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~Chapter 1: The Warrior and The Magician ~

A young boy with brown hair sat against the back of his chair, and leaned back. He scratched his head, and gazed out the window. It was the middle of the afternoon, at Rev Magic Academy, in the middle of Miss Dia's class on the history of magic. The boy couldn't bring himself to focus, as he gazed out the window, staring at the knights training nearby. It had been 2 years after the end of the Beast Fiend War. He watched a younger looking boy, who he presumed to be no older than 22, train a squad of knights. The boy had bleach white hair, and dark purple armor.

"... Kevin? Are you paying attention?" A voice asked, as the boy turned to Dia. "Yeah, I am, teacher." Kevin replied, as Dia raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Is that so? Well, you won't mind answering the question I just asked, would you?" "Sure. The creator of the Beast Fiends, and the cause of the Beast Fiend war, was none other than Mage Queen Elicia, thousands of years ago. The war was finally brought to an end, by the efforts of Miss Althea, Miss Fatima, and Sir Roland, as well as the rest of the elemental witches, and the captains of the Tusk Squad and the Stinger Squad." Kevin recited, as Dia smiled. "I'm glad to see you do pay attention in class, Kevin. Even if you are daydreaming, watching the knights train." Dia said, as her smile twisted into a smirk. Kevin coughed, and grinned embarassedly. "Class is dismissed for today. Except for you, Kevin. Your serving detention." Dia said, as the class room packed up their supplies, while various students grinned at Kevin.

Kevin shrugged, and leaned back, watching the knight again. "... Kevin, what in Carnava am I going to do with you?" Dia asked, as Kevin blinked. "What do you mean, Miss Dia?" "I mean, you were 15 minutes late to Althea's class, you zoned out in Luna's class, and your daydreaming in my class. Does being a Knight really intrest you that much?" Dia asked, as Kevin's eyes narrowed. "Yeah, it really does, Miss Dia. I mean. To be a Rune Knight... Or to even be a Magic Knight... That's something i'd love to be. To run through what adventures Sir Roland did at my age... I would love every moment of it!" Kevin exclaimed, as Dia laughed.

"Ahahaha! Your determination is impressive, Kevin. But your calling is as a Wizard. Not just any wizard, mind you. The Thunder Wizard. A wizard which hasn't been seen since Mage Queen Elicia's time." Dia said, as Kevin rolled his eyes. "Thunder, schmunder. Swinging a sword and dropping thunderbolts on my foes sounds better to me!" Kevin retorted, as Dia smiled. "Ah... So enthusiastic. It's refreshing to see someone with your attitude, and your determination. Seriously, it gets annoying with all of the kids here just mindlessly obeying teachers." Dia muttered, as Kevin raised an eyebrow, and smiled. "You mean. You miss the adventureoue life too, right, Miss Dia?" Kevin asked, as Dia looked at her wand on her desk. "I do. I really do, kiddo. Travelling with Roland, Rasche, Rina... All of them it. It really made me feel like a leader, y'know? But, I guess it's time to leave the past as the past. There's no way in hell that the beast fiends would come back, and even if they did, they wouldn't be a challenge for my awesome magic!" Dia proclaimed, as Kevin burst out laughing. "... What're you laughing at, Kevin Levaras!" "Ahahahahaha! Your awesome magic! That's a great joke, Miss Dia!" "I'm not joking! Show some respect!" Dia yelled, as Kevin smiled, and stood up, and began to walk towards the door.

"Yeah, respect. Sure. One day, but that day isn't today. Sorry Miss Dia." Kevin said, as he walked out of the door, with Dia shaking her head, watching him leave. "It's like having a second Rasche in my class. No respect, and takes nothing but fighting seriously... Hah." Dia muttered, as she gathered up her stuff, and found an old photo of all of the witches, with Roland, Rasche and Rina in the middle, all smiling. Dia smiled bittersweetly at the memory. She even missed Kaph's perverted side, as an escape from the normality and regularity of a typical school day. A sharp knock on Dia's door caused her to turn towards the door. A young boy, with short blonde hair and a spear on his back stood in the doorframe. "Uhm, excuse me..." A meek, soft voice asked, as Dia frowned. "Who're you? Why're you in my room?" "I... Uhm... A...Are you Miss Dia?" The boy asked, as Dia nodded. "I am. What do you need?" Dia asked, as the boy looked down. "I... I'm a messenger for Queen Sophia. T...There's an issue I need speak to you about..."

-Three hours prior...-

A blonde haired boy walked through Rev Magic Academy. "Ohhh, damnit... Why did I draw the short straw...?" The boy asked, as he wandered around nervously. "Phew..." The boy sighed, as he leaned against the wall. " "Oh, it's an easy job, Kyle. Really. All you have to do is go speak to Miss Dia. That's it. Really. You won't get lost around the school." Yeah, not getting lost my ass..." Muttered the boy, as he looked at his school map. "Guh. It'd be helpful if there was an actual teacher or someone here to help me out!" He shouted in frustration, as a brown haired boy walked down the hallway. The boy stopped, and looked at Kyle. "... Hey, bro. What're you doing here?" The boy asked, as Kyle looked at him. ".. K...Kevin! You go to this school?" Kyle asked incrediously, as Kevin nodded. "Yeah, I attend Rev Magic Academy. ... Why're you here?" Kevin asked, as Kyle blinked. "Well. I'm looking for Miss Dia... But I have no freaking clue where she is! I've wandered this school for an hour. I was assigned a task by the royal knights, to find Miss Dia and give her a message... And lucky me, I can't find her." Kyle muttered, as Kevin grinned.

"Well, you ARE in luck! I have a class with her last period. Wanna explore the campus with me? I'd be happy to give you a tour." Kevin offered, as Kyle nodded. "That'd be nice, brother. I haven't seen you in... 5 years now?" Kyle murmured. "6." Kevin replied. "Sorry. I lost track of time. These past 6 years have been harsh since I joined the knights. What about you? How's life been here?" Kyle asked, as Kevin smiled. "I've grown accustomed to seeing pretty faces almost every day." He said, tauntingly, as Kyle glared. "Your joking!" Kyle shouted, as Kevin shook his head. "Nuh-uh. Here, i'll show you." Kevin said, as he took Kyle purposely past Miss Luna and Miss Fatima's rooms. Kyle's face turned crimson red after staring at Miss Luna for a half of a moment, and nearly had a nosebleed from even looking at Fatima for a split second.

Kevin and Kyle both coughed at the same time, as Kyle looked down. "Alright, alright. I see what you mean. Literally. Man, i'm jealous of you! Your surrounded by beautiful women, and I'm surrounded by the manliest of men." Kyle muttered, as Kevin looked away. "If it counts for anything, i'm jealous of you. You get to be trained by Sir Roland and Sir Rasche. The two biggest influences of my life." Kevin muttered, as Kyle looked at him. "Heh. Hey, have you heard the rumor that there might be more than one elemental witch around now?" Kyle asked, as Kevin looked at him. "... What? That's not possible, Kyle. An elemental witch is determined by Lapisters..." Kevin said, as the possiblity of two lapisters existing at once dawned on him. "Kevin... Think about it. What if... What if there was a world, parallel to our own. Where... Lady Rina and Sir Rasche's roles were reversed. What if Fatima used Fire, instead of Shadow Frost?" Kyle asked, as Kevin stopped and looked at him. "... Kyle. Is this hypothetical?" Kevin asked, as silence lingered in the air. "... That's what I need to speak to Miss Dia about."