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Weeks past before the couple got results: 4 freshly laid eggs.

It was a proud achievement, an achievement Red Bird and Female Red Bird had accomplished once before. After nearly a year, here they are again, expecting healthy chicks. Red Bird wouldn't had survived his injuries without the help of the White Bird's grandfather. He was tired of treating Red Bird for his injuries, and upon hearing that the birds are going to give chicken eggs to the pigs for gold, made him pack his backs and left. He does not want to associate with the Angry Birds anymore, he was done nursing them back to health.

Realizing this, White Bird took up the medicine profession and did his research about bird analogy and treatment of fractures, poisoning, and other stuff. Seeing that they were still in good hands when hurt made all the birds feel better, it also told them to be more careful. The Blue Bird trio however, had deaf ears when learning, and so got themselves numerous lacerations after launching themselves into glass. Upon treating the blue birds, White Bird nicknamed one of them "Glass Jaw" for the large glass fragment lodged in its beak. The name soon stuck.

Several chickens were able to make a living upon selling the unfertilized eggs they produce to the pigs, the gold they managed to earn raised their income levels greatly. Pigs will pay at least 2 grams of gold for each egg they buy, they managed to earn about 6 grams of gold per week, that's about 360 grams of gold per year. Once the birds had enough money to afford food, they went on to perform upgrades on their home. Eventually they were generous enough to get a library built in their area.

It was a great improvement for the bird community, especially for Red Bird as he donated all of the books he had bought to the "The Cardinal Library," since he no longer had a use for them. Ironically, Red Bird's books were the first books to be shelved in the library since there weren't any books to speak of. The Red Baron also donated a few copies of his Angry Birds book to the library, it was a good start and so birds, young ones to be exact, began to flock here to learn something.

Realizing that the library needed more books, Red Bird decided to make his own autobiography of the second Angry Birds war. However, that book will had to wait since there were going to be chicks that needed to be raised.

Red Bird never heard any more from King Pig, having gone quiet after his last visit to the capital city. Neither had he heard more about that assassin that tried to kill him, all he heard was that the assassin had been roasted on a fire, nothing more. He buried those thoughts in his mind, not wanting to think of them again. He gazed at the nest of eggs his mate had laid, who was also ogling over them with him.

That's when he heard a noise, a buzzing sound swirling behind him. He didn't had to look over his back as the source flew overhead above him, it was a house fly. The fly swirled around their heads for a few seconds before landing on one of the eggs. Female Red Bird growled, ready to pounce on the fly for disturbing her eggs. Red Bird stopped her though, and shook his head no.

They watch as the fly grooved its legs with its long tongue before taking flight again, with sharp reflexes Red Bird caught it mid-air with his beak. Female Red Bird opened her beak and Red Bird placed the fly inside her mouth, she chewed it up before swallowing.

As the two hugged each other, they heard something hard slam into the front door. Startled, Red Bird approached the door cautiously as Female Red Bird guard the eggs. When he looked out the window, he saw green pigs hiding in the far distance. Red Bird cracked the door open and spot what appeared to be a package sitting in the front door. He stepped outside and closed the door before examining the package.

He pecked at it with his beak, expecting a reaction: nothing. Red Bird turned it over to see what was underneath, he found none still. He knew it was from the pigs, but habits picked up during the Angry Birds war told him not to trust it. So Red Bird pushed the small package from a comfortable distance from the hut before carefully unwrapped it, he didn't tore off the packaging, only removed the tap and reversed the wrapping process.

The packaging revealed a cardboard box, its lid duct taped shut. Red Bird carefully cut the duct tape with his beak and opened the lid. He thought it was a bomb, or thought it was filled with Anthrax. What Red Bird found was something that made him feel that his time was wasted and his emotions played with: a block of lead.

Red Bird looked at the pigs nearby, they were laughing their tails off. Grumbling under his breath, Red Bird turned back to the hut and headed back inside. He shut the door behind him and reached for his flashlight, Female Red Bird wondered what he was doing when he shined the powerful flashlight up against their eggs. Inside 3 of the eggs, they managed to see the silhouette of the developing chick inside. The forth egg, however, had none.

This one's a dud, thought Red Bird, Perfect.

Red Bird sat the flashlight aside and picked up the dud egg, Female Red Bird did nothing to stop him as he took the egg outside of the hut and towards the pigs outside. When they saw him approach with the egg, they just stood there in a stupor as their brains try to make sense of the situation. Red Bird protects his eggs from the pigs, not give them away.

He sat the egg down in front of them and head back inside, Red Bird shuts the door behind him as he and his mate each looked out a window. The pigs stared at the egg for a moment, as if they're waiting for it to do something. Then one of them nudged it, and the egg exploded.

The egg showers the pigs in a sickly green slime and the grass around it, they all screamed as they ran away. The stench from the egg alone was bad enough, but wearing it was even worse. Red Bird and Female Red Bird laughed as the pigs ran off to the horizon, probably looking desperately for a water source to wash themselves in.

We're not going to see them for awhile. Thought Red Bird.

He and Female Red Bird stopped laughing when they heard the eggs shifting in the nest, they turned around and saw that they were moving. They rushed up to the nest and watch as the eggs shift and jump around, it was a distinct sign that they were hatching. Female Red Bird gasped as one of the eggs cracked, Red Bird peered closer for a better look.

Can it be? he thought.

When the egg cracked open and a little yellow beak stuck out, Red Bird fainted and collapsed onto the ground.