A/N. This is my second Bleach Zanpakuto Rebellion Fanfic. This was mainly brought about by the fact that one of my favorite zanpakuto is Sogyo no Kotowari. There are not a whole lot of fanfic out there that mention this zanpakuto. This is a Fem!IchigoXSogyo no Kotowari fanfic, with the relationship being Sogyo no Kotowari acting as older brothers (By about a year) to their younger sister figure Ichigo, who has transformed into a zanpakuto. Remember that I make things up as I go. This was written as a result of a request from Solitus, who asked really nicely. I should tell you that I am willing to do fanfics upon request, but only if it's a fanfic for something I have knowledge about. Anyway, please enjoy!

Summary: The Zanpakuto are rebelling. After finding a wounded Rukia, one 15 year old Ichigo Kurosaki leaves with Yoruichi to help out. Yoruichi leaves her to her own devices, only for Ichigo to fuse with Zangetsu and become a whole new zanpakuto. Is it possible that Ichigo may not have been human to begin with? Please read, I did pretty bad with that summary, but it's better then it sounds.

Warning: Zanpakuto Fem!Ichigo.

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Prologue: Traitorous Zanpakuto!

Kurosaki Clinic-

The whole area was various shades of blue. Giant skyscrapers that reached for the heavens acted as the ground and sky. In the center stood a 15 year old girl with strawberry blonde hair. She looked for a particular being that could be found here. She spotted him easily, as he was clothed in a black trench coat with ragged ends.

"Zangetsu!" she called out as she jogged over to him. He seemed to be slightly distressed about something. "What's the matter?" she asked him in concern. Zangetsu watched his wielder closely.

His wielder was a girl who had had a difficult childhood so far compared to most. Her mother had been killed by a hollow right in front of her. and she had been ostracized by other kids because of her strange hair color and the fact that she could see ghosts from a very young age. The girl wasn't even human, but still, she was young, still not having awakened to her true form yet.

She had recently begun to revert to a childish set of mind at seemingly random moments. And Zangetsu himself was hearinig aint voices, a clear sign that something was off with her innerworld. It was proved further when it started to change on a occasion, taking the appearance of a playground at night, with a full moon in the sky, rather then the skyscrapers he had become accustomed to. It would change back, but it was still disconcerting.

"Ichigo...Don't you feel that something strange is happening here?" he asked his wielder. Ichigo stayed silent, somewhat pensive, as she was not one to tell others, even her own zanpakuto, when something was wrong. She preferred, instead, to stay silent about it, and place a fake smile instead to dissuade them from worrying about her. And it worked quite well.

She sighed as she finally admitted,

"I feel as if somethings changing...Like somethings awakening that shouldn't be right now..." she looked off in the distance as the words died on her lips. Zangetsu sighed as he did not like how things were going one bit.

"Be careful...Ichigo." his voice carried a tone of warning, causing Ichigo to give a curt nod in understanding, before she was sent back to the realm of dreams.

Outside the 1st Division Barracks-

A group of strangely dressed people walked toward the large metal doors of the 1st Division.

In the Head Captain's Office-

Genryusai sat at his desk, sorting out paperwork having to do with the affairs of the Gotei 13, orders from the Central 46, and just general business. Suddenly he heard a knock from the door to his office. His Lieutenant got up and went to see who it was.

"Hello? Who's there?" The Sotaicho had a bad feeling suddenly...

At Sokyoku Hill-

All the Captains and Lieutenants of the Gotei 13 were assembled at Sokyoku Hill, thanks to being summoned by the Head Captain. The things was that there was a distinct lack of the old man who ran the Gotei 13 and his Lieutenant anywhere. He was not a man who kept people waiting when it came to important meetings, especially sudden ones like this. Something was off.

In the distance, the silhoette of a man could be seen through the fog. The Lieutenant stummbled off the bridge, collapsing to the ground before anyone could say a word. Unohana, the Captain of 4th Division flashstepped to the fallen man's side. After a quick diagnosis she announced to the assembled Shinigami,

"He's passed out from a heart attack." she stated, telling her Lieutenant to take the man back to the barracks. Isane nodded as she picked up the man gently, and flashstepped away.

Suddenly everyone's attention was drawn back to the bridge. There was a group of people dressed in varying degress of strange clothing. At the head of the group was a man with red-violet hair, and lilac eyes. His whole demeanor was calm, despite the tense situation.

Suddenly, several people appeared behind some of the captain-level shinigami, and walked over to the man. They all looke back at them when they finally stopped walking.

The man in purple started to speak loudly,

"My name is Muramasa. That is all you need to know, for tonight, the reign of the shinigami...IS OVER!" all heck broke loose after that declaration. War had started Seireitei yet again.

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