Special thanks to I. Heart. Hatake. Kakashi for providing the prompts that I can never do justice to.

This is kind of a weird, experimental piece...i've never done anything like this before. Slightly AUish, I suppose, alternating POV between the two characters. Sorry about the dashes, pretend they aren't there. The site is being silly about my formatting, so just pretend they're spaces :[

...Other limited/odd usage of punctuation and hyperactive capitalization was probably on purpose.

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Sorry if this is really confusing .;; But thanks for giving it a chance, and enjoy reading! (Maybe...)

-o:o:o:o: Hope is a waking dream :o:o:o:o-

:.:.: There she is.

Strange how, when everything is

under control,

under command,

one single person can change


Strange how, when the world is,

if not right,

logical, at least;

(-solid, sturdy-)

yet the appearance of one girl

is enough to turn that precise, disciplined world

inside OuT.

Strange how, one look from brownsugar eyes

can make everything melt away

and your vision is narrowed

on that single, intensely glowing spirit

and you long for her

with an aching in your chest,

a sensation you didn't know existed,

that WoN'T Go aWay.

and the feeling in your gut tells you

that nothing

will ever be the same




When I look at him

I see:

long, soft hair

pale, smooth complexion

lean, hard muscles

(that i cant help being a little envious of)

and those AmAzinG eyes

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul.

his reflect cold ice

pale silver

warm lavender

shimmering opal

vast glaciers

ever drifting

ever changing

who knew there were so many shades of white?

frankly, he's more beautiful than i am

out of my league.

he's cold


something I find hard to forgive.

so why do i feel so


there's something about him

the way he talks

- - - -walks

every insignificant little thing

that pulls like a MAGNET

at the fiber of my BEIng

and I knew I couldn't turn away.


:.:.: The way she smiles


but each time strikes me

harder than the last

what i'd say

is something that


I'd scorn at;


- - the light,

- - - the warmth

- -when the world was a

- bitter, frosty place.

That's what she is to me;

- - a ray of sunlight,

- - beaming through the clouds

- - of dull, eVeRyDaY routine

- - something intangible.

something that, no matter how you try

a person like i

could never ToUCh.

can only watch and admire

from below.

from the ground:.:.:


Can't stop staring

and I force myself to look away

at the ceiling

the floor

the window

anYtHIng but him.

but disobedient eyes

stray, pulled by

something resembling


until suddenly, I found myself staring

straight into a familiar gaze...

i vaguely recall snapping my head

in the opposite direction

- - - (gravity defied)

heart pounding, as if i were

a child, doing something bad

a rush of emotion hit me like a train.

- - - - embarrassment

why did I act so damned


- - - - - chagrin

I was just caught staring

- - - - - shame

I thought I was different from other

ditz brained girls

- - - - - guilt

I cant believe I did that

- - - - - anger

I cannot believe

I did that!

- - - - - AnnoyAnce:

why couldn't he have not looked,

just for a bit longer?

and underneath it all, almost buried

by the stream of sensations

was something i'd call


…he's so dammed pretty!

the room seemed unusually warm all of a sudden.


:.:.:I could feel someone




-(it's her.)

a badly disguised jerk of the head

and her eyes avOided mine.

this surprised me

but I couldn't fight the tiny smile

that TUGged at a corner of my lips-

she was determinedly facing the

opposite direction.

From where i sat

I could see the pink tint to

her neck and cheeks- - and

before i even realized,

my hand was on

the lower half of my own face

covering up the laugh

threatening to break out

she was kind of…


kind-of really damn cute.

thank God everyone's too

occupied to notice our

identical facial colorations:.:.:


In the past, the term


was a word regarded

with light contempt. Sure,

i Love

- - - my parents

- - - friends

- - - family

everyone close to me

i love with all my


but the kind of 'love' you see

in movies

- - - a man takes a beautiful girl (he barely knows)

carrying her off and away to live







What a disgusting concept.

I am better than that.

I pride myself

for being above silly, girlish…


meaningless ideals to waste our time.

so what do you call this


(a distraction, that's what)

every glance,

the heart

- - - skips

the stomach

- - - dances

and suddenly,

the mind is on overload

until i'm worn out and ready to


Love shouldn't have to be this hard.


:.:.: Each fist pounds in time

to the beating mantra

chanting in my


i can't make her


i'm not what she


being with me will





i know.

i know.

Dammit, i know.

but the war of head vs.


is interesting.

- - - (not)

all those years of training

- - - discipline

- - - control

out the window and forgotten



clumsy and idle)


(clamoring for attention

when heart-warming presence

comes to noTicE)

and this constant battle to control


is exHaUStiNg.

yet strangely addicting.

i don't BeLiEvE i

could stop if i



y'know, it's interesting:

I wouldnt call it love

Definitely not Love.
but it's something suspiciously like

nothing to grasp
on to, no way to be in
that giddy, weightless sensation
(-pretending to have wings-)
until the ground comes up
to crush you, smash you,

and you never soar again.

That oncoming ground is what terrifies me.

desperately trying to escape
the inevitable pull towards

the ground,

towards him.

i don't even remember
what i'm running from anymore.

-a quick glance-
(oh. right.)

but i want him.

Want Him.

Need to have him with
a kind of desire,
a kind of pull that
i had never felt


he mAkes me feel high.
High up above, in the
, waiting in

Waiting for the



It's getting harder and harder to

dreams of her smiles
dominate every waking

every unconscious
and i find it
to ConCENtRatE on
anything else.

she is
contagiously light and

it's all I can do to

the urge to take her,
to hold her delicate, weightless frame

and crush her-

- no -
to bring her solidity-

or to lift me up?

Is ThaT i want?
To depend on another
being to BANISH
this monster of

That she could
penetrate the darkness,
slice through to the
, the source of the


the hurt

the doubt

and then what?

perhaps it's just to
to Imagine,

to Pretend that she could possibly,
want me.

that something,
someone in this world would
agree to be


And then i felt a pang of
For I had already began
allowing myself to


for completion,

for HAppinEsS.
For a future.

For other such

non-attainable things.



Dreams of

silky hair

broad shoulders

Endlessly white, cloudy skies

are Dancing through my HEAD


(not forgotten, just


i look through the window

and a surge of

enchantment arises.

The world of storm clouds and

hazy mist is

Magic on Earth.

i feel it in the movement of

people pulling out


trying to protect against the


not understanding the


not knowing the

Joy of embracing


forget them.

i step out, into tears of the heavens.

tears of joy

or sorrow?

it's the same in the


but I say

washing the dirt,

the filth

the grime from the earth

deserves commemoration.

Arms to the sky, Spin through

life Eyes closed, Hands out. feeling


drop of

rain, and WELCOMING it as one's


Know this,

that true wings

cannot be diminished by

mere water, mere clouds

cannot harm true


We have nothing to be afraid of.


a voice cuts through to me


staring at me through those



almost mortified, yet giddy

soaring high in the downpour

i felt myself take his

cold hands

pulling him with me, whispering

how could i?

see the way cloudy eyes soften.

tiptoeing, a soft brush of the cheek.


a glance over the shoulder

(the air turning

dusty gold with particles of


last smile of the lips,

last press of the hands.

and turn to walk back home.


:.:.:One afternoon

while not stalking a certain


hearing patters of droplets

hitting the ground


seeing her slip out the back


What the hell

am i doing?

Almost ashamed, almost

backing away

until flashes of movement

catch my eye.


the Heart leaps

then dances

at the sight of

a beautiful girl

skipping through the droplets.

taptaptap goes

the rain,

as something inside

keeps time

Derived, perhaps,

from the same insanity

as that breathless,



i find myself saying

the first, brainless

thing that comes to mind.

You'll catch cold


Idiot! as if


as if telling her to


she turns and glances,

wide brown eyes startled

but then-

a confident flash

of a dazzling smile

and i dimly sense her come


her hands were so small

so delicate.

so warm.


as she leaned up

as i stood still

- - - afraid if I moved

she might shatter

and disappear with the


'how could i?'

she whispers, staring

straight into my


i don't move,

even when her face brushes

against mine, when her

breath is soft in my ear.

Rain is Magic.

and with that, she lets go

leaving me electrified,

each hair standing on end

at attention.

she spins around through the rain

glancing once more through

dark lashes,

then disappears.

Magic Indeed

Was my last coherent thought, feeling




It wasn't until i arrived home

that i even realized i was

soaked to the

bone. :.:.:


I had a dream.

One of those typical dreams,

where you're flying. Well,

Flying or Falling, (who knows) –

but in the end, you


awake, to the realization that

you Cannot win in life.

Only this time, it was different.

This time, i was falling

except not.

it was a gentle,

tender sensation, the

white clouds floating by leisurely against

the dark black sky -

as if aware of the fact that

there was no hurry.

we would get to where we were

going in due time, leaving no time

whatsoever to rush.

i turned lazily about in the

clouds, staring up above when

a sense of urgency pulled me down.

i had to find him.

i panicked, dropping several feet, a

wave of terror gripping

my chest. Something



would happen if i did not find...


what was I looking for?
i had no idea.

But i must find

Him, i must-

where was he?

frantic sobbing tore through my throat,

and I felt tear drops roll

like droplets of rain.

Thunder rolled in the distance, and

Something was exploding (taptaptap) in my

chest, coldly gripping

my lungs.

and then his voice was in

my ear.

a wave of relief washes over me,

and i reached down, touching

his ice cold hand

feeling blue veins of warmth

rushing through his arm:

giving him strength


pulling him up, next to me.

The storm passes, and


we rise, nestled comfortably,


in the clouds.

I was happy.


:.:.: i lay in bed

that night

Thinking about,


thinking about my


thinking about




and what it means to be


i spent my whole


living to please another

be it my family

my clan

my duty

and never once have i complained

after all, what's the use?

but Freedom wasn't simply being

free from fear

from oppression

wasn't simply knowing that things would never


Freedom was Choice.

Choice to be frightened,

Choice to leap off that cliff, into the


Choice was Uncertainty, and

uncertainty was Fear,

but Choice is Foremost and Always


i Chose to be Free.

with Her.



I wouldn't call it love


still not love…


Oh, who am i kidding?

if this isn't love, then

i'd be Terrified to learn what

realtrue love might be.

but you know,

They say that
the eyes are the windows

to the soul

and through those windows lie
pools of emotion.

Drown yourself in those pools

(surge and swirl),


in the depths of those pools.


Through his eyes, i saw the sky.

hidden by clouds

held back by

something, but
- - - white
- - - open

eternal heavens nonetheless.

Clouds can't mask Forever, and

mist can't hold down Sky.

I don't want to Drown
or Crash

or be Trapped in the ground


I want to fly
soar into the forever,

the waking dream of hope.

with him.

Together on our wings,

:.:-:-:.: We'll Never Come Down~ :.:-:-:.: