Note: Read this, please.I LOVE YOU ALL! Do you think a Veela would have an animagnus? Or will he just turn into some beautiful giant swan? So, I heard some things, and would like to speak of them to waste your time/address your concerns.

Abraxas seems popular. That is what most is. I'm Harry-Centric, and don't believe in anyone loving someone else than him. It's just the way I am. Besides, I think this jolt will make Tom very jealous. Not exactly push him away, but in earlier chapters, you may have noticed he gets the smallest bit fierce over Jazz-dear. I don't think he'll feel betrayed. He sees Jazz, as of now, as property, his pet and tool. He just wants to assert control over him at this point. This will change with a bit of time and tension, and watching the other two react, especially Abraxas when he sees how Riddle is now treating their mate. A fight will ensue, but not quite yet. For now, they'll just…Well, you'll see.

AND! I know some people were all like, 'Don't bond YET!', however, when I last left off, you may have noticed the whole, Creature-side take-over. Note something here, Abraxas seemed confused about why he liked Haze so much. He doesn't realize he's a Veela. I mean, if you have a mate, they could be anywhere in the world! His parents probably didn know or wanted to spare the 'shame' on their son. Or thought it was finally dormant. Not only that, but for how long Jazz's creature-side was repressed he can't quite control it right now and he's in a very unstable situation where he is confused and doesn't feel at all loved. Abraxas was offering that, unconditional love, and he took that. Fuck, if you're a Mate, you're a goddamn Mate. Instincts take matter over almost anything at this point when Jazz is so insecure. They will get to know eachother better. After the fight.

":(Parseltongue):", and I won't drag out the 's' or certain 'c's. Why do that when you know they're talking in a serpentine language?



When I awaken in the morning, my chest aches for some reason. I frown, wondering if perhaps I had caught something. Sitting up, that ache intensifies. Wincing, I stood, quietly making my way towards the bathroom. Hopefully a shower will make it a bit better…



Waking up these past few weeks has been horrible, from dreams of a green-eyed boy with a sweet smile to a cold bed usually stained sticky was very much a blow to me. However, for some reason, I feel a body in my arms. This intrigues me, as I don't remember taking anyone to bed lately (yet another effect that the lovely little professor has on me; I don't want anyone else). Opening my eyes slowly, I first noticed black hair. My heart sped up as I felt my eyes widen of their own accord. The body shifted, alerting me that we had, indeed, ah-bonded, last night, as I was quite naked, and so was the silken body against me, along with where we were connected. I felt heat lick up my face at this, even as my previously flaccid member began to stir.

With my arousal, my apparent lover also woke. Large, sleepy green eyes took my breath away. He was…Adorable. "'Lo, B'xas,", he murmured tiredly, bringing up a small fist to rub sleep out of his eyes, twisting his hips at the same time, ripping a strangled gasp from me. How uncouth of me. He blinked up at me blankly. "Again?", he asked, still half in sleep but twisting his hips again. The little minx is teasing me!

I could not control the stutter of my hips against his own. Nor my arms that kept his own above his head, my own mouth was not mine as it ravaged his sweet plush petals. But my ears I did control, and heard every little noise made, such as his muffled moans, pants and whimpers in my own mouth that responded in grunts groans and an almost-growl. I heard skin against skin, I heard pleasure being made. But then my ears picked up something else. Something that made me growl. Once again, my limbs were not voluntary but forced to hold him tighter and press him down, trying to hide my dearest Beloved's beautiful, tender body from whatever is coming. Another growl that I didn't quite know how I was able to create shifted from chest to mouth. Whatever is indeed coming will be destroyed for interrupting our bonding!

I crouched over him, and he still panted as I put my head up, listening intently past his sharp gasps. Belatedly, I realized my lower half had never stopped its' movement. It can't. Not now that I finally have him in my grasp, my arms. It just felt so right to be with him, inside him. There was a knock.




He didn't immediately come to open the door. My chest still ached, perhaps a side effect of sleeping with a lowly creature. That little whisper that was saying things like 'He is your mate, how could you ever be so cruel?', was getting a little louder, but thankfully, I, as Voldemort, am more than able to quiet such a pestering voice that was probably the result of his allures to me. After all, I am quite powerful, easily the smartest out of anyone here. Of course he would be attracted. I don't quite blame him for his affections for me, but I do dislike being duped in such a way. A low growl and then a whimper of fear brought me back to the present, where I stood in front of the portrait of a very beautiful young witch with sage-green eyes and dark crimson curls that looked at most who passed with condemning eyes. I was not excluded.

"Let me in,", I commanded, but her eyes focused on me so sharply I almost stumbled back.

"You, Tom Riddle,", she spat and hissed angrily, "You stay away from my child! You have hurt him enough as it is!", I reared back. What was she talking about?

"Your child?", I ask her, more than a little wary, despite it only being a portrait of some no-doubt unimportant witch. After all, if she were important, I would have known about her by now. She scowled down at me. Wait…I recognized that scrunch of pert nose… "You are Jazz's mother?", I asked in shock. His mother! His own mother was here the entire time and she…She saw me going in last night and not coming out again.

I do realize this is not a good time, perhaps, for thinking so, but this is most certainly not the way I wished to present myself to his mother.



Oh good lord, how will I explain this to Tom? How will I explain this to Abraxas? Fuck, I can't even explain it to myself! Living for so many years, I've had plenty of times where boyfriends accidently met. Hell, one time, three girlfriends and five different fuck-friends met at the same time. Fun times, fun times…

Right. Mates. Well, this was compromising, but as I was slowly gaining my, you know, common sense, I began to try to calculate my way through it. Two mates within a day and I've mated them both without the other knowing about eachother. Fuck, I should've waited a while before moving onto sex that fast but I…Dammit I never should have come to this godforsaken time!

A whisper caught my mind, 'But then you never would have known your Mates…'

Fuck it! It would have been better that way! I didn't need mates for the last how many years, why the hell would I suddenly depend on one now!

Unless…'Tom doesn't really love you does he?' Another sly voice added in, 'Just go back in time again and start over with Abraxas. You only caught Tom's attention on luck, and if you're with Abraxas he, as a supposed 'pureblood' would have to stand down or duel him, if not court you alongside him. You know how Tom is, how cruel, how cold, how heartless he can be, you know all that. He already killed you remember? He wanted you dead, and if he thought you were a danger to his power, he'd break you down after failing to kill you. Lock you up like you were nothing more than a broken toy.'

I desperately wanted this voice to stop talking now.

'Remember the look in his eyes? Before he left? The coldness, the disdain, the disgust with you? Abraxas on the other hand loves you. And you love him, he is your mate. Maybe Tom is just an imposter, trying to gain your immortality for his own.'

The words imposter made my creature growl wildly. There have been a few slips where people could indeed trick us into thinking they were our mates…And if Tom really were my mate, he would love me…He's never loved me.


But, but…I know those feeling he had were genuine…

'Not anymore, sweetheart,', the voice cackled. 'Maybe he liked you at first, because you were pretty, but once he got what he wanted, he's gone.', he almost cringed at the way the voice was talking, but he was beginning to believe it. What purpose would his own voice have to hurt him? 'He thinks you're a freak Harry.', it was quiet now, hardly above a whisper. 'A worthless little monster. You, a monster! You, who's saved the world more times than we can count on our fingers, you, who's been keeping peace, trying to protect those that need it even if they don't necessarily deserve it, you, who's accepted him with an open heart after all he bloody done and you, who opened up more than you have in the past, at least four-hundred years!', it ended in a nasty snarl. 'He's destroying you Harry! Erasing who you are, and he'll manipulate you out of everything! Don't let him take that away! Not after this long, not after all we've been through! He doesn't deserve your love, he doesn't deserve your mercy! Let him die with Dumblefuck! He's just as much of a traitor as the old bastard himself!'


This is short and filler-ish. From the way my emotions are running, I'd say there'll be some major changes to the original plot-line I had loosely thought up. Oh dear….Put up suggestions now, while you can….

I had a bit of a rant on my chest, didn't I? Someone please help me, now I'm feeling so lost in…The emotions of the story are beginning to suffocate and trying to command me where to go, if that makes sense…