Hi everyone, so I have had the worst time formatting today so here is hoping for the best. I started this fic last week with Halloween. So I pretty much watched every creepy/scary movie and while watching the first Scream I got inspired to do this fic. I just wanted to give a little summary. One I'm plagiarizing the movie in its plot but I'm not writing the story as if the Smallville characters are the characters in the movie. This is a what if they went to the same school fic and how would Lois and Clark deal with being freaked out. I have no idea if that even made any sense. So anyways this will be smutty because well why not right? So here we go.


Lois awoke to the sound of White Snake's Here I Go Again blaring from her phone. Her hand shot out and fumbled with her cell phone. She glanced at her clock it was six in the morning, a whole hour and a half before she had to get up for school. School, blech, she wouldn't even bother going but her father was breathing down her neck. She also knew it was what the Kents expected of her and she didn't want to disappoint them, they had been so good to her.

"What do you want?" she said into the phone wishing she could reach through the receiver to strangle whoever interrupted her beauty sleep.

"Lois did you hear?"

"Chloe?" asked Lois sitting up and rubbing her eyes. "Why are you calling me at 6 in the morning and aren't you in New York with your dad?"

"Lois pay attention, Casey Becker and Steve Orr were murdered last night!" Chloe said loudly.

"Wait, what?" Lois said trying to clear her sleep addled brain.

"They were murdered last night and my sources at the police department say it was awful." Chloe said.

"Chloe, how did you hear about this when you are in New York, and when do you have sources in the police department?" Lois asked. She pulled her legs up to her chest. She didn't know the two victims real well except for having a couple conversations with Casey about shoes. Murdered? She felt a shiver down her spine.

"Lois I am a newspaper person the first thing I did when I started the torch was to make contact with the police department. Anyway he said the crime scene was the worst they have ever seen. Granted it's a small town, but still Lois he said Casey was found hanging from a tree and it seemed she had been gutted." Chloe said distaste filling her mouth. "Steve was gutted too. He was tied to a chair on the back patio. They are trying to figure it out but they don't know how yet but they think Casey witnessed Steve die. I mean why else time him to a chair right in front of the patio door windows?"

"Oh my god that's awful." Lois said.

"Look I'm not calling to gossip, it's awful enough and Smallville is going to be a zoo with reporters and lookie loos. The cops don't have any suspects yet so please this weekend no going out, parties or anything like that. Just stay at home with the Kents." Chloe said her voice full of concern.

"Yeah, no, I mean no I'm not planning on going anywhere this weekend. The Kents are going to Metropolis this weekend so Clark and I had a movie marathon planned to last Saturday and Sunday. I think I won't be watching any scary ones though." Lois said feeling slightly sick to her stomach thinking about Steve and Casey.

"The Kents are going to Metropolis for the weekend? Can you and Clark go with too, it would make me feel better if you were out of town." Chloe asked.

"It's their anniversary weekend Chloe, I think the last thing they want is two teenagers hanging around. Look I hear the Kents moving around downstairs I'm going to go see what they know. Maybe they caught the guy." Lois said.

"Yeah, maybe" Chloe said. "Just please be careful and make sure Clark is careful too you know him and his hero complex." Chloe said.

"Don't worry about Smallville I'll keep him safe." Lois said as she hung up. She pulled on her robe and went down the stairs. Mrs. Kent was in the kitchen making breakfast, Mr. Kent and Clark were gathered around the counter and they looked deep in discussion.

"Morning." She said clearing her throat gently. Clark and Jonathon looked up at her and she noticed Mrs. K. jumped a little.

"Lois did we wake you?" Johnathon asked.

"No, Chloe called me, I'm guessing by the somber tension you guys heard about Casey and Steve?" she asked.

"How did you hear, Lois?" Martha asked coming over to the counter with a plate of bacon.

"Chloe called me, apparently she has a source in the police department." Lois said sitting on the stool tugging her robe around her tighter. "She said Steve and Casey were gutted and Casey was hung from a tree." Lois felt her voice crack slightly. She was still trying to wrap her mind around it all.

"Oh god," Martha said putting her hand to her mouth. "We didn't hear the details just that they were murdered and Casey's parents found them. Those poor people finding their baby like that."

Lois glanced at Clark. "You ok Smallville?"

"Dad and I went into town early to get some gas for the tractor so we went to the gas station that's open 24 hrs. When we were inside paying we ran into a deputy from the department. He just said they were killed but didn't say how. I have to go to the police station before school starts." He looked at the clock he should shower and get ready soon.

"Why do the police want to talk to you?" Lois asked alarmed. "You were home all night Clark we stayed up watching MASH reruns until 1am."

"Lois its ok." He said putting his hands up to calm her. "Steve was on the football team, they want to talk to everyone on the team. I think they want to talk to anyone who knew Steve and Casey."

"I'll go with you and then we can go to school together." Lois said.

"You don't have to do that Lois." Clark said but Jonathan interrupted him

"Actually that might be a good idea. I'd feel better knowing you kids are together." Jonathon said.

"I still think we should cancel our weekend to Metropolis." Martha said. "I don't think this is the best time to leave."

"Mom, no." Clark said. "You and Dad have had this weekend planned for almost a year and its non-refundable. So no you aren't canceling."

"Lois, maybe this would be a good weekend to go visit your father." Jonathan suggested.

"And leave Clark on the farm by himself, uh uh I don't think so." Lois proclaimed. The Kents all shared a quick glance. Though the thought of a knife wielding maniac running around Smallville was awful, they knew from the deputy that it didn't look like meteor rock had anything to do with the crime. Which meant if this was a normal non green rock carrying psychopath, Clark would be fine. Lois on the other hand was vulnerable.

"Look I doubt some serial killer is going to come looking for me, so Lois maybe it would be best if you went to see your dad. I mean…" he couldn't finish as Lois interrupted him.

"You said it yourself Steve was on the football team, what if this nutjob is targeting jocks. No Smallville I'm not leaving you." Her arms crossed across her chest in stubborn stance.

Jonathan sighed he could see there was no changing Lois's mind. "You and Lois come home straight from school, no messing around. You come straight home. I'll put the animals in the barn early before we leave, and you lock the house up tight." He said sternly.

"We will." Clark promised.

"I did all the grocery shopping early so you should have everything you need." Martha said, still not sure about this but she knew Clark would keep Lois safe.

Jonathan pulled Clark to the side as Lois went upstairs to get ready to leave. "I mean it son, no messing around. You come straight home and make sure no one knows we are out of town. Now you keep on guard, we don't know who did this or even if they are still in town but you keep your senses up, especially your hearing. You hear anything weird you super speed you and Lois right out of here and come to Metropolis. If we have to explain to Lois your background we will have to do it, its better than the alternative."

"I will dad, I will keep her safe, though I have a feeling she is going to be acting like she needs to keep me safe." He said rolling his eyes.

"Good, now go get ready to go to the police station, you can use the shower in the master bedroom, since Lois is getting ready, too." Jonathan said giving Clark an affectionate slap on the back.

Clark went up the stairs and Jonathan turned to a worried Martha. "We should take them with us." She said. "Leaving them alone while some monster is out there." She didn't finish her thought but Jonathon understood the fear in her voice. "Those poor people finding their daughter like that."

He pulled Martha into his arms. "Our son is the most responsible person I know, he will keep Lois safe and he senses anything wrong I told him to bring Lois straight to Metropolis super speed and all."

"We're going to have some explaining to do if that happens." Martha said with a weak smile.

"Something tells me that Lois could handle it." Jonathan said.

Martha leaned back and looked at him. "You see it too don't you? The way they bicker, it's like a powder keg waiting to go off. I was nervous about leaving them home alone for that reason alone. You're right though, Lois could handle Clark's secret." She said and both adults were left pondering if they were making the right decision.

Ok so there is the first installment, let me know if you want me to keep going with it.