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So if the summary didn't explain things enough, basically this takes place after Ichigo's battle with Aizen. He hasn't lost his powers but they are slowly fading away. However, in one battle against a group of Hollows, something utterly amazing and possible frightening happens to our beloved berry

Warnings: man sex. 'nuff said

Disclaimer: no ownie Bleach or story. Because if I did…there would a LOT of satisfied yaoi fans

'Ichigo, watch out!'

Rukia quickly flashed-stepped to his side and quickly sliced an oncoming Hollow in half. Once the dead soul dissolved, she rounded on him angrily.

'What the fuck is wrong with you!' she yelled at him as she brandished Sode no Shirayuki at him. 'Did you not see that coming or have you gone blind as well?'

Ichigo scowled.

'I'm handling this, Rukia, so back off and finish your own fight!' Ichigo yelled back, suddenly pushing her out of the way.

Rukia yelped in surprise and watched as Ichigo severed off a Hollow's head clean off its body with his bankai sword. She bit her lower lip in worry. This was wasn't good. He was using his bankai and he was still weak. What the fuck was wrong with Ichigo?

Ever since Ichigo's battle with Aizen his powers had been faltering. She didn't know if he noticed or not but he was getting weaker. She didn't know what it was at first. Maybe it was because his soul was recovering from that incredible release of raw power. Maybe that's why these days he needed help killing Hollows in Karakura. But then, she started getting suspicious. Ichigo was one of the strongest Soul Reapers she had ever encountered. If his body ever broke down, he would've recovered faster than an average Shinigami. But he was taking a long time to heal. Way too long.

That's when the Gotei 13 told her the horrifying truth: Ichigo was losing his powers. Soon, he will be nothing more than an ordinary human. And she will cease to exist to him.

She knew there was nothing to stop this. Did Ichigo know what was happening to him? If he did, why did he continue to fight? Why did he continue to deplete his powers even further? With every fight, his powers got weaker. If he kept this up, he was going to get so weak that one day he'll die at the hands of a common Hollow. And he didn't deserve to die like that.

That's why Rukia insisted on coming on his missions to help him. If anything happened, she wanted to make sure he didn't get hurt. But the real question was, when would it happen?

'Shit!' Ichigo swore and jumped back to avoid a tentacle. The Hollow he was dealing with was a cross between a giant octopus and a lizard. Its tongue flicked out as it raised another tentacle to aim for Ichigo's head. Again, Ichigo dodged it.

He growled in frustration. This was getting nowhere! All he'd been doing all night was dodge blows and land measly ones himself on his enemies that did absolutely nothing.

'Is it happening already?' he thought bitterly as he ducked to avoid a tentacle but then thrust his sword forward to cut that disgusting appendage off. The Hollow screeched in pain and recoiled.

'Am I losing my powers that fast?'

He hated this feeling. This feeling that he was helpless as well as useless. He was losing his powers. He knew he was but he just couldn't help fighting! What else was he supposed to do? Stick to the sidelines and watch his friends do his job? Well, it wasn't exactly his job. He technically took it upon himself to protect Karakura. But it was his town too! And he had every right as the others to protect it!

Though…he knew that right of his was slowing decaying. Just like him. Soon, being a Shinigami will mean nothing to him. Holding a sword will be a memory and the thrill of fighting will be gone. He will cease to be what he is now to become what he was before: an ordinary school boy struggling to succeed in life.

Since when did that get so boring to him? Since when did he loathe a simple life? When he first became a Shinigami, he wanted nothing more but to be normal again. And now, when that goal was so close he could almost taste, he just didn't want it anymore. In fact, he cringed to attain it. It wasn't what he wanted anymore. It was something he feared.

Is that why he was always fighting? Even though he was getting weaker with every battle, did he fight because that was his one connection to his powers before they completely disappeared?

'I'm pathetic,' he thought viciously as he flash-stepped over the Hollow's head to deliver the finishing blow. 'I'm literally killing myself but draining all my powers away. I'm just becoming ordinary even faster by doing this. I'll never learn.'

Suddenly, the Hollow grabbed his ankle and flung him away. Ichigo yelled in surprise and tried to stop himself from crashing into a building but to no avail. He was so drained he couldn't summon his powers to stop him from colliding. And the collision was damn painful.

'Ichigo!' he heard Rukia call out but the Hollow she was battling blocked her path, forcing her to fight it. Ichigo was all alone this time. And the Hollow was fast approaching.

'Damn it!' he hissed as he pulled himself out of the wreckage. 'Shit, shit, shit, this isn't good! What the hell am I supposed to do right now?'

He waited for some advice from Zangetsu. Even from Shirosaki. After all, those two would normally coax him to do something in times of trouble. But he couldn't hear them this time. It was like they…didn't even exist anymore.

He gulped. This time, he was truly alone.

He glared head-on at the now looming Hollow.

He could always try Hollowfication…

He gritted his teeth in frustration. He couldn't believe he was even thinking of doing that! That was humiliating! His Hollowfication was only when he was up against a strong opponent! This…this was nothing but a low level Hollow! But then, what choice did he have?

The Hollow roared from above and brought two tentacles hurtling towards Ichigo. Luckily, he managed to dodge it but was cornered into an even worse place. This time, he really had nowhere to run. He to do it. He had to Hollowfy. Otherwise, he was going to die here.

Grounding his teeth angrily, he raised his hand and covered the right side of his face. His heart was palpitating like mad. He didn't want to do this. Every ounce of his body was telling him that this would drain him completely and he wouldn't survive. But either way, he was going to die tonight. And he had accepted that fate.

Taking a deep breath, he began to gather his reiastsu in that little corner of his face, slowly but surely building up his mask. He could feel the power growing in him and he felt his body heat up with energy. He always felt that when he Hollowfied. Like he was the strongest man ever born and there was no power on earth that could stop him.

The octopus Hollow screeched as it finally spotted Ichigo and began slithering towards him. As soon as the last remnant of his mask was complete, Ichigo let loose a torrent of spiritual power directly at the Hollow. The immense power surge caused the Hollow to flatten against the wreckage of the building and whine pitifully.

Ichigo smirked. Now that's what he was talking about!

Rukia almost lost her balance in the air as she felt that incredible wave of familiar spiritual power. But instead of being elated or awed, her body went cold and tensed.

'No, Ichigo,' she whispered fearfully, her eyes fixed on the source of the power surge.

'Now let's get this over with,' Ichigo rasped in his Hollow voice and raised his sword above his head menacingly. 'Getsuga-!'

Suddenly, he heard something crack. He paused in mid-cry to lower one hand to his mask. His hand bumped along a crack that had formed along the top of his mask. His heart rate raced.

'What the hell? Is my time already-?' he thought but his thought process was cut off as immense crimson-black energy suddenly began to spiral out of his broken mask. And the pain that accompanied it was excruciating.

He screamed. God, how much he screamed. He didn't know if he could even stop. The energy kept pouring and pouring out of his face, like it was draining him of his very soul.

Rukia got thrown off her feet and she went cascading down to earth so quickly she didn't even have time to blink let alone wonder what had just happened. She crashed into the road, making a giant crater. Though the intensity of the crash wasn't enough to knock her out.

She groaned as she staggered out of the hole. Her eyes rolled in their sockets and when she finally realized where she was, her eyes widened. Her head whipped in the direction of the broken building where she knew one of her closest friends was suffering. Her heart clenched.

'ICHIGO!' she screamed and suddenly soared towards the building as fast as she could.

'Please don't be dead, please don't be dead, please don't be fucking dead!' she chanted frantically in her mind. But deep down, she knew the worst was to come.

'I'm going to die,' Ichigo thought in finality. Even his vision was blurring. 'I'm going to die over here. Well, at least it's nobody's fault. It's all mine. And at least none of my friends get hurt because of my stupidity. I should've expected this. I was eventually going to kill myself with my decisions. I guess I deserve this.'

'Oh no, you don't!' yelled a voice nearby. Ichigo frowned. Why did that sound so familiar?

'I'm not done with you yet, Shinigami, so no way in hell am I going to let you die!' the voice continued angrily. It sounded strange. Like it was echoing in some empty room or like it was inside his head.

'Rukia?' he mumbled incoherently. The voice barked a laugh.

'Ever compare me to that flat-chested Shinigami again, berry, and I don't think I'll ever forgive you,' the voice jeered.

Ichigo's eyebrows furrowed even deeper. Who the hell called him 'berry'? whoever it was he was going to make them pay! He was going to-!

His eyes flew open and he stared.

He was in his inner world. There were the horizontal buildings with the clouds floating horizontally against a pastel blue sky. Just like it always was.

He scratched his head in confusion. But then, why did something seem so off?

That's when he realized that he wasn't even in pain. The unbearable pain that had been shooting through his body not moments ago had completely vanished. There was not a trace of it, not even a dull ache. It was like he had never experienced that.

He quirked an eyebrow. Well, that certainly was strange! Maybe he could ask Zangetsu what had hap-

His eyes widened. That's what was off! He quickly scanned in all directions. Zangetsu was nowhere in sight. Come to think of it, neither was Shiro. Not that he minded but not seeing either of them was damn strange not to mention scary.

Because if they had disappeared, then where had they gone? And if they weren't here, how was this place still holding together? Or was he in some weird new dimension molded to look like his?

He quickly stood up, scared that the ground might burn him or worse, collapse under him.

'What's going on here?' he suddenly shouted to no one in particular. He clenched his hands into fists as his eyes darted from one end to the other. 'Zangetsu, where are you? Shiro, show yourself! This isn't funny! If you've done something stupid I am going to kick your ass so bad you'll wish-!'

'I'll wish what, Shinigami?' whispered a smooth voice right in Ichigo's ear.

The Shinigami jumped in shock and swiveled around, fists raised in case he needed to defend himself. Almost as soon as he turned around, his jaw dropped. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

'Yo,' Grimmjow drawled, his lips slowly turning up into his characteristic grin. ''Sup, berry?'

'You!' Ichigo said in shock. Then, his eyes narrowed in anger. 'You!'

'Yes, me,' Grimmjow replied and quirked an eyebrow. 'Who did you expect? Nnoitra? Be glad he didn't show up 'cause that guy's got a sick mind!'

Grimmjow shuddered.

'Where am I?' Ichigo growled, not lowering his fists. He didn't trust the Espada. Until he knew what was going on, he had every right to jump the Arrancar and beat the living daylights out of him.

'Jeez, berry, I thought it was obvious!' Grimmjow remarked and hopped onto a building protrusion behind him. He dug his hands into his hakama pants. 'We're in your inner world! And man! I didn't know how twisted you were until I saw this!' he tapped a foot against the building. 'What the hell is this place?'

So this was Ichigo's inner world. Well, that was a relief! He was on familiar territory! But that didn't explain for the absence of its two occupants.

'So if this is my world, what're you doing in here?' Ichigo continued in his threatening tone. 'And where's Zangetsu and Shirosaki?'

Grimmjow lips curled into a sly smile. Ichigo didn't like that look.

'Ya don't need them anymore, berry,' he purred gleefully. Ichigo stared in disbelief. His fists fell to his sides.

'Wh-Wh-What?' he stammered.

Grimmjow sighed and got down from his perch so that he was level with Ichigo. His smirk never faltered as he narrowed his eyes and began to stroll up to Ichigo. Ichigo had half a mind to get away but he was too frozen to move. Grimmjow's eyes seemed to have paralyzed him.

'As in, they ain't here anymore,' the Espada said coolly. Now he was right in front of Ichigo but enough to give them both personal space. 'So it looks like you'll have to settle for me…'

He suddenly got down on one knee like he was bowing to Ichigo before he raised his head to look directly at a shocked Ichigo. His grin had widened.



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