Hello, lovelies!

I'm nearly finished writing the first chapter of the sequel! Claps for me! If all goes according to plan, it should be up by Wednesday (Sept. 12), so be sure to check that you have me on Author Alert if you're interested in reading it. I have a few things to share with you guys before the sequel, so here goes!

Here is the description:

The war is over. Gale is in Two and Katniss is in Twelve. Madge is long gone. History is irrevocable, and Gale knows that better than anyone. But in this world, deception is everything.

And the link to the trailer made by my lovely friend Ella! Thanks so much, you saved me a ton of time! Xoxo


Soooo you guys should totally PM me or review and tell me what you think is going to happen! I promise I'll actually respond (I'm so awful at that oh gosh…but seriously I WILL RESPOND I NEED TO WORK ON THIS SOCIAL SKILL.)

And finally, here is a list of songs that I listen to when I write, or that just remind me of THG, Madge/Gale, my story, etc. in case anyone was curious. I dunno, but I like seeing playlists and stuff when I read fanfics.

Untouchable by Taylor Swift

Iridescent by Linkin Park

I Was Born to Die With You by Allstar Weekend

Kids in Love by Mayday Parade

Wonderwall by Oasis (I actually like the Boyce Avenue cover better. Oops.)

All at Once by The Fray

Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran

Someone Like You by The Summer Set

Wipe Your Eyes by Maroon 5

Look After You by The Fray

Painting Flowers by All Time Low

Reckless and the Brave by All Time Low

Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum

2 Reasons by Trey Songz feat. T.I. (lol. kidding. If you actually looked it up and listened to it I want to be your best friend)

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman (Again, I prefer Boyce Avenue [feat. Kina Grannis]. Judge me.)

Young Dumb and In Love by Mat Kearney

Fix You by Coldplay

And of course, Booty Man by Tim Wilson (I think I'm funny)

Won't be long til the next one!