Here is the conclusion to this fic


Clark woke to the sound of his phone ringing, he looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was about 3:15 in the morning. He groaned and reached for it trying to not jostle Lois who was curled into him her one leg thrown over his two and her arm tossed over his chest and her head on his shoulder.

"What?" he answered in a whisper but cringing when he heard Lois mumble crankily about the 'damn phone.

"Oh thank God!" Clark frowned when he heard Chloe on the other end.

"Chloe, its three in the morning." Clark said and he sighed when he felt Lois stir and she lifted her head and sleepily looked at him. He couldn't help grinning at how beautiful she looked with her hair mussed from their love making. 2 rounds he thought with a smirk. They had talked at one point where he told her all his secrets and she didn't care! She blinked in confusion at him. He mouthed the word 'Chloe' to her so she knew who was on the phone. She yawned and stretched and Clark found himself stirring to attention as her body rubbed along his like a cat, a very sexy Lois like cat.

"They found the killers" Chloe practically yelled into the phone.

"What?" Clark asked the smirk dropping from his face and his voice went serious. Sensing the change in him Lois looked up and Clark moved to sit up and she sat beside him.

"It was Billy Loomis and Stu Macher!" Chloe exclaimed.

"What?" Clark said shocked.

"Clark they had a big party at Stu's house tell me Lois didn't go, you know how she gets when told not to do something. Is there a chance she snuck out?" her voice laced with worry.

"No, Lois is right here." he said still speechless and then grimaced when he realized he let that detail slip.

"What do yo mean Lois is right there, where are you?" Chloe asked confused.

"We had a movie night in the den and we fell asleep down here. She's been here the whole time." Clark said covering his slip up and it wasn't a total lie. He just didn't want Chloe getting a hint of what happened between him and Lois.

"Good, that's a relief well here is what I heard. Clark this goes way back, they killed Sydney Prescott's mother, apparantly she was having an affair with Billy's dad which made his mother leave and Billy full of mommy issues decided to recruit Stu the worlds biggest lap dog who went along with the whole thing. They killed Syd's mom and framed Cotton Weary."

"Hold on I'm putting you on speakerphone so Lois can hear." Clark said hitting the button. "OK go ahead."

"Well they have been planning on this killing spree for a whole year now with Sydney being the ultimate victim can you believe she dated a guy who was planning her murder this whole time? It's bad you guys they killed Principal Himbry this afternoon in his office and then strung him up to the football posts. I guess he had been giving Billy some trouble about his grades and stuff. The police think that they killed him right after school let out when people were still in the building."

Clark frowned he and Lois had walked by the Principal's office, why hadn't he heard anything, could he have saved his life? Seeing his frown Lois wordlessly shook her head and squeezed his arm telling him silently that he couldn't save everyone.

"Yeah well they killed Casey and Steve because before Stu dated Tatum he and Casey went out a few times but Casey dumped him for Steve. Then at the party, guys they killed Tatum."

"Tatum's dead?" Lois gasped. She flashed to the girl full of life teasing her about Clark on the arm of one of the men who would kill her.

"Yeah it was bad she got caught in the garage door trying to escape, my source said it was awful looking. Then news about Principal Himbry got out and most of the party cleared out either to go to the football field or go home. Gayle Weathers was there hoping to get a scoop on Sydney her cameraman got killed. Dewey was there and he got stabbed but it looks like he will be ok, and Randy Meeks got shot but looks like he will be ok. Sydney took a pretty bad beating but managed to get away too."

"And Billy and Stu are they in jail?" Clark asked.

"No they're dead." Chloe said "My source said it was a pretty nasty battle at the end. Sydney managed to knock a tv over on Stu electrocuting him and then with the help of Gayle Weathers, of all people they shot Billy and he died. The real sick thing was everyone thought Syd's dad was out of town on business, he wasn't they kidnapped him hoping to set him up for the killings. They actually thought they could get away with it, even if caught they were sure they had the perfect defense. This is going to be huge news for awhile I'm just glad you stayed in tonight." Chloe said relieved. They said goodbye and hung up.

Lois was sitting with the blanket wrapped around her torso and was nibbling her lips anxiously. She looked at him. "Clark we could have been there, we were invited to that party, hell Stu practically insisted we come, why?" She thought about their interaction with Stu and Lois remembered Stu wanted them to come but when they saw him at the video store he was persistent they come. Why did he want them there and then she remembered Tatum had made a comment about Clark being Yummy. God could Stu have wanted to kill Clark for that comment alone? He and Billy were psychopaths obviously and they didn't seem to concerned over killing their supposed girlfriends. "Oh my god Clark he would have killed you." she gasped.

"Hey" Clark scooped her into his lap and snuggled her close. "What are you talking about?"

"When I saw Stu and Tatum at school he was casual about us coming to the party, and then Tatum made a remark about you being yummy, then we saw him at the video store and he was more insistent that you come." Lois shivered at the 'what ifs' that ran through her mind.

"Lois, it would have been hard for him to kill me, maybe if I had been there I could have stopped it." he said regretfully.

"And what if they had that green rock that could hurt you?" Lois had said. It could have been worse.

"I know it just, god what a mess." Clark said shaking his head. Lois leaned up and placed a gentle kiss on his jaw.

"We're both ok, Chloe is ok and your parents are safe in Metropolis, we have a lot to be grateful for." she said feeling sad for the people who didn't survive.

Clark tilted her head up and kissed her deeply. "We are going to have to talk about when my parents get home."

"I guess asking them to let us stay in the same room together is out of the question." she said with a snort, and Clark chuckled. "We're just going to have to keep things quiet for a while, I don't want to sneak around but maybe we can ease your parents into the idea of us."

"I think they will be ok with it, its the sleeping together that I know is going to be the problem." Clark said sighing already hearing the lectures from his father that would come if Jonathan knew they had slept together.

"We don't have to stop do we?" Lois asked stroking his arm absentmindedly. So much had changed in one day and she couldn't imagine not being able to be with Clark again.

"We will just have to be careful, utilize the times when were alone." he said kissing the top of her head.

"With everything that happened tonight it makes me sick to my stomach but at the same time I want to be with you." she said looking up at him. "We are alone."

"I think that would be ok." and she squealed as he flipped her onto her back and he stripped the blanket from her. "Tonight has shown us life is too short." he said and Lois groaned.

"Oh my god Smallville you are so cheesy." she said as he pressed his mouth to hers.

Over the next few weeks, things had been strange in the tiny farming town of Smallville. Major media networks had invaded and had been camped out hoping for more information about Stu and Billy that might make more sense of the tragedy.

The school had been closed for about a week when the school board decided to open the doors again and get the kids back into school and an attempt to regain some normalcy. It was weird at first especially when Syd and Randy came back. the empty desks of Steve, Casey, Tatum, Randy and Billy were glaring reminders of what happened that fateful night along with the new principal having to step in.

Soon though the news vans left and things began to go back to how they were as much as they could. Lois and Clark had been together but careful to keep it to themselves. It wasn't that they were embarrassed or even afraid of what his parents or Chloe would think, they just were enjoying their time alone together. The making love had ceased since their time together had decreased but they still found times to go into the loft or have a secluded picnic with no interruptions.

The morning of the regional play-offs Clark was getting ready for school and Lois was finishing her breakfast. Clark was stuffing things into his backpack and his mom and and dad were at the table.

"You nervous son?" Jonathan asked.

"A little," Clark said with a shrug. "it's a big game and with everything that's happened it kind of feels like the whole town is putting its hopes on us to give Smallville something positive to hang on to."

"Don't worry Smallville" Lois said putting her breakfast dish in the sink. "I have complete faith in you." with that she gripped his t-shirt gently dragging him down to meet her kiss. The minute their lips met they both realized what she had done and in front of his parents. Both backed away from each other and stared with their eyes wide. Lois thought and then made a decision.

"Sorry Smallville but they can't kill you the town is counting on you." with that she grabbed her bag yelled out goodbye and bolted out of the house leaving Clark alone to meet the stares of his astonished parents.

"Well, crap." he muttered.

The End.