Welcome to another Ask the Marauders! The standings are as before, so let's get the show on the road!

Remus: You know, I like being back. I forgot how fun it was to answer these questions!

Lily: Yeah, but we might have to get back to school soon.

Sirius: Yeah, and then we can't make any more shows after that...

Remus: Well... I guess this show is coming to a close.

Lily: Aww...can we get in two more chapters?

Sirius: Sure. Here's the first question...*gasps*

Remus: What?

James: Is it...?

Sirius: JACKY.

Dear Marauders and Lily,

Glad to see you guys are back. Although I hope you will continue to to pull your pranks on the students of Hogwarts, especially in History of Magic. I need something to keep me awake during that class.

James: I have no question for you. Sorry! Since you have been avoiding me since the slaughter of Ravenclaw vs. Gryffindor I just have to rub it in a little. HA! WE BEAT YOU LIONS! WOOO! Okay I'm done now. Don't want to hurt your feelings or anything.

Sirius (Yes I called you that): Since I am trying to be nice (apparently I am very touchy) I'll just ask you a question. I've heard a rumor you have a tattoo is this true?

Remus: Congratualations on having the most fans! You definitly deserve it. My question is: what is your patronus? You might have already mentioned it, but I already forgot.

Peter: This question has been bugging me, how much do you like cheese? I know, random, but considering your animagus can influence you a bit.

Lily: What was the first detention you have ever gotten?

Invisible voice/ author: Are you on Pottermore? What's your username?

Well, have a nice day loves! Don't let the hippogriffs bite!

-Jacky Dupree, A Ravenclaw who is very confused she got Gryffindor on Pottermore, I mean HOW does that happen when I'm nothing like a Gryffindor...ahem, ending the letter now.

Sirius: Alright, I have the list of insults here. Now, what did she say?

James: She...asked if you had a tatoo.

Sirius: Actually, yes. I have a tattoo on my back. It's a hippogriff. Now, what else did she say?

Lily: Well...that's it.

Sirius: WHAT? *reads questions* She...didn't insult me. Huh...alright then. Hm...

James: About that whole Quidditch match, that was RIGGED! That bludger couldn't have just 'Accidentaly' hit our seeker's broom, making him tilt off course and have your seeker get the snitch. The odds of that happening are...

Remus: 2 in 1,314,561. So yeah. Very unlikely. I, being a beater, saw that bludger stop in midair and hurl itself after our seeker. Very unlikely that was an accident.

Sirius: I tried to stop it before it got to him, but I was too high up.

Lily: Can we talk about something BESIDES Quiddetch?

James: Fine. Answer your question, dear.

Lily: I haven't gotton a detention YET, although I got close to one. I was blamed for putting a hex on Lucius Malfoy, although I didn't. Slughorn was in a bad mood that day, so he didn't really listen, but I got out after I explained it to him.

Can I answer my question?

Remus: Sure. Answer away, Invisable Voice!

My Pottermore user name is FangChestnut30803. Hope to see you on Pottermore!

James: I don't know what that is, but sense it has my last name, it must be sweet. Sign me up!

Lily:*shakes head* You are so big-headded.

Peter: Do I like cheese? Yes! It's wierd, but I didn't really like cheese before I was an animagus, but now I LOVE it! Maybe your right, and my animagus is influencing me a bit...wierd.

Remus: Oh, and my patronus is a wolf, kinda obvious. Well, it looks like a dog, but it's a little bigger then Sirius' patronus, which looks like a dog, so I'm going for wolf.

James: Next question!

Girl with black hair and amber eyes: HEY! :)*waves frantically* We're your biggest fans!

Boy with black hair, eyes and a blue feather tattoo on his temple: You mean, /you're/ their biggest fan.

Red-brown haired girl with aqua eyes: Oh, hush. *turns to marauders and waves* hi, I'm Rosy Nicholas.

Other Girl: I'm Topaz Wilkins.



Rosy: And that's Crow. Don't ask what his last name is, we don't know.

Topaz: We have a few questions we want to ask. James, you're the chaser for the Gryffindor quidditch team, correct? What's the record of goals that you've scored in a game?

Rosy: Sirius, what kinds of hair products do you use? I feel the need for someone to have a makeover. *Looks at Crow, who backs away nervously*

Topaz: Remus, not a question but, GET A GIRL! Preferably, a certain metamorphmagus! Not everyone is repelled by werewolves as you think! And, it has been proven that you cannot become a werewolf because one of your parents was one! The most that can happen is these. *Black wolf ears prick upwards from underneath her hair* And I think they're bloody awesome.

Crow: She has a tail too.

Rosy: Shut up. Peter, I'm sorry but I really don't have a proper question for you, so I'll pluck one off the top of my head. What's your family like?

Crow: And Lily, can you please teach me those undetectable silencing charms? *turns to where Topaz is squealing at a high pitch for no reason*

Rosy: And that's all for now.

Both girls: BYE! :)

Crow: *mumbles* And /I/ was the one who got a positive test for insanity?

Remus: Huh. Strange letter...but many questions!

James: I'll answer first! Hm. One time I got 148 points, but that was against my younger cousin, and she really wasn't trying. In a official game here, I got 92.

Sirius: Yeah, and I unseated 7 people once with ONE Bludger!

Remus: Yeah, but out of those 7 people, three of them where on OUR team.

Sirius:...shut up.

Peter: My family? Uh, there ok I guess. Not like Sirius'!

Sirius: Well, nobody has a family quite like me. Oh, and I make my own shampoo and conditioners. I find that the official shampoo's don't give my hair nice volume.

Lily: Uh, the undetectable scilencing charm is very simple. We learned it in about a week, and it's just a scilencing charm with an undetectable spell over it. It's in 'Standard book of spells-Grade 5.'

Remus: Wait, you got wolf ears? AND A tail? Wow...that's...odd. I have heard of it before, but it is very rare. But there IS a chance that my kid could be a werewolf. I just couldn't bare to give this curse to my child. But, there is also a chance that nothing will happen, and he could be normal. I can't take that risk. Anyway, next question.

Dear Marauders,

Remus:i know you can not date because of your "furry little problem" but what if a certain girl (ME!) also had a "furry little problem"?

Lily:hows your lovelife?

Sirius: dose Remus have a wingman?

James & Peter: i dont have nothing to say to you...exsept...(put in a good word with Remus for me...:)

love alice,ravenclaw

Remus: Wow...there are alot more werewolves out there then I thought. Huh...well, if I WAS to go out with another werewolf...that might actually be ok, but then there is 100% that if I had a child, it would be a werewolf. I couldn't do that.

Lily: My lovelife? Well, fine I guess.

James: Fine? Just fine?

Lily: *shrugs* Yeah.


Sirius: No, Remus doesn't have a wingman yet. Actually, he is my wingman sometimes.

Remus: Sometimes. But mostly I make sure that the poor girl know's what she is getting into before I tell her your good points. So far, I can only think of one: He will only date you for a week. Three weeks, tops.

Sirius: Hey! No wonder I haven't gotten any girlfriends when you where my wingman...

James: Well, that's all the time we have today! Please join us next time! Bye!

The next chapter will be the last, unless I get more questions. Sorry, but I think this story has been pretty long as-is, but don't worry, I will keep writing! Just not on this.