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A Moment like This

Chapter One

It was Monday morning at McKinley High School and Rachel Berry was ready to start her senior year off with a BANG! She and Finn had got back together at nationals and even though they had lost Rachel was happy being with the one she really loved. Over the summer she and Finn had spent almost every day together except for the days when Kurt forced her to have their Hummel-Berry days. On those days Rachel and Kurt went to visit Blaine at six flags where he got a job performing during shows, or they would go shopping to get the ugly animal sweaters out of Rachel's wardrobe. The days that Finn would literally force Kurt to let his girlfriend stay with him the couple would mostly be at his house or hers making out for the many months they were spent apart.

As Rachel walked down the hallway feeling great as ever she suddenly felt a cold sticky substance hit her faceā€¦and it was back! Azimo and Karofsky has slushied her once again just like it was sophomore year. Before she could run away and cry Finn had stepped in front of her and was beating Azimo and Karofsky to a bloody pulp.

"STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND, OR I SWARE TO GOD YOU WILL REGRET IT" Finn shouted at the two football boys, Rachel wasn't pleased that he had to use swearing to get them to go but she was glad as she watched the two quickly scurried down the hallway to get away from Finn.

"Finn, thank you for defending me I don't understand why on the first day back to school they have to treat me like crap" Rachel cried into Finn's shoulder, he hated seeing her like this, but he was pleased knowing she had him in her life.

"Shhh baby, its okay their losers that will regret it if they do it again"

"You really are the perfect boyfriend" Rachel said to Finn before she kissed him. Finn didn't care that she was blue and sticky, he actually kind of liked it, and she tasted like a blue raspberry popsicle.

"Let's go get you cleaned up" Finn cooed to Rachel as they proceeded to walk down the hallway into the bathroom.

Once Rachel was all cleaned up she went to calculus class, she was happy because she had that class with Finn even if he wasn't the brightest star in the sky at math she was glad to be there and help him. As Mr. Kaz was talking she focused on her doodles in her notebook from all the notes and pictures she and Finn would send back and forth to each other.

"Rachel...Rachel...Rachel!" Mr. Kaz shouted at her trying to get her attention.

"What? Oh sorry I'll pay attention now" Rachel said to Mr. Kaz he turned back around to finish the practice equations on the black board. Not even five minutes Rachel received a note on her desk in pink paper with a gold star sticker holding it together, she opened it and it had said.

"I love you baby, no matter what happens nothing will ever break us up 3" She smiled to herself and quickly wrote down a response before Mr. Kaz turned around again.

"I love you too Finny! I know that you're the one and only for me and I'm so grateful that I found you 3" Finn felt like he was going to start crying like a baby but he was a senior and quarterback of the football team, it would be embarrassing to cry here so he said to himself he would cry later in his truck and then make out with Rachel.

Yep this year felt like it was going to be their year and not anyone else's. They've had their moments in the past but that was all done and over with and it was time for them to focus on right now and how in love they are. Finn knew in his heart that he will never forget A Moment like This for the rest of his life.

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