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~ Chapter 4 - The Young Lion King and the Spearman ~

~Kyle's PoV~

Kyle kneeled before his captain, Roland.

"Captain... Why're you here?" Kyle asked, as Roland shook his head.

"Kyle, it's alright. You don't have to kneel, i'm not royalty..." Roland muttered modestly, as Dia grinned.

"Welcome back, Kid. You here to deal with these fake elemental witches?" Dia asked, as Vanessa snarled.

"Fake?! Ohhhh, i'll show-" She began, reaching for her scythe, as a bolt of lightning cut her off mid-sentance, forcing her to roll back to narrowly avoid the spell.

"Yeah? You'll do what now?" Kevin said, as purple sparks discharged around his hand.

"Can someone just please explain to me what's going on here?!" Roland demanded, as Kyle stood up and looked at his Captain.

"Well, these Witches here, sir, are claiming to be Elemental Witches. They say that they're from another world, and that proper Witches, such as Miss Dia and Miss Luna, dishonour the title of "Elemental Witch". Well. The one in Red and the white haired one said all of that. The Purple haired one just kept her mouth shut, sir." Kyle reported, as Roland looked at the other Witches.

"Well, I really don't know what to do. I mean, the three of you are clearly Witches..." Roland said, looking at Vanessa specifically, remembering that she was the cause of the hassle at the hot springs around Carnava. Nikolai pushed his glasses up, to stop them from falling off his face and cleared his throat, speaking for the first time since Roland arrived.

"I can very well state that these witches are indeed friendly. They're only hostile as they're scared, for being on a new world, as well as-" Nikolai said, as Lucia shook her head.

"Shut up, Nikolai! We're not afraid! We're just not impressed that some two-bit hasbeen hags are pretending to be Elemental Witches!" Lucia exclaimed with moderate fury in her voice.

Roland and Kyle backed up. Nikolai looked at Luna and Dia, and immidately helped Kevin to stand, and both of them took two large steps back as well. All four of the boys felt the rage that was eminating from Dia and Luna. However, before anyone could make an attack to break the fragile peace that had initially descended upon the group, a man with a rather large sword, with a spiky orange haircut. From the back, he was comparable to Rasche... If Rasche had a giant sword.

"Yo, Nikolai- Huh? Claire? Vanessa? Lucia? Fancy meeting you all here!" The orange haired man exclaimed, as Nikolai sighed sadly.

"Out of EVERYONE that had to survive..." Muttered the unimpressed Savant, as the man frowned.

"What about everyone survivng?" He asked, as Nikolai shook his head.

"Never you mind that, Leon. How did you find us exactly?" Nikolai asked, as Leon rolled his shoulders.

"To be honest, it's kinda obvious. Witch Academy, witches... Sheesh Nikolai, what're you, stupid... Oh wait. You are." Leon retorted, as Nikolai took a deep breath.

"You sir have offended me! Which means you have offended all of the nice, young witch lovers in the world! And that is NOT something I will stand for!" Nikolai proclaimed, as Kyle's eye twitched.

"ENOUGH!" Kyle exclaimed, causing everyone to freeze in spot. "Seriously, can we all just... I don't know... SHUT UP for more than 10 seconds here?! You! White haired Witch! I forgot your name already, but your a minor character in my life as it is, so your name doesn't matter anyway! You are THE MOST annoying person I have ever had the displeasure of meeting in my life! And you! Leonil, or Leon or whatever your name was! You walk upstairs, you start yelling at Nikolai, and then I get a freaking headache. Seriously, you are ALL so very... very... VERY annoying!" Kyle yelled at the top of his lungs, gasping for air at the end of his rant. "... Well, that's a load off of my chest." He added, with a comedic shrug. Kevin snickered, as Roland shook his head, with a slight smile on his face.

However, Lucia was not impressed with Kyle's rant. Her face was soon one of displeasure, and contempt for the blonde-haired boy. She didn't care if he looked like HIM or not, he was just annoying as HIM. "Alright, y'know what?" Lucia began, storming towards Kyle, very angrily. Kevin quickly stepped inbetween the two, pressing a hand against their shoulders to hold the two back.

"We all just need to chill out here, and calm the hell down." Kevin said, as Lucia and Kyle looked at him.

"STAY OUT OF THIS!" They both shouted in unison, as Kevin just shook his head.

"Look. It's clear there's a fair amount of confusion going on around here. Perhaps we should just stop fighting with each other for one freaking moment, and... i don't know, discuss things like civilized folk?" Kevin offered, as Lucia stepped back and Kyle backed up, beside Luna and Roland.

Kyle looked at his brother, and grinned. "Yeah, he's got a point. I'm sorry about the earlier outburst. My name is Kyle. I'm a Knight of the land of Carnava. The one who stopped us is my brother, Kevin." Kyle introduced himself, as Kevin bowed.

"Howdy." He said, trying to avoid conversation as much as he can. Leon grinned, and laughed.

"It's nice to meet you both! The name's Leon, as the Stalker here said. I'm more or less of a Knight myself, but in service to the Ever Garden, along with my good friends Alph and Theo. ... Huh." Leon said, pausing for a second, looking at Kyle closely. "You -do- look a little bit like him..." Leon muttered, as Kyle raised an eyebrow.

"Look like who?" Kyle asked, as Leon shook his head.

"You look like Alph." Leon replied, as Nikolai blinked.

"Well, I'll be darned! You do look like Alph!" Nikolai proclaimed, as Leon shook his head.

"Yes, Nikolai. That's what I just said. There's a reason Cecille likes me more, y'know..." Leon said, as the two glared at each other, with the tension rising in the room.

Kevin coughed to break the tension. "So uh... I don't suppose we can discuss this somewhere else, and let a few of the other witches here clean this up..?" Kevin offered, as Lucia shrugged.

"Well, let's get moving then." She said curtly, as Claire nodded.

"Yes... It will be nice to finally discuss things with words, rather than with violence." She said, as Kevin smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Ah, maybe we should introduce ourselves." Dia interjected, as she nodded. "Most of you know me as the-" She began, as Kevin immidately cut in while Dia was talking,

"Not so..." he muttered, as Dia continued on without realizing it,

"Brilliant Witch, Dia- What did you say Kevin?" She asked, as Leon coughed, making an attempt to stop himself from laughing.

"Kevin, I think you and I are gonna get along real well!" Leon exclaimed, laughing while Dia shot Kevin a contemptable glare.

"The kind woman with the blue hair is the Tide Witch, Luna." Dia introduced, as Luna curtsied to the newcomers.

"It's nice to meet you all." She said with a smile, while Nikolai nodded vigorously.

"Oh, the honor is all mine, Lovely Witch." He said, as Kevin facepalmed.

"Dude... I introduced you to her earlier... Did you forget already?!" Kevin proclaimed, as Nikolai grinned.

"Absolutely not! I would never forget the face of a beautiful witch! I just felt like kindly repling to her." Nikolai said, as Kevin shot him a glance that seemed like he heavily doubted Nikolai.

"And my name is Roland. I am brother to Rasche, son of Mattias, the former master of Carnava." Roland said, kneeling before Leon, Nikolai, and the three witches. "It is an honor to have representatives from another world, as well as the Elemental Witches of that world." Roland said, as Leon whistled, impressed by Roland's formal speech.

"Now, come," Roland said, rising with a smile on his face. "Let's discuss this where there are no embers flying everywhere. Perhaps the courtyard is the best place for this?"