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Red Bird nearly had it that time, he landed on the ground in a disappointing thud, after failing to breach the castle walls. The pigs inside laughed, pointed fingers at Red Bird as he walked back to the slingshot for another go. Already 3 hours had passed, and still there hadn't been much progress. With the help of other birds, he would reclaim the eggs in just minutes. This time however, he was on his own, as the other birds have errands to run.

He took a moment to redeem himself before getting back on the slingshot, Red Bird stared at the castle he was laying siege on: A stone and concrete structure erected with 8 sides, no more than 5 meters tall. Small windows were popped-mark on each side, all of them guarded by steel bars. From the sky, the fortress looked like an octagon, the roof itself was a solid layer of steel.

The pigs sure know their geometry, thought Red Bird, I've struck the same spot at least 5 times and it didn't even crack.

The pigs probably had the concrete walls reinforced with rebar, steel bars that give support the concrete with flexibility as a bonus. Figures, it felt solid every time Red Bird struck it. The castle probably took weeks to build, with intense labor. Its a wonder that building the fortress in the savanna without going unnoticed by many, Red Bird saw it for miles when he was chasing the pigs.

Can't give up, thought Red Bird as he pulled back on the slingshot, Gotta get the eggs, must get the eggs.

This time, Red Bird aimed for the windows, which he should have done in the beginning. He took a deep breath and released the slingshot, launching himself in an impressive ark before impacting the castle for the billionth time. In the cruelest irony, Red Bird managed to get himself stuck in the window's security bars. The squeeze hurt a lot, and the thought of doing this alone wasn't helping him much either.

Crap, Red Bird thought, I'm stuck.

Red Bird tries to squeeze himself out of the bars, not even the "sucking in the gut" trick worked for him. Disappointed, he sat there for a moment thinking how stupid he was on attacking the fortress with a one bird army. As the thinks, he gazed into the room he happened to find. The room wasn't that big, and it was impressive. Black and green tile floor, avocado tables, a chrome kitchen sink, a highly advanced refrigerator, a chrome microwave, and an induction cooktop.

Decent lighting illuminated the place, those ice-cream cone bulbs that everyone calls CFLs are in every light socket in the room, possibly throughout the entire castle. Red Bird stared at one, a bit fascinated by the lighting. Eco-friendly as they claim, the CFLs contained Mercury, a toxic liquid metal, and Red Bird wished to break them to poison the pigs.

They'll be more green once I'm done with them, thought Red Bird, Heh heh.

The door to the room opened, and Red Bird froze in fear. It was a pig, wearing an apron and a toge, or whatever they called those chef hats. Red Bird tried to break free, but no dice. He glanced at the pig, and saw that he wasn't interested with him. He was interested in something else.

He was holding a wooden bowl, Red Bird looked closely at whats inside it, squinting his eyes for a better view: It was the eggs. A rush of adrenaline filled his body as Red Bird tried his best to wrestle himself free, so he could come into the room and beat the crap out of the pig and retrieve the eggs. "Kaw-kaw!" screamed Red Bird, "Kaw!"

The pig ignored him, focused on getting things ready, ready for what? Red Bird soon realized that the room he was looking at was a kitchen, and the pig was going to cook the eggs to serve to his filthy king. "Kaw-kaw!" screamed Red Bird again.

Again, the pig ignored him, as he got out a frying pan from a cabinet. Red Bird wondered why the pig wasn't paying any attention to him, until he saw the tiny headphones he was wearing.

He's listening from an Ipod, thought Red Bird, Great.

The pig poured cooking oil into the frying pan as he turned on the induction cook-top, Red Bird squirm, desperate to break free. The bars suddenly felt tighter, sucking in more air was making sure that Red Bird would stay put. "KAAA! KAAAA!" he screamed as loud as possible, "SHHH!"

Once the pot was hot enough, the pig was just about to grab one of the eggs until he saw Red Bird in the tight situation. "OWEE!" the pig screamed.

Oh sh#t, thought Red Bird.

Before he knew it, the pig grabbed a nearby pot from the cabinet and threw it at Red Bird. The pot slammed into Red Birds face, freeing him from his entrapment. He fell from the window and fell back to earth in a loud thud, normally he would get up but the pain in his beak hurt more than he could bare. He laid there on on his back, groaning from his epic failure. Stars swirl over his head, they almost appear to be taunting him. Red Bird lift his wing and swat the imaginary stars away.

He tasted blood in his beak, and felt stinging pain when he touched it at its source. Red Bird realized his beak was broken, he dreaded what he would find in the mirror once he get back home. When considering to get back onto the slingshot to kamikaze again, he heard something land on the ground nearby. Red Bird looked up, and his heart sank to the pit of his stomach.

The eggs, the eggs he came so far to get back, was now nothing more than shells of their former selves. The life they once carried, gone, removed by the pig who was cooking them. Tears filled Red Birds eyes as he got back up, he approached the shells and nudged one of them, just to make sure they're real. Indeed, they were.

Above, he heard the pigs were laughing at him. He made the mistake to look up and saw their ugly faces through the barred windows, one of them spat something out of his mouth and out the window. When it land, Red Bird saw that it was chewed up white yoke from one of the eggs, or a little bit from all of the eggs. He looked at the pig who spat it out and saw the crown on his head.

King Pig, thought Red Bird, Why?

He was too hurt, both physically from the broken beak and the emotionally from the destruction of the eggs. Red Bird gathered up the shells as the pigs continued to laugh at him, then carried them off away from the castle. He was going to return home a defeated bird.