"What is it for?" Tron asked, reaching around to touch the protrusion over his shoulder blades. He was still getting used to the change in uniform that came with the system transfer, and wasn't sure yet what he thought of Flynn's fashion choices.

Instead of answering, Flynn handed him a dark, flat object ringed in white."Here, try this for me," he said. "Got the idea from that old disc you used to use back in the other system."

Tron took the thing, weighing it in his hands. "What does it do?"

"Right now, not so much," Flynn answered with a laugh, rubbing the back of his neck. "But eventually it's going to house all of your code. Each program can have one if they want, and they'll all be unique – just like you guys. This little baby's going to be near indestructible too, so if any of you get hurt, we'll be able to boot 'em back up from the last save point. Think of it kind of like a black box. You know, like for a plane."

"No," Tron replied, still considering the disc, "I don't know."

"My bad," Flynn admitted. "But hey, turn around for me, buddy, I want you to try it on."

Tron did as he was asked, handing the object back to Flynn and letting it be fitted into place. There was a pressure, a click, and a slight electric connection that trickled from from the base of his neck to the middle of his back before evaporating into nothingness.

"So how does it feel?" Flynn asked, hands on his hips, looking interested.

"I felt... I don't know," Tron replied, trying to voice what he'd experienced but coming short. "I felt something. What was that?"

"I just synchronized you with your new disc. You've been backed up, so if anything should ever happen–" Tron gave the man a look, and Flynn backpedalled. "Just a precaution, man," he said, raising his hands in a pacifying gesture, "but hey, it's all yours now."

Tron reached back to undock the thing, rolling it between his hands. "Mine?" he asked.

"You bet. And from now on it'll auto-update so long as you stay in this system."

Tron made a thoughtful noise before abruptly throwing his disc toward the unmarked horizon.

"Hey, hey, hey!" Flynn cried, watching it sail through the air, and then fall to the ground. It didn't go far, maybe a rough twelve feet or so, but without any landmarks, it was hard to judge the distance. His hand found his neck again, and he gave Tron a bemused look. "Aw, come on, man, why d'you gotta go and do that? If you don't like it, just say so."

"It's useless," Tron said, striding toward it across the flat, unmarked surface of the new Grid.

"Well, no," Flynn started, walking beside the program, talking as much with his hands as his voice. "See, it has your code in it, right? So if you carry it around I'll be able to do upgrades on the spot instead of waiting till I get out–"

"No," Tron said, interrupting the man as he bent to pick up the disc, "I meant it should fly better; like my old one. It's a poorly designed weapon and it doesn't go nearly far enough."

"You don't need another weapon, Tron. Besides, you already got a baton. I rigged those up pretty nice, didn't I?"

"Yes, they are very nice, Flynn. But if you're giving one to each and every program, then let them defend themselves with it if they need to."

"Defend themselves from who? It's not gonna be from each other."

"Gridbugs," Tron said simply, "or any other threat. It doesn't matter. They should have the right if they want it."

Flynn stared hard at him for a moment, expression unreadable, but then seemed to back down. "Fine. Sure. You want weapons, you got it."

Tron shot his friend a relieved smile. "Thank you, Flynn."

"Don't mention it, man," Flynn replied, clapping the program on the back. "I said we'd do this together, didn't I?"

Tron nodded. "Then they should be lighter, too," he said, now more confident in his suggestion. "And I think they should be empty right here in the centre." He made a stabbing motion, considered it, and then adding thoughtfully, "Yes, it would be easier to hold."

"Whatever you want," Flynn said. "You're security, and we want you to be unstoppable."