Megaman NT Warrior: Requiem's Return

By: Pharaohs Queen



Isn't it funny how time passes, and things change, but yet, they don't?

A NetNavigator was sitting by herself on top of a giant cube of data. This cube was floating high above the UnderNet, but she could clearly see the things that were happening on the ground below her. Shadowy shapes passed back and forth, shadowy deals were made in dark corners, and those same corners hid other dark acts.

The Navi frowned, and sighed to herself. After all the work I have done these four years, things here have changed, but remained the same.

She had a suspicion that she could do something to drastically change everything, that there was some hidden power deep within her that not even she or her creator knew about.

But her partner would not let her do anything about the filth below her.

"There is a reason the UnderNet is like this." She could hear the echoes of his whispery words perfectly in her head. "There may come a time to change it, but that time is not yet. Learn patience, and you will see."

She sighed again, watching as one Navi deleted another down below, the deleted data vanishing into tiny blue cubes.

Perhaps he was right. She had learned about the balance there needed to be in all things, including the Net.

But still, she felt the need to do something good.

She blinked, then jumped off the cube, falling quickly and silently through the UnderNet, her bright red hair streaming behind her. She landed in a quiet crouch, right behind the Navi she had just been watching. He was digging greedily through a bag the one he had deleted had been carrying.

She took a breath through her nose, composing herself, and put on her best sinister, uncaring smirk. She had learned this look from her partner.

"I saw you do that." She said quietly.

The Navi was good, for someone his level. He whipped around, bringing a large gun he had been hiding to bear on her, and fired rapidly. She simply stood, letting her newly powerful shield absorb the impact.

I've been hit harder. She thought to herself.

The smoke cleared, and she thought she cut an imposing figure with her billowing hair and flapping cloak. Her hands remained hidden in the folds of the fabric, but her profile was one well known through the UnderNet.

The other Navi gasped when he saw her still standing, finally recognizing who she was.

"You… but… you're…!" He choked out.

Swiftly, she flew at him, pinning him on the ground with her hand squeezing his neck tightly. "You know who I am." She stated quietly, her face just a few inches above the other. "You think you know what I'm capable of." She let the corners of her mouth turn up in a small, wicked grin. "If I catch you here, dealing the same dark business of theft and death, I will hunt you and your NetOp down, and you both will wish you had never been created." She gave a significant pause, and squeezed his neck hard enough that he started de-rizzing beneath her fingers.

He coughed. "I… promise…"

"Very well." She replied, standing and lifting him by the throat. She held him high, grinned once more at him, and threw him to the ground. He skid to the edge of the alleyway, gave her a frightened look, and scampered away.

She held her smirk for a moment longer, then closed her eyes and let out a deep breath.

"You should have killed him."

She didn't turn to face the familiar speaker. "You know I don't have the heart to go killing needlessly like you do."

"Hm," was the reply.

They stood silently for a long while. She was looking down the alley at the direction the Navi had left. She could feel his hard gaze on the back of her head.

"Things are changing." He said suddenly, quietly. "Can you feel it?"

She nodded, finally turning to face her partner.

She marveled whenever she really looked at him—she could feel the power crackling beneath the surface of his exterior, and she was familiar with it, as she shared some of that same power. Looking into his face was almost like looking in a mirror, but she felt she didn't have the same hate-filled glare that he did.

"Something is happening in the world of the humans." He continued. "It will change things here, and in the Net as well."

"What are we going to do?"

He started to walk down the alley, and she fell into step next to him. "For now, we will observe. I am not sure how this change will affect us… but we should know always what is happening in our world."

She nodded, and together, they launched themselves into the air, capes flapping behind them. They traveled quietly, as they often did, but a question she had been thinking about burst out of her lips.

"Bass, do you think it has anything to do with my creator?"

Bass stopped suddenly, and she flew past him; she quickly flew in reverse, and stopped by his side, trying to hide the anxiousness on her face.

His face was carefully blank, which was unusual for him. "I do not know, Requiem." He finally responded. Glancing up, Bass met his copy's eye. "But if so, things will get very interesting very quickly."

She nodded, and tried to keep her own face blank, but she couldn't help but nurture a small bubble of hope in her chest.

Requiem had longed to go back to see her creator, but Bass had been forbidding it all this time, insisting that she become stronger and more like him before they confronted the humans again. But now… she could maybe go meet her creator, and finally learn more about herself. Requiem was curious, and wanted to know more about her creator… and especially her Navi. But she couldn't let Bass know that at all. He would get angry.

They took off again for another corner of the UnderNet. Requiem kept her thoughts to herself and Bass doing the same things. The silence was comfortable between them. They would talk when they needed to.

This change would come when it did, and they would be ready to adapt to it, like they always did.

Ah. Little did I realize how much I missed this universe.


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