words and intents on exploring, it made him experiment and express himself. It worried him endlessly, if something wrong were to happen again, like with the pet-carrier. No, he knew this was needed, so he breathed in and out, deep and slow, calming his own heart while the kitten followed him with his eyes in to a different store.

It was 3:42 in the afternoon when Miyagi called it quits, the kitten's nerves were on the bring, he was tired, he himself was tired. "Let's go back home, I think I'm done for the day" Shinobu's tail fluffed and his ears perked instantly "Home, I want lunch!" Miyagi smirked, a cigarette dangling in his mouth, "yes, back home to have lunch" This time when they entered the parking lot and went out of the car, Miyagi gave many bags and boxes to the kitten, he had a hand full as well, "very careful with those ones, those are our lunch and dinner" he said pointing at the paper bags in his left paw, the kitten inhaled deep and felt his mouth watering, "luuuunch" it was laced with a purr. And so intent he was on moving carefully that he didn't notice the people walking in the corridors, he did stay very close to Miyagi in the elevator, but he didn't panic, Miyagi kept looking back at him, "watch the bags, don't want to loose our meals" he couldn't help smiling.

Entering their home, both felt great relieve, the day had being quite successful. Putting the bags and sorting things out, the kitten sniffed his way around the kitchen to remember where to put things in place as Miyagi had tough him. Then, they sat for lunch, this time, even the loud traffic noises didn't bother Shinobu, fully concentrated in attacking his beef and potatoes. "Breath! The meat is not going anywhere, chew properly... brat..." Miyagi scowled cutting his own meat, but then, smiled proudly to himself.

After cleaning, Miyagi sat on his usual spot on the living room, a stack of papers infront of him to work through. Shinobu as a habit moved to his made-bed to clean himself and rest. Hours passed by, when Miyagi decided to stretch his back and turn to his watch it said "7:15." Looking at the kitten, sleeping soundly at his bed he felt his heart thump hardly, "What's the difference now than before? Wondered Miyagi, noticing the silence, why did he felt so different? Why did he felt so strangely content? He looked at his papers again, he easily worked, no irritation, the number of cigarettes were easily decreasing as well, he felt his brows twitching, it had really something to do with the kitten? Or was it the overall company? Would anybody do? Miyagi pinched his nose trying to breathe out his troubling thoughts, the silence, he hated the silence, then why? Then, something happened, he noticed a slow rhythmic breathing, a soft purring, barely audible under the layer of first silence in Miyagi's mind. In reality, there was no silence, there was calmness, which is different, not only in a dictionary-way but in to a spiritual level as well. Miyagi pinched his nose again and sighed. "Hmph!... a terrorist" that was what he was, a CATerrorist who forced his way inside his life.

"giiii..." Shinobu mumbled in his dreams

"..." long in the distance a whizzing sound elevated, followed by an explosion, the darkened room was flashed with sudden glowing light, Miyagi lifted his sight while 10 more whizzing sounds elevated, "ah, it's true, today's the shrine's festival" thought Miyagi looking at the lines of brightness flying higher to suddenly pop and explode in multiple colors. "Hiiiiiiiiiissssssss" a rattling, like a snake exploded close to Miyagi, turning again he saw Shinobu, his eyes huge with fright, he arched his back and his tail spiked up completely, the rattling starting again as the next set of fireworks was launched, Miyagi instantly jumped towards the kitten, anticipating him trying to run away. And just as he thought, Shinobu launched himself to the corridor closest to him, when Miyagi's arms surrounded him he tried to fight, he struggled and bit, hissing loudly, the booming sound resounded in the sky, the room was lit up. Miyagi felt claws for the third time that week and he cursed silently.

"Shinobu it's fine, I'm here, I'm here," Miyagi forced the kitten to see him, the kitten's eyes fell on his and he instantly calmed down, "Miyagi!" he cried hugging him tightly. "Yeah, sorry, I didn't anticipated it... guess, waking up with fireworks is not as good" Shinobu trembled in response. "It's okay, I'm here, you know I'll never let anything harm you, right?" Shinobu nodded, his face hidden completely in Miyagi's chest. "So, could you trust me?" Shinobu's ears perked again and Miyagi separated himself, he knew he had little time before the next set was fired. So he petted him quickly and moved to close the windows sills. "With this the noise won't scare you," he said, but when he turned around the kitten was again tight in a ball, "Ow come on, Shinobu, I said, nothing is going to harm you" kneeling down again by his side, "come on, take a look, it's beautiful" as he said this he grab the kittens paws and pulled them from his face, the kitten opened his eyes and saw bright colours in the sky, thousand of glowing stars. "Miyagi!"

"Yeah, I know, those are fireworks"

"Fireworks" the sky was full with brilliant comets, running high up to explode in gold and red, blue and green with orange hints.

"Did you know that the earliest documentation of fireworks dates back to the 7th century in China?, they were invented there," commented Miyagi petting Shinobu, looking at the sky the kitten cuddled close, "During the Song Dynasty around 960 to 1279, many of the common people could purchase various kinds of fireworks from market vendors..." Miyagi said, while looking at the sky as well, petting Shinobu's fur, caressing his ears and lulling him back to sleep.

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