It was another peaceful day in Normville as Austin (Sniper) was seen in the backyard sneaking behind a tree wearing an Indiana Jones hat and carrying a NERF rifle as an empty soda can hit him in the head


Drew (Demoman) yelled as Austin fell on the ground wearing a bandana and a denim vest as Anubis(Spy) snuck up behind him, she was wearing a black snow cap hat pulled over her face with 2 eye-holes holding a plastic glow in the dark knife as the rest of the group entered the yard dressed up wearing other knick-knacks

"I thought we told you not to start without us"

Steven (Heavy) said wearing a cargo shorts wrist-guards and a sweatband carrying a fake gun made out of a cardboard box and a big cardboard tube as Uniqua (Engineer) wearing a hardhat a,pair of brown Over-alls in substitute of her pink pair and carrying some tools in the back because it didn't have any pockets and Tasha (Medic) wearing a white dress instead of a red flowered carrying a first-aid kit one

"Where have you two been?"

Tyrone (Soldier) asked wearing one of Drew's green jackets and metal pot on his head carrying a shovel

"We were changing"

Uniqua said

"Plus we had to use the bathroom"

Tasha said

"We as in both of you, at the same time"

Pablo (Scout) said wearing a baseball cap carrying a wooden bat

"So what, we're both girls"

Tasha claimed as Donny (Pyro) laughed who was wearing mask similar to Anubis's but had a paper cup taped to it carrying a ruler with a piece of cardboard taped to it to look like an Axe

"Donny, you're such a pervert"

Tasha claimed as he shrugged (Donny/Pyro doesn't talk in this story)

"Well, everyone's here let's get started"

Tyrone said

"To the cool breezy jungle"

Uniqua said

"With trees and plant life"

Drew said

"And other random junk"

Steven said as everyone laughed