Three months later, Raven looked down at the bags on the newly finished roof of the T Tower, checking off in her head to make sure they had everything they would need. Beast Boy burst out of the stairwell, throwing one last bag onto the pile.

"A week in Hawaii, baby, here we come!" he shouted with a fist bump, landing a light kiss on her cheek.

"I think we have everything," she said, cool and calculating, trying not to smile at his antics. "Though we might need to recheck for-"

"Rae, cool it," BB said, spinning her around to throw her off balance. "We're headed out on a much need, much deserved vacation. If we forgot anything, we'll just buy something."

Raven rolled her eyes as she bent down to open up his last bag. "Why do you have all these video games? We can't ensure we have what we need, but we can pack useless things you're not even going to use?"

"There's a cool game trading post down there," Beast Boy said, defensively snatching his bag away. "I want to get some cool, new games for Cy and me."

"And you heard about this trading post how?"


"The fountain of all truth."

"I'm the one who's going to be carrying the bags, so what do you care?" he asked, bopping her playfully on the nose. "I might point out, I'll also be carrying your entire bag of books, so let's not go there."


Beast Boy stopped her with a kiss. When he leaned back up, he smiled. "Ready to go, sweetie?"

Raven raised her eye brows at him, but slipped a small smile. "Fine."

Beast Boy turned pterodactyl and Raven slid all of the bags onto his back. They both took to the sky when their communicators sounded off.

Raven opened hers and looked at Robin on the screen.

"Sorry, guys," he said, "but we've got trouble."

Beast Boy dumped the bags back on the Tower and landed in his form. "Of course we do!" he shouted, pretending to pull his hair out."

"We'll meet you there," Raven said, before shutting the communicator and replacing it in her pocket. She walked over to her changeling.

"One week! One week!" he was shouting at the city. "Is that too much to ask, you stupid villains? What is your problem? ONE-"

He was cut short by a kiss from Raven. This time it was her turn to lean back and smile at him. "Ready to go, sweetie?"

Beast Boy glared at her for a moment, but then smiled boyishly and let out a genuine laugh. "I love you, Rae."

"I love you too."

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