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Chapter "

Robin could feel sheets on his bare arms, its softness soothing. He also felt bandages wrapped around his chest and back. He could hear soft whispers, their words muffled.

Curiousity got the better of him. He slowly opened his eyes, the light blinding him. Apparently, no one thought that maybe Bruce's hatred for light had rubbed off on him. Because it had.

"Someone want to turn off that light? It's hurting my eyes," he said with a yawn.

Young Justice jumped. Alfred sighed in relief. Bruce, on the other hand, was even more worried.

"Dick, are you okay? Do you have any difficulty breathing? Can you see anything? Are you hungry? Or thirsty?" he asked without taking a breath.

Dick rolled his eyes and sat up despite Bruce's protests. "Seriously, Bruce, I'm FINE. Don't have a heart attack."

Bruce playfully glared at Dick. "I'm not THAT old."

Dick scoffed. "And Clark eats Kryptonite for breakfast."

Alfred pulled Bruce out of room before they could start their daily teasing. That was so not the time for it. They had to make sure that Dick was alright and that Bruce didn't opened his almost healed wounds.

Young Justice looked shocked. Who knew that Batman could be . . . playful? Did Batman and the word "playful" even belong in the same sentence?

They broke themselves away from that train of thought. Back to the issue at hand.

"Dude, are you really okay?" Wally asked.

Dick nodded. "Yep. Fit as a fiddle."

Artemis scoffed. "Sure you are. Then why did you sleep for a week?"

"A WEEK?" Dick exclaimed.

Aqualad nodded. "You have slept for a week, my friend."

"Even Raven and I didn't sleep that long," M'gann said, concern for her friend obvious.

Her statement had brought up a question that had been nagging the team for a while.

"I get that Slade had put you in that sleep but what exactly did it do to you?" Wally asked, scratching his head.

Everyone except Dick turned their heads to look at M'gann. Aware of this, M'gann bit her lip and tried to string a line of words that could explain what had happened to her and Raven. But how could she explained it when she didn't even know what happened? All she knew was that one moment she was awake and then she was in a blood-soaked battlefield, her vs. every nightmare she ever had. It took most of her energy to just dodge, to stay alive. She hadn't even known that she was awake till Superboy was saying her name in her ear over and over, unwilling to let her sleep her life away.

How could she explain that? It would take hours to explain every little detail of her enemies, of her struggle to survive. M'gann opened her mouth to start a long conversation to be cut off by Dick.

"It made her subconscious think that SHE was the one invading, not Slade. Don't ask me how Slade learned how to do that. I don't know and I NEVER want to know."

They choked. Slade had been able to turn your MIND against you? Now that just wasn't fair. The villain gets the advantage, the twisted power? Not cool, not cool at all.

Dick's explanation made sense but there was one thing that they didn't get.

"How did you know that?" Superboy asked.

Dick stiffened. "Let's just say that when Slade first used that power against Raven, I had the pleasure of seeing it first hand."

The team didn't reply to that, feeling that they should leave it alone.

"Now," Dick started, "what happened to Slade?"

_Hours Later_

"Are sure you should be up, Dick?" a concerned bat asked.

Dick shrugged. "I feel fine but I'm sure if you ask a doctor, they would tell you that to tie me to the bed for a week."

Bruce chuckled. It was good that Dick was feeling better. If he wasn't, then someone would have to pay. And he really didn't care who payed as long as he got some exercise out of it.

Dick softly smiled. Bruce didn't know that Dick knew that Bruce had been the one to kill Slade. Bruce had told the team to tell him that Slade was dead, end of story. But with some convincing (and blackmail), Dick had talked them into telling him the truth. Artemis described the whole thing, being the only one who had seen it. Dick wasn't shocked at what Bruce had done. Slade deserved it . . . and a million times over.

But what Dick couldn't get was WHY Bruce didn't want him to know.

Maybe because he didn't want Dick to feel guilty over the fact that he hadn't been strong enough to kill Slade himself. Maybe he didn't want Dick to see him in a different light.

But Dick didn't.

Bruce was still Bruce.

Batman was still Batman.

And Bruce needed to know that Dick knew this.

"Bruce," Dick started, "I know what you did."

Bruce stiffened. He hadn't wanted Dick to know because if he did, he may see Bruce as a murderer.

And that was something he couldn't deal with.

"Dick, I-" Bruce started but Dick cut him off.

"But that doesn't mean that I don't see you as the old man who's taken care of me for five years anymore."

Bruce was shocked for a moment but the shock melted into a smile.

Till he realized what Dick had said.

"I am NOT old! How many times must I tell you?" Bruce yelled, chasing Dick to run away.

Oh, did Dick really think that Bruce wasn't going to chase him?

Well, he better think again.

Dick ran faster, hearing Bruce tearing through the mansion behind him. Dick smiled. Just like old times.

Dick managed to evade Bruce for a while, making no sound as he ran through the mansion.

That is, till he ran into a VERY expensive vase.

"Uh oh. Bruce is SO going to kill me!" Dick muttered, getting back up and running in the opposite direction.

Five minutes later, he heard Bruce near the spot of the broken vase. Bruce's top blows in five . . . four . . . three . . . two . . . one . . .


Dick sighed in relief.

At least Bruce hadn't said for the rest of his life AND his afterlife.

Now that would have sucked.


The End . . . ?

Or is it just the beginning?

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