A/N: So, here's my short fanfiction on this site. I got this idea while waiting for my first class to start, and I had to write it down. It's not the most original thing out there, but I hope some people will enjoy it. I intend this to only be maybe three or four chapters long, but who knows. This is based a couple of months after the events of the movie. Most characters you don't recognize are my own creation, the rest belong to Stephen King. All feedback is welcome, good and bad. This story has a few Ocs, and I'm working pretty hard not to make them annoying.

Summary: The last thing they thought would happen to Percy Wetmore would be that he would "wake up". But, after a violent episode, he has his head back, but he has no idea what happened after John Coffey grabbed him. Now, the state is wanting to hold him responsible for the death of William Wharton, a crime Percy doesn't remember doing. He soon finds himself not only back on E Block, but on the other side of the bars.


The heat was stifling, almost unbearable for Jeremy Coy. Sweat dotting his forehead as he ran a hand through his hair, his other hand writing up the report on the execution that had happened the night before. The mile was silent, all cells open and waiting for their next attendants. It was almost rare not to have one prisoner sitting around in one.

Though, the mile never stayed empty for long.

Jeremy let out a slight sigh, leaning back in his chair once he had finished the report. Nothing too out of the ordinary had happened the night before, no slip ups on his part. Not that he had a huge role in it all, seeing as he had only spent mere weeks working this job. Marianne Casey, the head of the block, had told him to write up the report while she skipped out for her lunch break.

It was odd, being ordered around by a woman. But, she treated them all with great respect, and regarded the prisoners in a way that was all professional. In return, they were expected to gave her back that same respect. It was only fair.

Jeremy looked over to his right as he heard the door to the block open, guard Daniel walking inside with a folder in his hands. Jeremy looked the man up and down, hands folded across this torso.

"What have you go there, Daniel?" he asked, watching the older man look down the mile.

"New prisoner." Daniel said, "Mari 'round?"

"Just missed her, she's on lunch." Jeremy said, eyeing the file with curiosity. Daniel gave him a look, Jeremy backing off a bit. Daniel wasn't known for his temper, though the man had a way with words that could make Jeremy, or any guard that's giving him grief, not want to mess with him again. That was pretty useful when it came to some of the prisoners, seeing as Daniel wasn't a violent man.

"Alright." Daniel said, turning to go walk the mile. Force of habit, Jeremy guessed. He glanced down, checking over the report again for mistakes. It was only minutes after before Marianne walked inside the hot building, hat placed snugly on her head.

"Boys." she greeted, coming to stand by Jeremy as Daniel walked back up towards the duty desk. Daniel handed her the file, a frown crossing her face.

"New one?" she asked, taking the file from him. "Figure it was only a matter of time." she muttered, flipping the file open.

"Yeah." Daniel said with a nod, "this is an interestin' one, though."

Mari nodded, pausing slightly. "Well, well." she muttered to herself, "Danny's right, this one is interesting."

"Jeremy an' I will be going out to get him tomorrow." Daniel said, sending Jeremy a look. The younger man nodded his head in agreement. Mari sighed, looking up from the file.

"Right, and I'll be here with Oliver to get the cell ready." she said, nodding. She tucked the file under her arm, heading towards the one office on the block. She placed the file down, sitting in a chair behind the desk as she started to work on some of the neglected papers that needed to be done. The printed letters from the open file causing her attention to drift back to the profile. The name sticking out to her, wondering where she had heard it before.

Percy Wetmore.

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