We're doing this as our school fall drama this year, and I liked how we were doing it, so I made this up- I picture my castmates when writing this, not the people in the movie or anything. Enjoy! Review, alert, fav!


We ran through the trees, giggling, laughing, excited and nervous, our stomachs in knots.

I led two girls, Mary Warren, the servant girl at my home, and Diana- a tall, raven-haired, pale girl who was generally very awkward.

"Julie!" they cried as we ran to Tituba and the fire.

"Come on then!" I cried out and ran faster, my legs carrying me well. "Tituba, Tituba, we have everything."

"What's going on, what are we doing?"

"Make him mine, Tituba!"

All the girls chattered excitedly, except Betty Parris and Ruth Putnam, both were too young to be here- but were anyway.

Mary sat beside Diana, looking very nervous and shy, almost afraid.

I stood on Tituba's right, and on Tituba's left was Abigail Williams- the leader of this group. She used to serve at my house, until my parents kicked her out. I had felt sorry for her, and became her friend. Mercy, Susanna and other girls like my good friend Charlotte were there, and we were laughing and smiling. Tituba shushed us and ushered us to sit on the dirty forest floor. We did so, and looked up to her expectantly.

"Whatya bring me?" she looked around the fire.

I looked around at everyone, waiting to see who would go first. Mercy was brave enough. "Joseph Baker." She kissed some herbs and threw them in the concoction.

Susana wanted Matthew Hopkins, and everyone went.

"Jacob Smith."

"John Andrews."

"Jacob Pope."

"Adam Walk."

One on top of the other practically.

"John Willard." I got close to the fire and threw a flower in. John. My father's name was John. I wanted him to be like my father, as he was a good man- never drunk, but always working hard. I wished I could be so lucky to find a man that would treat me as well as Dad did Mom. Mr. Willard was exactly that. He was the man that could replace my father for me.

I sat back down, and Tituba looked across the leaping flames to the little ones. I looked as well. She called their names, and they put in a live frog and newt.

I turned to Diana and whispered to her about how awful it was, how dreadful- a living creature…Tituba began to chant, and we all began to rock from side to side, trying to get into it. Mercy at one point cried out to Tituba to make Joesph Baker fall in love with her, and she, in a happy place, smiled and rested her head on Susanna's shoulder.

"Who do you want Abby?" Susanna said to Abigail.

"Proctor." Mercy said knowingly.

I widened my eyes, looking at my older friend.

Susanna cried out to the forest, "Abby wants John Proctor!"

Everyone laughed, and I weakly joined in, I didn't want to seem the odd one out.

Abigail was into the chant, and got up and started not only dancing, but dancing wildly.

We all looked to her as our header, and we all whispered to each other about it, and then with the same excited faces and thoughts in mind, we began to dance around as well. Some began to strip- like Mercy stripped naked.

In the height of it all, Abigail grabbed the chicken Tituba was swinging above her head and drank its blood.

"Abby no!" Betty cried out to her cousin.

Mr. Parris entered and yelled, "What is this mischief!" We all screamed and scattered, running as fast as our legs could carry us.

Betty stopped and collapsed and Abby ran back to drag her off.

"I can't move! I can't move!" she screamed hoarsely, while her father watched in horror and shock.