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"Jenny?" Jenny sat on her bench reading a book, not just any book, but a book about Newton. To Jenny, the book wasn't interesting and boring to the max. "Jenny?" A mans voice repeated. Jenny glanced up and smiled.

"Hi, Scotty!" She waved putting her book down. Scotty pointed to the bind of the book shaking his head.

"You don't do that with books!" He laughed. "Even though how much that book deserves it!" Jenny lit with delight.

"You've read this book?"

"Yeah, why?" He took a seat next to her on the porches bench. She grinned.

"Maybe you could answer these questions?" She handed him the worksheet to go along with the reading. She made a puppy dog face of a beggar. "Please, Scotty?" She whined. Scotty nodded looking at the worksheet. With a rapid pace, he answered all questions. "Thank you!" Jenny sighed with relief. "I have dance in two hours." Scotty's eyes went wide.

"Two hours?" Jenny nodded. "In two hours it will be seven o'clock." She gently shrugged her shoulders. "I mean, can't you move to Friday's and Saturdays?"

"I have dance then, too!" Jenny lifted upon her seat grabbing her jacket.

"Well…do you wanna play some catch for the next two hours?" Jenny frowned.

"I haven't played in ages!"

"So," he spat, "I bet you're still good!"

"Highly doubt it," a huff came from the street. Both heads turned to see Ham, who was about to collapsed. "I bet she can't even catch anymore." Jenny lowered his head.

"He's probably right."

"No, Jenny, no," Scotty handed her his glove. "Go show Ham what you're made of!"

"Yeah, Jenny, come on!" Ham always did that to Jenny, teased her. Ham was one of those boys who thought that girls belonged in dresses while only guys wore pants. He loved Jenny as a friend but was always hesitant when playing ball against her. Even all the years she has, Ham never got over the fact.

Jenny walked off her porch throwing the baseball up and down, catching it every time. The throws themselves were small and not hard to catch, a five year old could catch them.

"Ham, ready?" Jenny smirked, nervously.

"Born ready!" Jenny nodded and threw a pretty well thrown ball. Ham caught it with ease and threw it back. Jenny had caught the ball but struggled to keep it in her mitt. "Haha!" Jenny groaned. Ham, Shut up, she thought to herself throwing it back with hardness. "WHOA!" He responded sarcastically. He threw it back and Jenny caught it. Jenny threw it twice as hard and the ball had bounced off the short heavy set boys head. "OUCH!" He hissed. Jenny ran to him but Scotty only stayed on the porch laughing.

"She still has it!" He jumped happily while Ham was on the ground holding his head in pain.

"Oh, Ham, are you okay?" Jenny checked his head. There was nothing there but a read spot. "You're fine, right? Try getting up!" Jenny helped him up.

"Jenny, you are one hell of a thrower." He walked away itching his ass. Jenny chuckled going back on the porch.

"You showed him," Scotty smiled walking away. "Well, dinners calling, I'll talk to you later, ok?" Jenny waved good-bye and went into her house.

Her mom sat at the table doing a word search. She looked intense as she circled words in the scramble. Jenny calmly took a seat thinking about Scotty, maybe I should take an easy with dance? She thought, but she turned fully to her parents…they would never agree to let her take a break. Jenny battled the option in her mind several times before opening her mouth.

"Mom," she stuttered, "may I ask you a question?"

"Of course," she lifted her eyes off the paper. "what is it, dear?"

"Well." Jenny fiddled her finger looking down. "I was thinking about dance."

"What about it?" Her Mom straightened herself in her chair.

"I don't like it anymore-"

"Jenny, I will not allow you to give up everything you worked so hard to achieve." Jenny nodded. "Dance is your talent. You will go somewhere with it. Do you think you'll go somewhere in life playing a boys game? No team will ever accept a female player. Jenny, don't waste your time and give up that silly sport."

"Mom, I hate dance…I hate it!" Jenny cried, protesting.

"It's silly talk."

"Mom, I hate it! It takes up all my time-"

"Jenny-"Her mom scolded before continuing, "enough of this non-sense and go finish your homework!" Jenny got up from her seat and went back outside to finish her homework to see someone smiling at her. The only someone who could bring a smile upon her face in any situation. Benny was standing on the sidewalk waving at her.

"Benny?" Jenny tilted her head. "What brings you here?"

"I was walking by, heard your mom." He smirked. "I wish you luck." Jenny nodded.

"I'll need it…always have and always will!" She laughed.

"I heard you popped a ball off Hams head!" He laughed. "An eggs starting grow." Jenny felt her stomach twist and turn. Benny shook his head and said, "don't feel bad. He needed that."

"I know," she moaned. "I still feel bad!"

"Don't," he winked. "I'll see you later. Have a good night, okay? I'll see you tomorrow!" He winked at her again and waved goodbye.