It was midnight- dark and misty just how i love it. Being in my favorite spot, the alleyway, it made the experience even better. I sat down next to a brick wall and a dumpster and rubbed my aching temples.
I closed my eyes and saw flashbacks of what happened today- seeing my friends, goofing off in class, seeing Alice's smile today...
I shaked the thought off just before i felt someone kick me in the stomach. I smiled at them. "Hello! Aren't we having fun here?"
The girl smiled back. "In my opinion, yes!" Then she took a knife out of her pocket and aimed it at me.
I smiled again. "Really? I thought it would be visa versa!" I said just as I took out my two daggars and stabbed her before she could do anything else.
The girl gasped for air-her eyes wide with pain. Blood flowed out of her chest from where I had stabbed her. I waved good bye to her just as she closed her eyes. Then I wiped the blood from my daggars on her jacket.
I sighed. "Life is good..."