Angelina moaned as the man pushed into her. Bringing a hand to her mouth she attempted to muffle the sound that escaped her lips only to be stopped by the man above her. "No" he commanded. Taking a hold of her wrists he lifted the woman's arms above her head as he continued to pump into her. "I want to hear you" he whispered.

Siruis watched on as the young woman bucked and moaned beneath him. His Angel truly was a beauty. Even naked and covered in a thin film of her own sweat, she was a goddess. Moving forward he ran his tongue over a hardened nipple as she arched her back pleading with him to continue. Releasing her hands he brought down a large palm to cup and mold a breast as her own hand moved to provide attention to the other.

"S...Sirius"she moaned. A moment later the woman's head fell back as her legs squeezed around the mans waist with the onset of an orgasm. He continued pumping into her as her center milked him of his own release. Falling beside her the man slid an arm around the woman's waist lifting her so that she lay straddling him. Kissing his jaw Angelina slowly made her way down the mans chest before gasping at the feeling of his hardness still pressing against her.

Lifting his hips he pushed into her once again and her head fell forward as she let out yet another moan. She road him slowly, almost painfully slow as she skillfully kept him from plunging in any deeper.

Her friends would be back soon. The quiditch team never practiced more than two hours in mid winter but it was just enough time and for the past three months it always had been. Wrapping an arm around the young witches waist he lifted himself so that she sit straddeling his lap. Brushing his lips over her forhead the man nodded as she looked up at him in question. "Yes" he said. "I do believe this is just what you needed to bring down that 'fever'".

Angelina smiled as she moved to kiss the man before her. "I'm just glad this doctor makes house calls".