It all started when the team had come back from a mission that had blown up in their faces . . . Literally. So you can imagine how they all felt among the feelings of failure, fatigue, frustration, failure, failure, failure. Did I mention failure? Aqualad had been the one who felt like the biggest failure of all of them. You know, among the lines of "I should have known" and "I should have led the team better". Why did the second reason sting more? Because Robin had been the one who snapped them out of it and had gotten them to safety. And he wasn't even the leader. Therefore, it wasn't his responsibility; it was Aqualad's. So, to summon it up, the team was just mostly tired and Aqualad felt like a failure, blah, blah, blah. Do we care? . . . Not really.

But we should. Because that mission would lead the team to Robin's top secret identity. And the chaos it would bring just might bring the Young Justice to a very . . . violent end . . . Until next time . . .

A/N-Reviews are welcomed! This will be about Robin trust me! Here's a spoiler for the ones who are actually going to read this fanfic: Teen Titans will be in this a little but not like you think! But still, I got some great stuff up my sleeves! ^-^ Sorry that this was short but don't worry the next chapters are going to be long!