From dark to light we all are cast,

To challenges we must surpass.

Some enter into joyous life,

While others enter into strife.


My life was never true or just,

But full of those I could not trust;

For upon the foul streets of earth

I was unleashed, soon after birth.


My parents neither knew nor cared

That I would spend my childhood scared

For my survival on this world,

As vile and cruel events unfurled.


Their choice was made; abandon me,

And shirk responsibility.

Leave me alone, ready to die

Lost, without a name to go by.


I chose my name after some time;

Needing one amidst local crime.

For I admit, I defied laws,

Without regret and without pause.


Once or twice, I ended up caught,

But crooked cops were quickly bought.

Thus, to justice I remained blind,

And never was I once confined.


But life cannot be lived that way

For long, until one has to pay;

Bad timing, downfall of my youth,

Came when I shot and killed a sleuth.


I did not know that he was there,

And I daresay I did not care,

For on the streets lawlessness reigns,

Evidenced by his splattered brains.


'Twas then police began their hunt

Against my criminal affront.

For days and nights I blindly fled

With ever-mounting hopeless dread.


Three weeks went by, before the end;

I was betrayed by my best friend.

He turned me in for cash reward,

Sickly smiling as thick rain poured.


At trial I was given a choice,

Neither option did I rejoice;

My preference; serve the human fleet,

Rather than face walls of concrete.


Never shall I ever forget:

I Earned all this through blood and sweat.

Those memories shall lead my way,

Unto a strange suspicious day.


A/N: Installment #3: Earthborn.

Ack. I will freely say this was the hardest to write, and I highly doubt I did it justice. As always this is -basically- my opinion as to what an earthborn background would be like, and it is in no way to be taken as 100% accurate.

And thank you all: for reading this, and for submitting reviews (I'm looking at you shadowclanwarrior, darkorangecat, and my wonderfully detailed PM critic), which will hopefully help improve my work in the future.