Author's Final Thoughts

Wow. The second half of that story is short. Short chapters. A lot shorter than normal, I feel. But eh. They did what they had to.

At the moment I'm first typing this (as opposed to when it will appear on the interwebz), there's still a week left in NaNoWriMo, and I'm so much further than I was any other the other years I've participated. (Addendum added later: I actually did manage to make it past 50k… my final word count was 52,485! WOOOOOOO) It was during NaNo two years ago (2011) that I started this story. It took me two years to write Requiem's Awakening, and now two years to write Requiem's Return.

I'm hoping to get faster.

I feel now that I've told all of Requiem's story that needs to be told. She, April, and Nocturne were fun characters to create, write, and explore. I'm glad I wrote this and had the chance to get to know them better, especially Requeim. I loved exploring emotions and feelings with her, and I hope you all have enjoyed taking the journey with her as much as I did.

Will I write another story with them? Hard to say at this point. When I finished Requiem's Awakening, I wasn't planning on writing another multi-chapter story with these characters, so maybe things will change a couple of years from now.

Thanks for sticking with me for all this time, my readers. You truly make my day when I find a review or even just another follower. It makes me happy to know I can entertain people with my writing, and make them happy, even just for a little while.

Until next time, my friends.

Keep writing.