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Score. Again. God, I'm so damned bored. Throwing tic tac's in the trash can is definitely low on my list of entertainment options. What time was it anyway? A glance at the clock let me know I had about ten more minutes until my break. Jasper should be here soon, then I can smoke some of this new bud I just finished drying out. I looked around before pulling out my supplies. I know better than to actually think anyone is going to be looking, no one is ever looking in this town.

I pulled out the bud and held it to my nose inhaling deeply. God, this shit smelled ripe. There was a hint of mint in this batch that caused my nose to burn slightly, but oh it was such a good kind of burn. I grabbed a pair of scissors to cut it up, I tried to tear it, but it was so sticky it was just sticking right back together. I was about to get blasted into next week with this shit. Fuck yeah. I had enough for two joints so I went ahead and rolled them both. I figured by the time I got off tonight I'd be ready for another one anyway.

The bell ringing from above the entrance door of the store let me know Jasper was here. Time to fire it minutes later and Jasper and I are sitting around the back of the store on a couple milk crates leaning against the wall. Aaaannd I'm blitzed. Seriously. I have no clue how long we've been out here. I look over at Jasper and I wonder if he even knows I'm here.

"Jasper," I called and kicked his foot with my shoe. I got nothing.

"Jasper," I said again a little louder pushing his milk crate a little harder than I intended sending his ass onto the ground. Oops.

"What the fuck Ed, that's shit's not cool man," he slurred. Fuck, and I thought I was high. Alice is going to have to come pick his ass up, there's no way he can drive. It would take him over an hour to get home and he lives less than three miles from here. He would give the term slow ride a whole new meaning.

"Sorry dude," I laughed, "I didn't mean to kick that shit out from under you I was just trying to get your attention." Just because I didn't mean to do it didn't mean that shit still wasn't funny.

"I never thought I'd say some shit like this, but I can't wait for school to start back." Jasper sighed. Come again?

"Please, Jasper, by all means, enlighten me as to why exactly is it that you are ready to go back to early mornings, shitty lunches, annoying students, and bullshit homework?" I asked. Because this I really wanted to hear.

"Because then you'll have other people to fuck with you damn prankster!" he exclaimed, well as much as someone who could barely hold their eyes open could exclaim. And I had to laugh at that, I really had given everyone hell this summer.

"I'm sorry man, I'm don't know what my deal is, I've just been more restless than usually this summer," I said, reaching up to pull my hat off and scratch the back of my head. Fuck I needed a haircut again. I wonder if ma will have time to do it this weekend. Shits gotten itchy.

"...maybe then." What?

"Jasper, dude," I said and held up my hand to stop him rambling, "I have no fucking clue what you just said, all I heard was maybe then." I finished putting my hat back on. I'd have to worry about that hair cut later.

Jasper huffed out a breath. "I said", he stressed, "that maybe that new girl moving to town will be able to distract you for a while. At least until school starts. Maybe then the rest of us can catch a break." He pulled out his phone and started texting. Probably to Alice for her to come get his ass.

I hadn't really thought too much about this new girl coming to town. What would she be like? Could she take a joke, was she fun? Could she help me fuck with these clowns even. I laughed to myself at that, it would be pretty cool to have a partner in crime. I'd have to see if she could handle pranks being pulled on her first, I don't want someone who can only stand a good prank as long as they are not at the wrong end of it.

"All right man, Rose is dropping Allie off to drive me home," Jasper said standing. It was then that I realized he never got off the ground when I kicked the crate. Lazy fucker.

"Cool, cool. I'll catch you guys tomorrow then." I said stretching; I needed something to drink likedamn it. This cotton mouth ain't no joke.





Just as I was about to toss another tic tac into the trash can the door to the front of the store opened and in walked a girl. Huh. I wondered who she was, I'd never seen her before. As she made her way to the middle of the store I finally got a good look at her. Holy shit she's smokin. Like everything about this chick was hot.

She turned to walk down the aisle and my God, thousands of kittens were going to die tonight. I felt like turning my hat around and channeling my inner Sir Mix Alot, because baby's got some back. I didn't of course, what kind of loser do I look like? I did however, stare at her ass for an inappropriate length of time. Shit, if I was going to kill kittens I might as well make sure I had the visual right. And can I just say whoever designed yoga pants- you are my hero.

I realized that in all the time I had been staring at this girl's ass she had yet to move. I looked out front to see if anyone was waiting on her and noticed a vaguely familiar car. Was that...oh please, oh please, oh please let that be old Ms. Stillwater's old car. Please let this be the new girl. Please don't let her have a shitty attitude. She's really fucking pretty, and most are either a bitch or stuck up. I had to find out.

Fuck my summer could be saved after all.

I walked down the aisle and noticed she was looking at candy. Shit, when was the last time I put in an inventory purchase? I couldn't remember. What I could remember was that kid breaking his fucking tooth on some old ass M&M's, which she happened to be eying. Maybe I could get her to buy some Smarties. I asked if I could help her and she jumped a little. Did she really not hear me approach? Was she high? Oh please let her be a toker.

She looked up at me and, fuck, she was really fucking pretty. Lots and lots of kittens would be no more in a matter of hours. She asked about the candy and I gave her the best advice I could, considering I never ate any of this shit here anyway. We made our way towards the register and I asked if she needed anything else.

My mind was obviously not in the same place as hers because she asked for a pack of cigarettes and, damn it, that shit sucked. I hated cigarettes. I know I sound like a hypocrite. Do I look like I give a fuck? She must have noticed the look on my face because she called me out on it. Huh, feisty. And apparently willing to explore other types of smoke inhalation, there may be hope yet.

Remembering the extra joint I rolled earlier I pulled t out and offered to smoke out with her. When she looked me in the eye I knew right then this girl was gonna be trouble. Her eyes held a glint of mischief and the slight smirk on her face let me know that I might have a partner in crime after all.

First things first though, let's see what this city girl was made of. Time to break out the old Stillwater story.

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