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~ Chapter 3 - The Courage of a true knight! ~

~ Kevin's point of View ~

A powerful rumble shook the building, as Kevin frowned. A white haired witch, holding a wand adorned with feathers barreled into the room. "Miss Luna! We have an issue!" She cried out, as Luna stood up, alarmed. "What's wrong, Althea?" She asked, as Althea cried out; "Miss Dia's room just randomly exploded into flames! Some trio of women entered her room, and it randomly just combusted!" Kevin looked at Nikolai in the hallway, as Nikolai put a hand on his chin. "It couldn't be her... Could it..?" He pondered, as he looked back into the room.

"Excuse me, Miss... Althea was it? Did one of the women have a rather large scythe on her back, as well as-" Nikolai asked, as Althea turned around and nodded. "Yeah, and her name's Vanessa. I've met her once before. Well. Not once. Multiple times, sadly." Althea said angrily, as Nikolai eyes widened in shock. "Oh my... Thank you kindly, Miss Althea. Kevin, take me to Miss Dia's room, immediately!" Nikolai shouted, as Kevin nodded. "Good luck trying to even get up there you two. The staircases are barricaded off by flames, and the entire hallway is on fire!" Althea said, as Luna walked over to the door. "Well, I guess I'll have to do something about that... Althea, go find Fatima, Pop and Sadie. Make sure they're alright. Then I want the 4 of you go find Master Roland and convince him, Rasche and whoever else you can to get here. On the double!" Luna said strictly, as Althea nodded.

The young witch took off, as Kevin, Nikolai and Luna raced down the hallway, and up the stairs. However, as the trio got to the top of the stairs, they saw a body go flying past them...

~Kyle's Point of View~

He fell to his knees, charred and burnt from the power of the fire spell. Behind him was Dia, who was completely unhurt. Kyle had used his own body as a shield against the flames. "... The hell was the point of that? Now we're just going to kill her. You barely delayed... No. You didn't even delay us you stupid child!" The woman in red yelled, as Kyle punched the ground, and stood up. His body was arguing with him. His body was telling him to just go to sleep and recover, but his mind and heart told him to fight on.

He picked up his spear, and charged at the woman in red. He successfully knocked her out of the room, only by pushing her, as she decked him in the face and picked him up by the collar of his shirt. "You are just pathetic. You couldn't even begin to harm an Elemental Witch, you little tryhard Knight. Here. Let me show you what real magic really is!" She screamed, as she hurled Kyle down the hallway. Kyle looked over to his right, and saw three figures ascending the stairs. Kyle skidded against the floor, and looked up. The woman was spinning her scythe over her head... As she sent off a Phoenix at Kyle. Kyle closed his eyes, and slumped to the ground, knowing this was going to be the end of him. What he didn't expect was that boy would jump through the flames for him, and take the Phoenix for him.

Kyle opened his eyes a moment later, and saw his brother kneeling infront of him, with his sword stabbed into the ground. His brother was gasping for air, as his head turned and looked at Kyle. "... You... ok bro..?" Kevin asked, as he fell unconscious, and crashed into the ground. Kyle eyes opened in alarm, as he ran over to his brother's side. "Kevin! C'mon, Kevin! Speak to me! Hey! Wake up!" He yelled, shaking his brother, trying to bring him back into consciousness. Kyle looked up, as he stared at a red-haired man, and one of the teachers he had met earlier. Fatima..? No, this wasn't Fatima. He struggled to remember her name, as the woman held a hand out, casting Curall on Kevin.
"Vanessa!" The red haired man exclaimed, as he looked at the witch. "How could you do such a thing to a child?" "He jumped in the way of my Phoenix! How the hell am I-?" The woman sputtered, as the red haired man shook his head. "Not that! I'm talking about using your strongest spell on the boy! You would have killed him in the condition he's in!" The man pulled out two crossbows, as Kyle stood up, and stood next to him. "I knew you were behind the flames, Vanessa..." Muttered the man, as the two other women that had been in the room previously walked outside. "Nikolai, will you just shut up for once! You don't even know why she did that!" The white haired woman yelled, as Kyle snarled. "How about you shut the hell up? The three of you just entered the room, and attacked myself and Dia, without provocation!The fact that the three of you claim to be Elemental Witches is amusing! Real Elemental Witches wouldn't use their powers to hurt, or possibly kill, others!" Kyle shouted, as the purple haired woman shook her head.

"Your mistaken, knight of Carnava. We were provoked. We were attacked by none other than this woman, a white haired witch, and the witch that yourself and Nikolai are protecting right now." She said, as Kyle frowned. "Yeah, like I believe that lie, you scumbag!" "Watch how you talk to Claire!" Cried the white haired witch, as she pointed her rod at Kyle. "Like I give a rats ass! I only respect those that have earned it! And frankly, none of you deserve any!" Kyle retorted, as he pointed his spear at the white haired witch. "Goddamnit..." Kevin muttered, as he stood up with the help of Luna, "It sounds like your arguing with yourself, Kyle..." Kevin retorted, as Kyle glared at him. "Don't compare me to that... Thing!" Kyle shouted, as the white haired witch's temper flared up. "THING!" She screamed. "Oh, I'll show you a thing or two... Shine!" All of a sudden a burst of light converged on Kyle's position, as Kyle immediately rolled forward. Nikolai shook his head, and pointed his crossbows at Vanessa.
"I'm sorry, you three. But this is just... unforgivable!" He protested, as Claire shook her head. "I don't disagree, Nikolai. I do feel this is out of hand... But... It's too late to turn back now." She muttered, as Kevin shook his head. "It's not. If the three of you leave, and I mean immediately leave, then... I don't see why we can't look the other way..." Dia walked out of her class room and nodded. "Though, you did trash my room... I'm willing to look the other way... provided the three of you explain to me what the hell is going on here. I mean, seriously. Walking into my classroom, burning it to ashes..." She muttered, as Vanessa scratched her head. "Yeah... Sorry about that, I guess. My temper got the best of me." she muttered.

"Guess we'd better formally introduce ourselves, huh? I'm Vanessa. The-" She began, as a glance from Dia cut her off. "Yeah, we know. And remember. Your the jerk who stopped us from going into the spas, because you wanted to take them over with Kopins!" She yelled, as Vanessa grinned. "Oh, so you DO remember me! How kind of you all." The white haired witch stepped forward, and sighed. "I'm Lucia. I'm the Dawn Witch." She muttered, as Kyle frowned. "Dawn... Witch... I see." He muttered, as Lucia now frowned. "Got a problem with that?" She asked, as Kyle nodded. "I do. I find it hard to believe that a man could be a witch." "The hell did you just call me?" Lucia yelled, as the two of them took a step closer towards each other. However, Kevin and Claire held an arm out, stopping their friend from attacking the other. "And I am Claire. I'm the Thunder Witch, and also leader of the Witches of the... Other World, as you would all call it. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintances." Claire said, as Kevin bowed. "It is an honor, Lady Claire. My name is Kevin Leveras. I'm the Thunder Wizard of this world. Nikolai has spoke many great things about you." Kevin said, as Claire's face produced a worried expression. "I... I'm sure Ni..Nikolai has said much about us..." She muttered uneasily, as Nikolai put a hand to his heart. "Only the finest things, Lady Claire! Of that, I assure you!" yelled Nikolai, as Kevin grinned, and looked at Claire. However, before he could look anywhere near her face, Luna lightly smacked the back of his head.

"Ow! What was that for, Miss Luna?" Kevin protested, as Luna folded her arms over her chest, and looked away. "... Do I detect jealousy from the beloved Luna?" Nikolai asked, as Luna smacked him even harder. "Be quiet, Nikolai! This is between a student and his teacher!" She shouted, as Dia nearly doubled over laughing. "I can't believe this, Luna! I've never seen you so aggressive before!" Luna blinked. "I just don't want him turning into Kaph!" She explained, as Kyle nudged his brother and whispered into his ear. "Tell you what. We'll both look at Claire, and see who gets hit. Ok?" Kyle offered, as Kevin nodded. Both brothers looked at Claire, as not a moment after looking, Luna grabbed Kevin's cheeks, and gently turned his head to the right. "Will you stop staring at her? Having Nikolai around is the closest thing we need to Kaph! We don't need another!" Luna protested, as Kyle grinned.
A white haired boy walked up the stairs, and blinked. "Luna..." He muttered, his voice somewhat quiet. "... Why're you holding that boy so close to you?" He asked, as Dia, Kyle and Luna all snapped to attention.
"M..Master Roland!" "Captain Roland, Sir!"

Alright, now things are starting to heat up. Why is Roland there by himself? Where's Althea, Fatima, Pop and Sadie? And on that note, where could Alph, Leon and the rest of the Luminous Arc 1 team be? All of this revealed, and more, over the next two chapters!

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