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Whack! Jenny hissed as a wooden stick smacked against her ankle.

"Keep your ankles straight!" An elderly woman demanded with another whack at the ankle. Each hit made Jenny wince in pain.

Over the years, dance became stressful and not fun; it use to be fun and enjoyable until her old dance instructor said that Jenny had a chance at becoming big. As soon as her parents heard that, they ran straight to a bigger and better instructor. An instructor that was mean and demanding in herself. She would yell at Jenny and hit her until every step was perfect; everything was so new.

Now, it being two years from then, her life has changed. Her whole life now was study and dance. Between Ms. Blake and her father, her stress level rose. Her father was a successful business man and ordered for his daughter to have top grades. Mrs Blake is the mean dance instructor who thinks that Jenny should breath, sleep, eat, and live dance; nothing compared to dance in that old hags mind.

Jenny use to be a happy girl, she would meet Benny after to school to play baseball. Life forced her to stop and drop baseball. Two years ago was the last time she touched a baseball, it was the summer going into ninth grade. To her, she blocks those thoughts from appearing in her mind, pushes them back and holds them there; anything to keep focus. Every time the boys would ask her to play, she would kindly deny the offer and go on to another subject,

All the boys just shrug their shoulders and think its her womanly hood taking over; every boy, but Benny. Benny, living right next to the Wilsons, notices a different side. Every night he can here Mr. Wilson yell and scream at Jenny about her grades not being high enough or not practicing enough. Once in awhile he would see Mrs. Wilson making Jenny practice steps after step. It wasn't an abusive home, just a strict and demanding one, but it still upset Benny. Him and Jenny were so close, every night of each of their childhood summers Jenny would sneak over during the night and sleep with him. They would giggle and joke just like children. Sadly the expressions 'all good things must come to an end' is true.

Jenny kept a perfect straight face as her body gracefully danced across the studio.

"Sloppy!" Ms. Blake yelled. "You're sloppy!" She whacked Jenny again. Jenny slightly huffed and restarted. "Wrong!" Ms. Blake yelled again. Jenny, once again, restarted. Ms. Blake watched each move. "Wrong!" She snapped. "This is all wrong! You are all wrong!" Jenny nodded as she did the dance number over.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Blake," she frowned.

"Don't be sorry!" Ms. Blake spat. "Just do it right!" Jenny nodded fast and re-did it.

As she was dancing, Jenny took a glance at the clock and the clock read nine o'clock pm. Jenny had school in the morning, a big bio two med test. Even though she has studied, Jenny still wanted to read over her notes and make sure everything was locked away in her brain.

"You are not leaving until you get this dance right!"

When dance class was over, the clock had then read eleven fifteen pm. Jenny huffed and began to walk home. It was night time and there was bit of a chill, but Jenny couldn't run because her ankles were in great pain. As she walked home, she was walking with a wobble.

"Ah," she winced. "That old hags gonna kill me!" She whined.

"You okay, Jenny?" Jenny jumped and noticed Scotty out side with his small telescope. Jenny tilted her head.

"What're you doing out so late, Scotty?" She asked. "It's getting very late and you must be tired!"

"I should be asking you the same," he pointed. "Let me guess, dance?" Jenny nodded. "Well, I'm looking at Jupiter!" He said as he pointed at the sky. Jenny followed Scotty's finger and squinted.

"I don't see anything!"

"Come here," he suggested and Jenny frowned while shaking her head.

"I can't, Scotty," she whined. "I have to get home. I still need to study and now it is almost half past eleven!" Scotty frowned back and nodded.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow in school!" He waved and Jenny said 'goodnight' then walked home.

As she passed Benny's, she noticed they all must have been sleeping. The whole house was dark. Jenny smiled at the home before going to her own home.

"How did it go?" Her father asked from the table in the kitchen. Jenny walked in to get glass of water.

"It went fine, I still need to practice more." She took a sip. "Everything is well, but my steps in a certain part." Her father nodded.

"How about your test tomorrow?" He asked. "Are you all set?"

"Yes, I'm just going to look over my notes before I go to bed."

"Get to it," he ordered and Jenny went up stairs.

Jenny was way too tired to focus and fell asleep on her bio book.

Jenny woke up the next morning and jumped up unwillingly to get ready. She whipped the drool off the book and ran out the door. Literally, she bumped right into Benny.

"Ow," he laughed.

"Sorry!" Jenny smiled. "Why aren't you driving to school?" She asked then noticed the beat up car in the drive way. "Oh, what happened?"

"Haha, I hit a fence!" He laughed.

"How'd you do that?" Jenny asked looking at the beat up car.

"That stupid idiot was being stupid!" Ham slowly caught up with the two.

"Yeah Yeah, now we gotta walk to school!" The short boy next to him complained. Jenny observed both boys, every single one of them had changed over the years. Ham got taller and bigger, Yeah Yeah hasn't yet hit the growth spurt, but his voice was a bit deeper. Yeah Yeah was only a freshman and Ham was junior just like Scotty, Benny, and Jenny. All the boys were actually in high school, but Tommy. Tommy was only in the eighth grade. Timmy was also a freshman, Squints was a sophomore, Bert also a Sophomore, and Kenny was also a sophomore. Everyone of them were growing into their own selves, still awkward features, but not as bad.

Jenny yawned then continued to walk.

"Tired?" Benny asked and she nodded.

"I didn't get any sleep last night!" She whined.

"Again?" Benny asked. "Let me guess, that old hag had you there until nine!"

"Eleven fifteen," Jenny mumbled.

"Eleven fifteen?" Ham yelled and Benny shook his head.

"That's not healthy!" Benny said.

"Yeah yeah, that should be illegal!" Yeah Yeah agreed.

"What're you guys talking about? I bet you three don't go to bed until later!"

"Yeah, but we're not dancing or studying!"

"Ham, calm down, I don't want you having a heart attack," Jenny responded.

"But he's right, it's not normal for you to be there at that time." Benny looked upset.

"Would the three of you calm down, don't worry!"


"BENNY!" Jenny snapped.

"Fine," he mumbled and continued to walk to school.

As soon as Jenny got to school, she ran right to class to take her test. She started as soon as she got there and all her studying made the answers come easy. She happily finished in a half in hours time when everyone else was still on the second question. When the bell rang, she smiled as she walked out. Scotty caught up to her.

"How'd you do?" He asked and Jenny nodded.

"Amazing!" She said in confidence.

"A-amazing?" He stuttered. "I did horrible." Scotty wasn't stupid, he was actually really smart it's just that he didn't have that constant pressure to get good grades. Even though Jenny seemed confident there was still this constant worry of failing.

"Did you study?"

"Y-yeah," Scotty stuttered again. "No," he gave in. "Jupiter just looked so beautiful last night!" He frowned.

"Scotty, why don't you just take Astronomy?" Jenny suggest as she laughed.

"I already took both of them!" Jenny laughed at the boy then walked to her next class. The whole day was like any of the school day; same routine, a routine that will never change.

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