Kay, I'm nervous tell me if it's good alright? It's a one-shot.

Spike looked over at the tree and scowled. He had been working all day to get his and angels place ready for the party. It didn't look as if it was going to be well…Perfect. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt a small warm hand tugging at his shirt.

He looked down and smiled. "Lizzie! You gave me a fright you did! Know where Aunty Fred is?"

The small, four year old, Blonde girl smiled. She had a freckle on her chin, long brown/blonde hair and big brown eyes. "I'm Sorry Mummy! I think Aunty Fwed is in tee kitchen makin' cookies for !" Spike smiled at his daughter and said "Sounds great! Why don't you go help her, Kay?" "Yes Mummy!"

The girl ran off, her baby blue dress billowing behind her. But she stopped suddenly "Mummy?" "Yes Elizabeth?" "Is Bubby comin' home this Christmas?" Spike smiled warmly "Yes Conner is going to come home from the watcher academy for the party, he might be here a whole week!"If you listen hard enough, you could hear the pride in that sentence. Lizzie ran off again and Spike could faintly hear her asking how much icing to put on a cookie.

-Scene change! Alert Scene change!(Same room different time)-

Spike smiled as he handed Lorne a green cookie with red trimming. "Figured it suited you, mate!" He declared cheerfully earning a laugh and a slight push from the green demon.

"Hey Blondie, Ya' Know where Angel cakes is?" Spike opened his mouth when a loud HO! HO! HO! Was heard.

They all looked at the fire place and out came a angel, dressed in a red suit with a fake white beard carrying a large bag.

Angel gave Lorne a new suit, Fred a Science thingy ma bob that Spike couldn't pronounce, Wesley a (Surprize surprise) book, Gunn a sword, Conner a M.P.3 and Lizzie a giant teddy bear. "I need to give you yours in private." Angel whispered to Spike.

Spike followed him and shivered as the cold air hit him. Angel had that red suit but all he had was a flimsy coat!

Angel got out a small box and awkwardly handed it to Spike.

"Oh..Angel!" Inside was a small heart necklace that had the words To spike:My dearest Love. Written on it. "I know it's not much but-" Spike shut up his husband with a kiss, small sweet and innocent. Snow began falling from above, making the scene more magical.

"I Love you Peaches!" Spike said leaning his head on Angels tight in his embrace.

"I love you William." They kissed briefly again before Christmas bells where heard, and they heard Lorne starting to sing "Deck the halls". Spike gae Angel a bracelet that said simply Love ya, Peaches! They kissed again "Merry Christmas Angel."

"Merry Christmas Love."

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