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Miyako's P.O.V

Boomer was nice enough to walk me home! This is cool, the first time a boy walked me home and he isnt a stalker. At least i hope not, and im suprised the girls didnt protest to the RRBZ taking us home individually. But im not going to complain, Boomer has been very nice to me and i enjoy staying with him!

"Miyako" Boomer said blankly. I looked up at him, he is taller than me too (Dont know how that happened O.o).

"Yes Boomer?" I said looking down at my feet.

"Wait never mind" He said looking the other way.

"What is it?" I asked even more curious now.

"Its nothing" He said, and im not pressuring him into telling me. I looked up at the sky, the sun is trying to set. (Im still a little afraid of the dark)

"Hey!" I said in shock stopping. He stopped too and we both looke at each other.

"What the hell?" Boomer said. We werent looking where we were going, i think we are near the woods. "Do i wanna know how we messed up?"

"Well" I giggle. "Its okay i think i can tell my house from here" He smiles.

"Oh okay" He says rubbing the back of his head. "Sorry"

"Its ok-"

"What are you two doing here?" We turn around a little and see Fuzzy, he looks pissed.

"Crap" I mutter. "Its Fuzzy"

"Yeah i know" Boomer said glancing. "We just got a little lost."

"Then leave" Fuzzy says playing his banjo. "This here is my land"

"We get the picture" Boomer said turning around. "Fuzzball" I giggle.

"What u say to me boy?" Fuzzy said getting angry. Boomer stood in front of me a little.

"Dont u recognize me?" Boomer grinned. I looked toward the back and it was getting real dark. I tugged on Boomer's RRB jacket.

"Sure, your Boomer from the RRBZ" He smirked. "The dumb one" I frowned and i could see Boomer glare at him.

"Im not dumb" Boomer said. "Just b/c im not as smart as Brick doesnt mean im dumb" Fuzzy growled at him while Boomer growled back.

"guys come on" I said getting in the middle i pushed them away a little. "I need to get home and its getting-"

"GET OFF MY LAND!" Fuzzy said printing his hand on the ground causing me to fall from the air to the tree. I felt the wind knock out of me.

"Miyako!" Boomer said getting off the ground also. I moved up.

"Im okay" I said coughing. Boomer kicked Fuzzy to the lake and ran to me.

"Jeez i hate wanna be's" Boomer said helping me up. I notice Fuzzy turned red behind Boomer.

"BOOMER!" I yell but its too late. Fuzzy grabbed Boomer by the neck and flung him at a tree. What just happened to Fuzzy? What am i going to do!

"Miyako!" Boomer choked out. "Get help! RUN!"

"HOLD ON BOOMER! ILL GET HELP!" I yell running away into the woods further. I looked around. (no one is watching)

"ROLLING BUBBLES!" I fly out and fly as fast as i can back to Boomer (Fuzzy has his neck and is choking him)

"FUZZY LUMPKINS!" I yelled getting my bubble wand. Fuzzy turned around and released Boomer who stared at me.

"Quit terrorizing people!" I yelled. He laughed and threw his banjo which i dodged.

"Why its Bubbles from the PPGZ" He laughed."The weakest"

"Im not weak, im just not as strong as Buttercup!" I grinned. "BOUNCING BUBBLES!" He stopped laughing but the bubbles hit him before he realized.

"BUBBLE BAR-" Fuzzy jumped in my face faster than i thought he could and grabbed my left leg. He started to swing me around and smashed me to the ground.

"Whats it to you anyways?" He said. "You dont like the RRBZ" I coughed a lil blood. That one hurt :/ He went over to Boomer who punched his stomach. BUT HE DIDNT EVEN FLINCH! Fuzzy punched Boomer in the stomach also and Boomer cried out.


"Try me-" his eyes grew wide.

"BUBBLE BARRAGE!" The bubbles hit him full force to the tree.

"BUBBLE SHOOTER!" I punished him with a good bit of bubbles. Now for the finish.

"BUBBLE FINISH!" I said capturing him in a bubble. I walked up to him. "Im going to let u stay like this until that bubble finally pops." I notice Boomer had gotten up and was staring. He started to walk towards me and i panicked.

"Bubbles-" I flew away so fast (Why am i so scared of him?) "BUBBLES?" I flew and transformed back into Miyako. I waited b/c knew he was running after Bubbles. I soon saw him run by.

"BOOMER!" I yelled. He stopped and turned around.

"MIYAKO!" He yelled running up to me. "I was worried" I blushed when he hugged me." Come on" he bended his knees and put his arms behind his back for a piggy ride.

"Why?" Is all i said. (Stupid)

"Because u ran all that way to get Bubbles to help me" He grinned. (I guess i need to let him believe that) I got on and he started walking towards home.

"I heard you calling her name" I said. "What did u want?"

"Oh?" Boomer said shocked. "Well i...wanted to say thank you" I smiled. I like this Boomer better (No ear wax)

"Baseball next week!" i cheered changing the subject.

"Yup and u will be cheering, every game" He smirked. I laid my head on his back and yawned.

"Thank you Boomer" I said softly. He blushed badly, which is cute. "Thank you for everything" I yawned again and closed my eyes. "Your welcome" I heard, but idk if he actually said it...

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