PLEASE READ! First story I'm putting up. This is a time-travel fic, and will eventually contain strong mature content (of which I will have warning prepared for when that happens; you read ahead from that at your own violation). I'm not sure where to take this story, and am very much needy of a direction to take it in.


I don't understand this fascination I have for him, our new professor. Professor Haze. He's a beautiful boy, who's now teaching us our DADA. His theory on teaching is new and I find myself smiling in class, especially when he praises me so.

"Seeing as these are utterly dangerous, known at the Unforgivables, the Ministry will only allow me to let you practice on dummies. However, before that, I'd like three students to volunteer for testing them first. Note, you need to know all three and know that you can do them successfully,", his soothing, smooth voice told us. I, naturally, raised my own hand. Along with several others as well. "Hmm, well, Riddle, you're an intelligent young man with enough power, so you come right up here.", he commanded, and I obeyed immediately. I'm taller than him, by some height, and his ravenous black locks twisted around his lithe, slim frame. He couldn't be older than seventeen, no, no older. It was his eyes that were half-hidden by thin half-moon spectacles that caught the most attention though. They were that of bright spring-green in the sunlight, and almond-shaped surrounded by thick curling lashes. He was beautiful, no-ethereal, and I know I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Many of the other Slytherin boys are seriously considering him as a potential bride. Considering male wizards can bear child, it doesn't surprise me. The only reason they aren't actively pursuing him is because of me. I had already claimed him mine in that I have smiled in his class, that I do not seek to flatter him uselessly. Not that any compliment would be wasted on him. He's gorgeous, he's smart, he can be sweet or vicious and he's perfect all around.

Of course, my stake on him means nothing to those of the other houses, but they can be silenced as well.

"Malfoy, you come up here too. And…How about…Yes, yes, Lupin, you have a strong will.", he murmured the last bit to himself, and I wondered on that for second. Was he choosing people with the highest ability to do the curses? He lined us up, then flicked his wand, sending the desks (and sitting students) back a bit startling them in the process. "Okay, Lupin, you will be doing the Imperious Curse. Malfoy, you will have the Cruciatus Curse, and Riddle, you'll try the Killing Curse, alright? We'll be doing this with a live specimen. Lupin, please stand right there. Yes, there, right across from me. Try casting it, I showed you the wrist movements last class remember?"

"Wait, on-...On you?", he asked incredulously. I can see why. What was he doing?

"Of course, love. Now do it before I use you as the victim of it.", he threatened with a strong glare that had even some of the other teachers scared of him. "Make me do something odd, or silly.", he was asking to make Lupin embarrass him? However, the foolish Gryffindor only nodded, getting into stance. Soon the word was out and I saw the spell flying towards him and then he...

Did absolutely nothing but smirk. And that smirk looked so delectable on those ruby-like lips of his, so full and soft-looking...

"Very good, Lupin, very good. You executed it perfectly. However, the Imperious curse is only as strong as the person's power and will. If the person you're casting it on has a will stronger than your own, even while under the attack, then Imperious will have no use.", he explained, much to the awe of the students. I, however, blinked. I had not known that. "Alright, Malfoy,", he waved Abraxas forward while gesturing for Lupin to sit back down. "This one needs the want to do this spell. Think of someone you absolutely loathe and abhor, then imagine that I'm that person. Do not hold back, or you will also have the pleasure of feeling your nerve-ending being electrocuted in a slow, painful manner."

"Of course, Professor.", he replied smoothly. I don't particularly like Abraxas; he has been spending too much time staring and speaking of Professor Haze for me to be comfortable with him any longer. "Crucio!", the blond snarled out, the beam shooting across the room and landing straight at his heart. I heard one of the Hufflepuff girls scream in terror at simply seeing such a malicious spell hit one of the most-favored teachers. My attentions were on Haze, though. He had grit his teeth together and looked like he was trembling almost violently. It was called off not a moment after and he let out a large sigh, slumping slightly.

"That was impeccable, Malfoy. You have a talent for it,", he praised with a sly smile as he looked up at him. I felt the horrible little monster known simply as 'jealousy' begin to claw viciously at my chest and did nothing to abate the thing. I knew it was irrational, but I felt slightly angry with my love. Abraxas does not deserve his attention, his compliments. "Riddle, it's your turn now.", wait, what?

Surely he can't mean-

I mean, he'd-he'd die, and I'd have-I'd be the one to destroy him, my-my love, no!

"Riddle, calm yourself,", he ordered sharply. Were my emotions showing? My worry and concern? My horror at the though of him being even the slightest hurt, the smallest chance of him getting away from me? "Listen to me, Riddle. You will not kill me. Think of it this way, I am someone you hate someone who has stood in your way and mocked you. You hate me. You want me dead. Now do it!", he commanded harshly, and I-I...

"Avada Kedavra!"


So? What do you think? Continue, leave go? And if i continue, what kind of problems should there be? And a suitable name for our lovely Professor Haze? Will he reveal himself and ihs origins to Tom? Will this mess up the time-line? Or is he in another universe?

There are so many ways to continue this, and I don't know which to choose. I'm torn, you could say. Please help!